"Don't part with your dreams - when they are gone you may still exist but you will have ceased to live" - Mark Twain

"Do you know that this blog wouldn't exist if it wasn't for you being here to read it!?" - Bobby Gill

Monday, 30 June 2008

Are you looking on the bright side of life?

I've had some complaints from people about my blog! Yes, really...
They wanted to know why I don't write about all the paperwork I have to do, bills to pay, tenants to chase for the rent, debts etc...

Yes I have financial, business, health, relationship and life issues just like the rest of you. I have to get up on a morning and decide if I want to do the day or just sleep in and hope it will go away. You wouldn't have guessed it though would you!?

Do you really want to read about that crap? I didn't think so! Surely Eastenders and other soaps, along with the News, can deliver all the doom and gloom you should want every day.

I just choose not to focus on the above and prefer to look for solutions and the good in situations. What are you looking for and finding? Heck, if we're knee deep in the stuff, let's pull ourselves out than feel sorry for how the world is treating us.

Worried about the price of petrol. Why? You know can't do anything about it can you, as it is out of your control! Simple solution: buy an economical car or earn more money.
Is your property portfolio cash-flow negative and causing sleepless nights. Don't worry - should you get repossessed you can sleep easy at night and start again later.
Stock market tanking? Yep that's what happens when the credit party is over. Are you speculating for the short term or investing for the long term!?
Boyfriend or girlfriend left you? What do you want a badge... get out there now that you're free and single! Look for sympathy and you'll find it - but I promise you it won't make you happy!

Life's too short to worry about pointless stuff. When was the last time you laughed out loud when you did something silly? Are you having fun and spending quality time with your family and friends? Are you living your life the best way that you can? Will those memories last longer and shine brighter in years to come than all the meaningless things that don't even matter now?

See the positive, instead of just focusing on the bad - a change of perspective works wonders. Try it for the month of July and I'll buy you a sympathy beer if things don't work out. Else you can buy me a celebratory lunch for being right ;-)

Remember it is up to YOU to decide how you view your life!
Are you looking on the bright side of life?

"I mean - what have you got to lose? You know, you come from nothing - you're going back to nothing. What have you lost? Nothing! :-) "

Friday, 27 June 2008

Dr John Demartini - On love, life and relationships

A long standing member of the YES Group Martin Boothe passed away and though I didn't really know him, you could feel the love in the air. He was the dance co-ordinator and had worked with many great singers and at UPW with Tony Robbins and the crew. Someone who had touched many lives and will be loved and missed by friends and family alike. My sincerest regards go to everyone who was in his life, especially his wife and daughter.

Just wanted to mention it was great catching up with Natalie M from UPW crew the day before my NLP course started, as she was over from France for a few days. Went into London and spent most of the evening in Victoria actually. Didn't do anything special and it was still lots and lots of fun! :-)
Also got to meet her cousin Charlotte who is a self-classified 'plastic' who likes Dolly Parton (!?) and thinks all 'chavs' should be exterminated... no, really! She's a really nice girl and could do with just meeting and being friends with a few people from different backgrounds, to realise there is more to life than what people think of you. Just be yourself! Which nicely brings me onto...

Dr John Demartini was talking at the YES Group in London on love, life and relationships. If you've never had the opportunity to hear him, what have you been waiting for?

John Demartini presents a captivating blend of science, sociology, history and philosophy, presented in a completely accessible way, to give you a fresh new look at human behavior. He is as entertaining and humorous as he is profound and insightful. His work is the culmination of 34 years of research and study into the practical application of more than 28,000 texts in over 200 different disciplines ranging from psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, theology, neurology and physiology.

I almost had to beg Nicky to let us finish our NLP course early on the Wednesday so we could go and see him. She finally agreed and told me to get off my knees. We took most of the people on the course along, Steve T, Caroline E, Nicky P, Paul C, Chris, Amelia, Eileen, Nawar and Alex.

Karl P's mum, Elaine, also came for the first time in 15 years since her son founded the first YES Group in London and had a blast! I also got a chance to catch up with some friends including Andrea S, Anita L, Vaishali P, Richard, Chris J and Fiona W whose birthday it was and Peter S who had dried off since the soaking I gave him at Wealth Mastery.

