"Don't part with your dreams - when they are gone you may still exist but you will have ceased to live" - Mark Twain

"Do you know that this blog wouldn't exist if it wasn't for you being here to read it!?" - Bobby Gill

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Facebook status updates - March 2010

Looking forward to hosting the Northern Property Network with Steve Foley on Thursday 1st April (tomorrow) and our guest speaker for the evening, Phil Martin. See you there: http://www.northernpropertynetwork.co.uk/?apr10-fb
31 March at 15:42

Taran Meowage Bains

31 March at 13:48

Who else got an inpersonal sales Text messages at 2.30am about how to Build Great Personal Relationships!?
31 March at 13:12 (15) (15)
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Ricky Comiskey
Ricky Comiskey
31 March at 13:24
Raj Walia
Raj Walia
Boy that would piss me off.
31 March at 13:44
Mica May
Mica May
from the states presumably and they hadn't noticed the international code in your number?
31 March at 13:55
Richard Holmes
Richard Holmes
Me! Argh!
31 March at 14:14

Success Resources inviting me to the YES Group in London tonight! Probably from third party SMS text provider: +447797803731
My reply: "Text messages at 2.30am do not Build Great Personal Relationships!"
31 March at 14:23
Vicki Wusche
Vicki Wusche
Very funny :)
31 March at 14:34
Marcia Gladwin
Marcia Gladwin
i had the same all through the night about beauty treatments
31 March at 16:00
Adam Labno
Adam Labno
there cud be market if it was for sleeping pills!
31 March at 17:15
Kay Gill
Kay Gill
I got it too! Luckily they sent it to my landline & good old BT didn't call me with it till 8am. But I think that says more about the speed of their system than their customer courtesy!
31 March at 17:22
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
31 March at 18:07
Diane Hughes
Diane Hughes
Yes I got it too!
31 March at 20:58

June 2010 - Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki comes to London. I'm already booked on. You can still get cheap tickets & register for free info here: http://bit.ly/cQ7gum
29 March at 20:15 (2) (2)
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Emmy Yeadon

Emmy Yeadon Hi Bobby, Hope that the YES Group dinner was a real blast and you all had a great time. You deserve a chill out after such a super busy week :-) -x-
29 March at 10:34

Got up at 2.30pm, had cereal and now some 72% chocolate and Options Go Bananas Hot chocolate. Mmmm... chocolate... Best get some work done before YES Group North 10th Anniversary Dinner tonight. It's going to be a blast!
27 March at 17:51 (6) (6)
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Amandeep Thind
Amandeep Thind
Keep going Bobby.
27 March at 19:18
Emmy Yeadon
Emmy Yeadon
Hey Bobby, I hope you had a great time and really celebrated - there surely was such a lot to celebrate about this weekend! You deserve some fun - thanks for your hard work and dedication at the Leeds Youth Coaching event - you were AWESOME! -x-
28 March at 02:47
Raj Walia
Raj Walia
Would love to have been there Bobby.
30 March at 04:03

Rachel Leigh

Rachel Leigh Thanks to , Michelle Cairns, Emmy Yeadon, Iulia Palade & Harry Singha there are now 4 homesless guys in Birmingham City Centre feasting on 2 platters of Sandwiches & a large box of Sausage Rolls & Cheese Puffs! Yum Yum xxx
27 March at 03:30 View post tag

Fabulous day with friends Rachel Leigh, Emmy Yeadon, Iulia Palade, Michelle Cairns & Youth Coach Harry Singha bringing Youth Coaching to Leeds in Yorkshire. We missed you Michelle Pyman, x Everyone had a brilliant time. The letters of gratitude we read after were heart felt & the reason we choose to be completely MAD = Making A Difference!
27 March at 00:08 (2) (2)
Michelle Pyman
Michelle Pyman
Hey! I really missed you guys to...so wish I could have been there, but was thinking of you all and sending lots of positive energy in your direction as I sat in bed with my hot water bottle!!
27 March at 00:23
Emmy Yeadon
Emmy Yeadon
We felt your energy Michelle - and were sending 'get well' vibes right back at you! -x-
28 March at 02:48

Ricky Comiskey

Ricky Comiskey Many thanks for the opportunity to participate in the youth academy training today Bobby. Good fun stuff I know my tutors and myself will be able to use.
26 March at 19:49 via Facebook for iPhone

