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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Life Shift with Dave Rogers, XL Manchester

On July the 12th I went to a XL coaching in Manchester with Dave Rogers.
"A truly extraordinary weekend full of so many personal (and life-changing) insights. And just as importantly, you'll be working with and interacting with your fellow Life Members from around the globe, developing brand-new working relationships that have the potential to change your business and personal success."

It was a great weekend where I got to meet virtually all the people that I needed to, to help solve all my current challenges. Syncronicity or coincidence? Who knows... it is the end results that are important. With so much going on how can I put it all into one post. Like everything in life, you have to be there to experience it.

I got the chance to meet some great people who I look forward to seeing again soon. To name a few, they were Dave Rogers who was brilliant and his presentation skills dynamic.

Michelle Clarke runs the Manchester group of XL and organises the local events. She also does a good karaoke once she gets going :-)

Denis Noble, who works with Just Debt, if you need help with your finances, loans, credit cards, just give him a call for a free consultation on 01423 541317.

Michael Bradford of The Intuitive Advantage. He uses intuition to help you overcome challenges in your business and personal life.

Naomi Johnson is the Dream Architect, she can help you build a foundation to your dreams and help put a plan in place to ensure they become a reality. What a great idea!

Justin gave me a tough time on making decisions, pushing the comfort factor and going for it. After all everything great is on the other side!

Colin Fu is The Mac Daddy! He is also going to be taking over and partnering on the Network Billionaire site. This was one of the opportunities I offered to people at the event.

Another opportunity I offered was Free NLP coaching to get some testimonials to build my business and no-one accepted. This was a tough crowd. They all insisted on giving me something or bartering (trading) services. A win-win situation! It's about time I put value on as not many regular people appreciate something that's free any way.

Now this is what happens when you surround yourself with a quality peer group. Find out more about XL here.

Did I have a Life Shift? Yes... you're reading about it now!

Dave Rogers is coming to London on September 6th-7th

"Dave Rogers an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of entrepreneur coaching, personal and professional self development and peak performance. Dave is also the author of "Awesome Impact Coach" and co-author of "The 6 Dimensions of Top Achievers".

He has created several audio programs and videos, and has appeared on radio, television, and stage throughout Asia Pacific.

Since 2001, Dave has conducted more than 125 coaching programs to more than 20,000 entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, India and China.

Dave has personally coached a wide range people; coaches, from multi-millionaire entrepreneurs to the retrenched, from bankers and top executives to medical professionals and international renowned artists, athletes, singers and dancers. Dave is also the Chief Coach with XL Results Foundation as well as incoming President of the Asia Professional Speakers"


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