John Demartini talked about how men and women differ, men are from apes and women from centipedes (shoe joke).
The fact that it is not possible to fail as we will always do what is in accordance with our values and not neccesarily anyone else's. And the only way to screw up is if you're on the bottom ;-)

We have time, money and energy for those things and people that are important in our lives. When a partner's values are different, you need to look at how those different values still contribute to your life and allow you to do the things you love. Only then can you truly appreciate the one that you are with.

Everyone has different values and expecting them to change is as if someone was to come and ask you to CHANGE to honour their values more instead of yours.
Having to accept someone for who they are and be willing to let them go if you cannot find some common ground. To put someone on a pedestal and be infatuated is to belittle ourselves and to look down on someone and put them in the dog house does not make us better!

How we attract into our lives the things that we need most and challenge us. Even all the great things we look in a partner can be found in the people around us, just not in one package. And as we wonder about look for the one, we then find them and wonder about the many.
After all, we can only see in others what already exists in us. And these traits will manifest themselves in people until we deal with it and accept it.
"Until we learn the lessons, we are doomed to make the same mistakes again and again."

I went to talk with him afterwards and to ask for a picture and all I could say was thank you for such a wonderful talk and how we appreciated him taking the time to come and talk to us. He has such an aura about him and a presence that you feel.

The biggest message that I took away was to just say "Thank you and I love you!" to everyone in your life. Even those that you think have challenged you along your journey.

I prayed as I drove home. To get in touch with my spiritual side you ask?
Nope, I'd got lost in London yet again (after my GPS had fun with me in Soho last weekend) and I was also running on vapour, as I'd not passed a petrol station.

You'd be amazed how far faith can get you when running on empty! ;-)

Certified NLP Practitioner and coaching

Contact me now to find out more... as I'm offering free 1 hour sessions to a select few over the next month.

I attended a NLP Practitioner course to get certified, with trainers Nicky Pool, Paul Crick and Chris through The Positive Learning Practice
There was 1 week of pre-study and a full on week with 70 hours of classroom and practical to integrate everything we were learning and around 25-30 hours home play. Now that's an accelerated learning program!

The people on the course were the best who will be friends for life. They wanted to improve their lives, whilst sharing and contributing to those around them by learning new skills. It was a challenging week and worth every moment. We laughed, cried, pushed the limits, sweated and then laughed some more :-) Steve has a great anchor on his right arm that will remind him of a fun week for the rest of his life...

What is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) you're asking?
My definition of NLP is the use of language to get positive results. It bridges the gap between the mind and body and the conscious and (sub) unconscious to get the outcome you desire. This is done by modelling excellence and using techniques to apply it and integrate it into your life. By using language positively and literally changing your mind about the way it thinks about things that were previously an issue. You can think of NLP as a user's manual for the brain.
NLP is a form of counselling using an interpersonal communication model and an alternative approach to psychotherapy. Some consider NLP to still be a set of techniques or strategies for enhancing communication and personal influence rather than a model. More about NLP at wikipedia

Using techniques such as the Milton Model and Meta Model, Reframing, Phobia Models, Anchoring, Swish Patterns and Time Based Therapy it is possible to change your perception of problems, challenges and events in your life - even if you have had issues for years. It is about getting results by seeing things from a different perspective and understanding that anything is possible and within your reach, no matter how big you believe it to be. Getting to be at cause and away from effect is the only way to take back control of your life.
Whether it be stopping smoking, going to the gym more, giving up unhealthy foods, overcoming fears and getting rid of phobias, personal problems you've had for years, dealing with depression, events in the past that left you with more baggage than you want to carry any more. If you want to change, you can!

Many people see psychiatrists for years with issues and just talk about it. Others just read books and don't apply the ideas. Why not go see someone and deal with it? How much better do you think you will feel being able to walk out and get on with your life... Living it the way you want and on your terms!

What did I personally deal with during the training?
Techniques on how to handle pain. The fear of public speaking. A phobia of cockroaches and insects. How to dissolve feelings of anger, sadness, fear and guilt in your life using time based techniques. I've even got rid of burgers and pizza from my diet - and I did like my pizza!!