Alex Mitchell

Alex Mitchell hey Bobby. Thank you for your kind wishes. when you back down South? Have a great day. X
26 March at 09:12

Michelle Clarke

Michelle Clarke Sorry not to see you tuesday night - please share with your contacts who might like to go tho Bobby. tx xx
Dreamcatchers Movie Launch - Manchester - Eventbrite
Dreamcatchers Movie Launch - Manchester -- Tuesday, March 30, 2010 -- Manchester, United Kingdom
25 March at 23:41 Share

Bobby's Blog Update: Communication - Power of words: I was playing football and shouted for a handball. Everyon... http://bit.ly/9OuZEG
25 March at 10:40

The things that you love are what you fill your space with and spend time around most
25 March at 00:26 (2) (2)
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Bobby is attending Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki Live in LONDON with Kim Kiyosaki. Invite guests

Bobby became a fan of Peace One Day. (1) (1)
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Last chance to book! Leeds events: Youth Coaching Skills with Harry Singha on Friday 26th March > http://bit.ly/bTke38 and Yes Group North: 10th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday 27th March > http://bit.ly/b7HPuH
24 March at 18:37

Why are my communication issues always someone else's fault!?
24 March at 18:01 (3) (3)
Steve Stavrinou
Steve Stavrinou
reminds me of one of my fave come back lines of all time: "No one told me we had a communication problem!" :-)
24 March at 18:05

Maybe it's because you weren't listening.. lol...
24 March at 18:08
Marcia Gladwin
Marcia Gladwin
it's probably cos you were both talking to yourselves in your own heads lol...
24 March at 19:02

Ricky Comiskey

Ricky Comiskey HI Bobby, i had a message saying the youth coaching was moving to a larger venue. Will it still be at the Royds school in Oulton?
23 March at 14:29 (2) (2)

I'll get back to you on that.
23 March at 19:16
Ricky Comiskey
Ricky Comiskey
Cheers Bobby. Much appreciated ;)
23 March at 22:58

Bobby's Blog Update: Obama Assassination Tweets? Be careful what you shout!: Social Media is great and can give... http://bit.ly/bL9nVv
23 March at 13:56

Eating a tub of Asda Raspberry Pavlova Ice Cream... don't have a freezer so will have to finish it all! :-p
23 March at 01:39 (10) (10)
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Raj Walia
Raj Walia
Out of one tub into anther great storage. lol
23 March at 03:05
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
LOL - nutter Raj....Bobby - it's just as excuse to pig out and you know it....:P
23 March at 13:49

Andy Phillips

Andy Phillips Hi Bobby, how ya doin' - made a ne vid over the weekend - thought you might like it http://bit.ly/cnX4Eb
How to Make A Video | Internet Marketing
Andy Phillips from http://www.internet-marketing-technol... explains How to Make A Video for your website using Low Cost and No Cost tools which are readily available on the internet. Andy finishes with his Top 5 Tips to Making Video For Websites
22 March at 06:53 Share

Juhi Bera

Juhi Bera Special acknowledgements to ☆ Mike Allison, , RJ Russell, Elliot Kay and Raj Walia ☆ who gave constructive feedback on existing: http://bit.ly/98xdA6 . Thank God, Simeon Banks and I have been revamping new design and content, p/t in the evenings !!
19 March at 12:50 View post tag

Bobby's Blog Update: Come along to the One Day Coaching Skills Training in LEEDS: Here's a great event in Leeds... http://bit.ly/bUsgxl
19 March at 11:08

Darinder Bhangoo

Darinder Bhangoo Social media brandscape
19 March at 10:13 Comment Share

Went on a Speed Awareness Course today at the Driver Training Centre in Huddersfield. Great to get a refresher on the highway code again as it's amazing how much you can forget after being given your driving licence. Did you know 95% of people think that they are above average drivers? That must make the other 5% REALLY bad...
18 March at 21:21 (3) (3)
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Raj Walia
Raj Walia
If you don't like my driving stay off the pavement lol
19 March at 00:06

