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Sunday, 6 July 2008

Simon Zutshi at the Northern Property Network

First Wednesday of the month was another great evening of value for those that attended the Northern Property Network and a great talk on mindset and structuring No Money Down, BMV deals.

For those of you who saw Simon Zutshi last night, register your interest in “Property Magic Live” coming to London this October - just click here: Property Magic Live

As a thank you for just registering your interest, Simon will give you access to the 8 on line videos that he is currently preparing about the 8 core competencies of successful investors which will be ready from mid August.
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Property Magic Live

Simon also mentioned the property investor network monthly meetings which happen in Manchester (3rd Wednesday of the month) and in Leeds (4th Wednesday of the month). To find out more about these monthly meeting just click here: www.propertyinvestorsnetwork.co.uk/monthlymeetings

And also check out Simon's blog here:


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