How can I help you?
I specialise in property, business and life in general. My mentors in personal excellence are Tony Robbins, Chris Howard, Topher Morrison. In property I look up to people like Donald Trump and professional UK investors. In business there is Brad Sugars, Roger Hamilton and Richard Branson. In life Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer and John Demartini to name just a few.

I can help you by finding out what your unique model of the world is, getting rid of limiting beliefs and integrating models of excellence. Enabling you to overcome challenges you are dealing with and getting the fantastic results that you want.

We all use NLP in our lives already, you just don't know it. The choice you do have to make is are you going to carry on getting the same outcome in life or live the fabulous life you've always desired and deserve?
"Until you are prepared to learn the lessons, you are destined to repeat the same mistakes over and over again..."

Contact me now to find out more... as I'm offering free 1 hour sessions to a select few over the next month.

Want to get certified as a practitioner? Contact trainers Nicky Pool and Paul Crick at The Positive Learning Practice Let them know that Bobby sent you to get a great deal on the course and qualified.


Find out more about NLP be attending this free 3-day seminar. Breakthrough to Success
Worldwide dates and venues available at this link

Monday, 16 June 2008

Anita's Party Bus

On Saturday I drove down to London for Anita's birthday. I'd managed to make a plan of parking at Finchley, catching the tube in and stopping in Westminster University halls near Leicester Square for the night at a bargain £31. So much for best laid plans, hey.

Parked at Finchley, got on the tube and Hagop called to say I should drive to Gloucester Road and park at Lexham Gardens for the weekend. So I got off the tube and went back to my car and drove down. I got to the halls near Victoria station for about 6pm and rushed to meet Anita and co. at Warwick Bar near Piccadilly Circus for 7pm. Got to meet Andrea S, Nicky P (who I'm NLP'ing with next week) and lots of new friends including Rosemary, Ken, Sam, Lee et al... Phil N being late meant we were sharing the bus with a stag do rather than a hen do on the earlier bus - he owes me a night out!

We had hired a Party Bus for the evening. A bit like Summer Holiday without Cliff Richard. About 20 of us clambered aboard for a night of partying and going around London.

We stopped off at The Verve which was a little dodgy. After which the bus driver had an argument with some scaffolding on a tight bend. The driver eventually won but the bus was left with a couple of scars... oops!

Then we went to a classy place called The Babble. The security was tighter than Fort Knox but at least it kept the chavs out.

We finished our trip at the nightclub Roxy Blue. Where we were having the most fun in there. How do I know? Well when you do 'the chicken' and people want to join in instead of point and laugh, you're onto a winner ;-) And I was just warming up!

At 2.30am everyone headed home and Phil's mate Lee decided we should stay out a little longer. We walked to The End where it was couples only. I told the door man we were together and he suggested a gay bar. Where do they find these brainless jerks with no sense of humour or manners? A taxi driver suggested Egg Nightclub near Kings Cross, so we thought what the heck. Luckily the door staff there were human and let us in.

We stayed out till about 6.40am and then walked to the tube to get the first one home. Lee was off to Hampstead. I was going to pick up my bags from near Victoria.
Met some DJ wandering the streets who had lost his keys in a drain and needed money for a ticket home. I bought my tube ticket and gave him what I had left in my pockets. His story seemed so bizarre that I doubt he could have made it up.
Helped a lady with her bags at Victoria who was leaving to go to Canada, to be honest she didn't have many bags to be emigrating!
I got to my room for 8am and slept 90 minutes before showering and checking out at 10am! Money well spent on a room, at least I got some sleep.

My legs were aching from an evening of dancing as I walked around London and the tubes. Met Hagop in Westminster then to see Fiona over in Shepherds Bush. They are probably tired of me calling in every week, unfortunately (for them) none of my other London friends were around. I left about 3pm as I was tired and sober enough to drive. I got 30 minutes kip in a service station, oh the fun of sleeping in my car. (unrelated link - Roxette rocks)

Got home for 8pm Sunday and slept through till 11am on Monday. Ready to go at another week.

Ryll Burgan on Step Up foundation

Michelle C from the XL group in Manchester had organised a great event in Blackpool, which had Ryll Burgan come over and professional speaker from Australia and a successful entrepreneur. She believes we all have a probable future and and also a possible future. It is the latter we should embrace as the past does not equal the future if you don't want it to.