Juhi Bera

Juhi Bera "These days are to be remembered; please don't ever forget them. Hard days make those sunny days that much brighter even when it rains." Thank you brother: I will always remember the amount of support, friendship, hugs and laughter you gave me back during some character building times I had! x x x
16 March at 21:18 View post tag
Michelle Whaite

Michelle Whaite "The point of power is always in the present moment. The past is over and done and has no power over me. I can begin to be free in this moment. Today's thoughts create my future. I am in charge. I now take my own power back. I am safe and I am free." - Louise L. Hay. x
16 March at 17:20

Bobby's Blog Update: Flip a coin or kick a ball?: Can a game of football determine the future?David Beckham has... http://bit.ly/bBtHzT
16 March at 01:38 (1) (1)
Anita Langley
Anita Langley
Keep The Faith Bobby - Your a Star! Axx
16 March at 10:12

's Blog: My journey in life
"Don't part with your dreams - when they are gone you may still exist but you will have ceased to live" - Mark Twain"Do you know that this blog wouldn't exist if it wasn't for you being here to read it!?" -
15 March at 21:28 (2) (2) Share
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Juhi Bera
Juhi Bera
Honey, thank you for sharing this with us all. I will always remember the amount of love, support, friendship, hugs and laughter you gave me back in the winter of '08, following onto early '09. You magically appeared as a true friend and I am so grateful to you. Your kind spirit was one of the few reasons I could bring myself to get out of bed and face the world. You're one of the very few ppl who know where I am, if you need to talk! lots of love and light, Juhi x x x
16 March at 21:08

Just had a tenant call and beg for a rent reduction as his family can't meet payments... what do you do when you're in a similar situation!?
15 March at 20:05 (10) (10)
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Daniel Latto
Daniel Latto
At least they phoned, and if they have been in there a while try and work with it possibly. Depends on how much of a reduction really, and calculate it against what it would cost to find a new tenant, voids, etc. You could always work out a repayment plan for when he gets on his feet - which may or may not work ...
15 March at 20:08
Raymond Li
Raymond Li
aye the difference is he wont have a roof under his head..... you can move into his spot and have a roof under your head.
15 March at 20:08
Matthew Moody
Matthew Moody
work with him Bobby we do and it saves on marketing...
15 March at 21:15

I did. He got a 10% discount for 6 months, saving me a void month and marketing. At least now we both still have a roof over our heads for the next few months...
15 March at 21:29
Sukhdev Nazran
Sukhdev Nazran
Well done Bobby. Tenant did well being upfront (and dealt with the issue). Now fingers crossed that there'll be prompt payments...
15 March at 22:02
Matthew Moody
Matthew Moody
nice one! Result
15 March at 22:08
Steve Wright
Steve Wright
Sounds an acceptable result. Hopefully he'll look after the property even better if you've looked after him
15 March at 22:25
Daniel Latto
Daniel Latto
Way to go Dude !!!!
16 March at 09:36

Bobby's Blog Update: My journey in life: "These days are to be remembered; please don't ever forget them. Hard... http://bit.ly/9sBvbE
14 March at 20:26

Lots of missed calls today. Thanks and apologies if I don't get back to you before weekend, as been a stressful week!
12 March at 15:24

Woo-woo people: What does the number 17 mean to you?
12 March at 10:10 (5) (5)
Ben Austin
Ben Austin
71 backwards!
12 March at 10:57
Raj Walia
Raj Walia
There is no meaning to the number,Ask yourself is that number keeps coming up in my life, for what reason is it. Look into numerology. If its 17 million that you are about to win on the lottery don't forget to share some of it with me lol
12 March at 11:59
Wayne Hall
Wayne Hall
You were on the engineering course bob! It's the integer between 16 and 18.
12 March at 15:05
Kiran Dhaliwal
Kiran Dhaliwal
My darling daughter was born on this date. So it is very special for me.
12 March at 16:23
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
See your email...
12 March at 18:22

Thanks to Iulia Palade, Michael Bradford, Raj Walia and Phil Martin for your help over the last few weeks. Who needs to struggle when you've got friends like these!? :-)
12 March at 10:07 (10) (10)
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Raj Walia
Raj Walia
Bobby you unconditionally help people out with their struggles, so why would friends not do the same for you in return.
Keep Smiling and your chin up,we are all in your life for a reason.The struggles come and go to help us grow to be better people. You are the Winner Bobby.
12 March at 11:09
Phil Martin
Phil Martin
I agree Raj, very true. Diamonds are formed under tremendous heat and pressure, they then shine brighter have inner strength and are much admired as a gift to the world.
12 March at 15:07
Harry Singha
Harry Singha
well said bro
and hear your exact message back at you from so many others!
12 March at 15:23
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
Bobster...Stuart Wilde says "life is not meant to be a struggle"...(Raj one of the books I gave you??)...just challenges to help us grow.