By far Ryll's greatest accomplishment has been creating 'StepUP Foundation' - a non profit whose purpose is 'shifting the future of humanity' by educating and exciting teenagers about what's possible for their futures in business and in life. Under Ryll's leadership, stepUP has now worked with just under 6,000 teenagers – 40% of whom are underprivileged or at risk - with 98% of teens reporting stepUP was the most 'empowering experience of my life'. Ryll has successfully expanded stepUP across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Approximately 20,000 teens are expected to participate in stepUP's programs globally.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Property Tycoons Interview - Member of The Month

Did an interview with Parmdeep Vadesha for the Property Tycoons Forum.

We discussed property investing, HMO's, networking, Tony Robbins, Chris Howard to name a few subjects.

I probably went off on one, so expect some other random stuff to have been mentioned. It will be coming to the forum very soon, so get signed up if you're not already a member for a free trial here: property forum.

The great thing is Deep donates money from the forum to the Member of the Month's chosen charity, so we got to raise money for Plan-UK and WaterAid in the process as well :-)

Wealth Dynamics Experience

Another great experience with the XL Team at Wealth Dynamics with Roger Hamilton and Daniel Priestley from Triumphant Events.

I went down early on the Tuesday to meet Hagop and Fiona and check out a room in Ruislip. I ended up at The Web Biz Network meeting in Ealing. Plenty of the usual suspects were there and the speakers were great too! Dropping my car in Hammersmith, I checked into the York House hotel in Earl's Court with Satnam.

It was two full days of learning on Wednesday and Thursday with Roger Hamilton. We did some team business games about making things to spec and working together. We learnt more about trends and cycles. How to print money before we had made a product based on future orders. And most importantly we covered our wealth profiles again and discovered how people with different profiles behave in similar situations.

It was great to finally meet some of my friends from Your Life Your Legacy and facebook buddies Christina N, Michelle C, Elliot K and Carolina K (to name a few). And make lots of new friends like fellow slacker (efficiency expert) Bert Verdonck.

On Friday there was a talk by Mike Souton - The Beermat Entrerpreneur discussing how The Beatles were succesful in business, Daniel Priestley and Roger Hamilton. It was all amazing stuff!
During lunch, Sally J. came up from Plymouth to see us and Dan Storey from Watford. Being fellow Wealth Mastery graduates we discussed stocks, option trading and of course property in the local Starbucks over lunch. Hagop and Satnam also joined us with Eloise.

The icing on the cake to the bootcamp session was when I took everyone back to the York House hotel where we were stopping. The receptionist was a little shocked, though she took it with good humour as 6 of us walked in to do a tour. It wasn't much of a hotel but it was a great for a HMO (house of multiple occupancy). I wanted show them the layout of our room, use of space and how to improve HMO's.

Now that I know I'm a supporter I understand why I talk so much and should be looking for a Trader and Mechanic (or Creator and Accumulator) to complement my team. Isn't learning fun!

On Saturday I hung out with Hagop and Fiona in Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush and Kensington. There was a really great food place we went to in the Kensington High Street called Whole Foods. Check it out if you're ever passing.

I left around 10.30pm, probably the earliest I've ever left London and got home and in bed by 2.30am. It had been a long weekend and time to catch up on sleep! Till next time.

My greatest learnings for the week were:
"To know and not to do, is not yet to know." - Roger Hamilton

"Until you stand for something, you'll fall for anything!"

What do you stand for?

YES Group with Una Doyle

The YES group North with Una Doyle was about personal development and Salsa. Yes, that's right - Salsa dancing. I keep meaning to go and now it has come to me!

We discussed comfort zones and how, when we worry about what other's are thinking about us, who does it leave in charge of doing what we need to do!? Whilst we are trying to be in someone else's head space, there is no-one in ours!

Another idea we looked at was that there is a silver lining to everything in life.
For example take a moment in your life that you thought was really bad, whether it was your health, a relationship or personal.

Then think of the people that you met because of it. The places you went. What you learnt because of it.

You will realise that everything that happened actually improved your life for the better and made you who you are today. So it is true that every cloud has a silver lining and this exercise is a very good re-frame to give an alternative perspective.

And on top of that, I also got a beginner's lesson in Salsa Dancing thrown in!

Una has a workshop on how to create a pioneering business where you can find out more about what she does.