Totally agree with Raj...you help from the heart and hence attraction into your space the same help and support.

You are doing good mister and indeed you emminate vibes of a winner :))) xx ♥
12 March at 16:05
Trudy Sargent
Trudy Sargent
Bobby!!!!!! You're the man!!!! Challenges make us stronger! Stay focus on the big picture & your vision.... Love is all around you! I'll see you in April for a proper hug. If you need anything, let me know xxxxx
12 March at 17:08
Cammy Ciurdea
Cammy Ciurdea
Love dearest and a big big hug! xxx
12 March at 18:52

15 March at 13:02

Bobby's Blog Update: Human irrationality about money: I'm a big fan of Financial Jesus and pop in for entertai... http://bit.ly/db7vLn
10 March at 18:38

Adam Shaw

Adam Shaw Hi Bobby, I hope that you are well fella. Would love to catch up soon. Let me know when suits you best :-)
10 March at 16:06

Glad that Spring energy is finally in the air - everything is starting to feel fresher and brighter.
10 March at 13:04 (12) (12)
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Dhriti Mehra
Dhriti Mehra
Totally agree!! Love it!! Great feeling!
10 March at 14:00

Thought for the day: When choosing life, what percentage of your being chooses to live?
09 March at 11:48 (7) (7)
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Jams Cooper
Jams Cooper
09 March at 14:44
Raj Walia
Raj Walia
All of it
09 March at 14:59

Bobby's Blog Update: Logorama Oscar Winner on the internet: The good news is Logorama won an Oscar for Best ani... http://bit.ly/bhjeVr
08 March at 20:16

Dwayne Kerr - See you in London tomorrow at THE Social Networking event :-)
'Social' Internet Mastermind - Tuesday 9th March
Networking event with Social Media Q&A session
Location:Pitcher and Piano
Time:Tuesday, 09 March 2010 18:30
08 March at 19:00 Share

Bobby's Blog Update: Oscars 2010 - And the winner is....: Nominees and Winners for the 82nd Academy AwardsActor... http://bit.ly/a8bXsA
08 March at 17:21

Last few days been tidying clutter & sorting paperwork. Clear out your cupboards & passageways, so that you can breathe more easily too!
06 March at 22:10 (15) (15)
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Raj Walia
Raj Walia
Joining you too, time to the stagnent energy. Thanks Bobby
07 March at 10:54
Jayne Driver
Jayne Driver
Thats just what I'm doing right now, well was, before I got on here! Check out Esther & Jerry Hicks 'Ask & its Given, clearing clutter bit is awesome. Potters off to do more.........
07 March at 12:27
Hitesh Daudia
Hitesh Daudia
Just done the same Bobby, What do they call it Spring Cleaning...
07 March at 16:55
Raj Walia
Raj Walia
Hitesh guess one has to eventually get out of bed on a Sunday and release the springs to allow the dust to be thrown off. lol
07 March at 17:04
Isaac K K Loong
Isaac K K Loong
Good Job!!! Hi Five!!!
07 March at 17:24

Been a busy week and I forgot it was Saturday already!
06 March at 13:56

See you there on Tuesday in London!
'Social' Internet Mastermind - Tuesday 9th March
Networking event with Social Media Q&A session
Location:Pitcher and Piano
Time:Tuesday, 09 March 2010 18:30
06 March at 13:13 Share

Ever missed breaking bread with a friend? Have you noticed it's not just about the meal but simply the act of eating together?
05 March at 01:08 (8) (8)
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Stanislav Karpenko
Stanislav Karpenko
Never Eat Alone!
05 March at 09:51
Raj Walia
Raj Walia
Break Bread with you anytime Brother
05 March at 10:39
Cammy Ciurdea
Cammy Ciurdea
i miss you Bobi Gill!x
05 March at 12:00
Emmy Yeadon
Emmy Yeadon
Isn't a meal with friends just the best thing! -x-
05 March at 16:52

John Lee and Vincent Wong at Northern Property Network speaking about lead generation and different sources of income from Property
04 March at 20:51

Amanda Brown @ North Property Network talking about new HMO regs in April. Unmarried couple renting spare room now regulated by council!
04 March at 20:18 (2) (2)
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Simone Phillips
Simone Phillips
Ahh was about to call you ! Looks like u r at an event then!
04 March at 20:21

Stephanie Beitzel, great to meet you today in Hudds. Can't believe I waved at and scared a random woman at George Hotel today as I thought it was you!
04 March at 14:38

Vincent Wong, John Lee, Amanda Brown Pds, Steve Foley - See you at tonight's Northern Property Network in Huddersfield! Looking forward to it :-)
Northern Property Network - THURSDAY 4th March 2010
with John Lee, Vincent Wong & Amanda Brown
Location:George Hotel
Time:Thursday, 04 March 2010 18:30
04 March at 14:06 Share

Taran Meowage Bains

Taran Meowage Bains Thanks for the lift Bobson! x
04 March at 13:38

's Blog: How do I host three events in March? Property Investment, Internet Marketing & Youth Coaching... http://bit.ly/aisjxL
03 March at 23:12 (2) (2)
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Emmy Yeadon
Emmy Yeadon
Cos you are Superman? ;-) -x-
04 March at 15:23

Watching the dynamic MVH (Mark Victor Hansen) speaking on Seminar of The Century. Big ideas and goals for BIG people! Met him on the Bob Proctor cruise and he is more awesome than even Tony Robbins!
03 March at 12:33 (2) (2)
Jams Cooper
Jams Cooper
03 March at 12:49

Indeed Jams, it is a big claim but it's true!
03 March at 13:18

It's official - Winter is over! How do I know? I managed to get out bed before 12pm without 'help' or being dragged from my warm duvet
03 March at 09:32 (9) (9)
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Michelle Clarke
Michelle Clarke
hooray! Did u get my message other day about the 2 events, this sat and 30th? M x
03 March at 09:33
Shaghayegh Esther Yehudit Shayesteh
Shaghayegh Esther Yehudit Shayesteh
It's still cold in LA!!!
03 March at 09:49

0 degrees centigrade is cold, I'm sure LA is much warmer than that ;-) x
03 March at 12:21
Kiran Dhaliwal
Kiran Dhaliwal
Oh no Bobby, it is real cold. I had to wear my jacket today.
03 March at 20:28

Great catching up with you guys and going for a meal Luke Horsfield, Adam Ellison. I learnt as much myself when teaching - going to get more focused and location specific on ads I've got running at the moment as well.
02 March at 23:14 (1) (1)
Adam Ellison
Adam Ellison
Cheers Bobby
02 March at 23:17

Ikea tip... buy the blue bags to get your shopping home, as they then come in really useful for doing your laundry too!
02 March at 19:47 (5) (5)
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Clare Darwish
Clare Darwish
and they're only 50p and last forever!!!!
02 March at 19:50
Glyn Melling
Glyn Melling
We have a local lady that does our laundry. She's an old bag, not a blue bag.
02 March at 20:10

If she's been doing this winter she'll be way past blue bag!
02 March at 20:22
Gareth Hopkins
Gareth Hopkins
Just take them, no one cares! Hide them under a billy bookcase and away you go
03 March at 02:24

Are you being ripped off by your current electricity supplier? I just changed over another of my properties today so I can save money on my bills. If you want to do the same, click here and do it all online: http://lowermycosts.co.uk
01 March at 18:18 Comment Like

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Communication - Power of words

I was playing football and shouted for a handball. Everyone stopped and after debating for a minute or two they decided it wasn't a foul. That was when one of my team players turned round and said "Shut up Bobby!"
Well I wasn't expecting that but decided to take it literally, after all he was a 'better' player than me (his opinion, not mine).

As the game went on I was unable to shout for the ball when I was in a good position so we missed opportunities. There was another obvious handball but I couldn't call it, waiting for someone else to - but everyone played on. When my team mate was being chased down by the opposition, I didn't shout 'man on' so he was taken unaware and tackled. Clearly none of this was beneficial for anyone.

I couldn't figure out why it always appears that our communication issues are always someone else's fault!?
So even though the communication was clear for me to not say anything, by me not communicating meant it made the game worse for my team too. A lot of the camaraderie and fun of playing football also disappeared.  Think I'll say what I feel is right next time and let the 'better' players let their football skills do the talking instead.

How do you communicate with people? Words can be very powerful - even by merely using them or not. Clarity is also important to make sure your message is received. You can use positive words to inspire your team as easily as using negative words to discourage them.

The words that come out of your mouth really do create your reality. What words do you hear every day in your environment and from the people around you? More importantly, how clearly do you communicate and the mind the language that you use?

Sometimes it's better to say nothing at all. Did you know that Buckminster Fuller took a “year of silence” during which he pondered his purpose in life?

Happy thoughts lead to happy words and vice versa. Putting a smile on someone face is just as easy as not doing. What choice will you consciously make next time you open your mouth?

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Obama Assassination Tweets? Be careful what you shout!

Social Media is great and can give you a voice that can be heard by millions - but you should be careful about WHAT you say, WHO you say it about and who HEARS it.

Below is a story of two guys who's harmless comments are now being investigated by The Secret Service (at least someone's looking out for Obama's Health care). That comment could lead to a completely different investigation. I hope they're not sat naked in their house, smoking weed and watching dodgy films when these guys bust in and find anything dubious lying around.

Yes you have freedom of speech - but the government has more power over you to do what it wants! Be careful what you say, if you're going to shout from the roof tops, make sure it is honest, ethical and moral... 


Here's a great comment I found on an older Facebook Poll: 'Should Obama Be Killed?'
"Speech is speech, but it's also an action and can have legal consequences. Threats have never been protected speech. I couldn't say, "How would you like it if I set your house on fire?" and then claim I was merely inquiring after your opinions." - Semiotix

Tweets Calling for Obama’s Assassination Prompt Secret Service Investigation
"Two Twitter users are learning the hard way that threats against the President of the United States are taken very seriously, even when they’re just a tweet.

With intense debate swirling around last night’s healthcare reform vote, @THHEE_JAY and @Solly_Forrel expressed their frustration with the President by publishing tweets reading “ASSASSINATION! America, we survived the Assassinations and Lincoln & Kennedy. We’ll surely get over a bullet to Barrack Obama’s head” and “You Should be Assassinated!! @Barack Obama.”

Now, the Secret Service is investigating, as they do with all perceived threats against the President. ABC News notes that the two users both tried to backtrack from their statements, and at least one of the accounts (@THHEE_JAY) appears to be offline as of Monday evening.

This isn’t the first time social media activity has caught the attention of the Secret Service. Last year, a teen created a Facebook poll asking “Should Obama be killed?” Ultimately, charges weren’t filed after the perpetrator’s identity was discovered, and it seems likely that the suspects in this case had no formal plans or means to try and assassinate the President.

Nonetheless, it’s another reminder that what’s said in social media carries just as much weight as what’s said using other forms of communication. Apparently, some users still need to figure that out — and more of them will, as law enforcement continues to leverage social media in their crime-fighting efforts."

Source: www.mashable.com

Friday, 19 March 2010

Come along to the One Day Coaching Skills Training in LEEDS

Here's a great event in Leeds that you MUST check out next week!

The Youth Coaching Academy’s
One Day Coaching Skills Training with Harry Singha
Leeds, March 26th 2010

Who is it for? 

Teachers, Parents, Youth Workers and Young People who wish to support young people to achieve their goals and dreams.
This is also a great event for you to come and learn some fantastic communication skills and meet some top coaches.


All young people and school staff from local schools may attend absolutely FREE!
This has been made possible by a local team of parents, teachers, coaches and entrepreneurs. 
Other attendees and adults will pay only £10!

Here’s what delegates will get from this programme?

* Increased confidence in their ability to achieve their goals
* Look at problems/challenges differently
* Confidence in their communication with others
* Clearer about what they want
* Inspired to achieve more and support others to do so
* A greater sense of contribution to their school/community 
* Oh and of course learn the same skills that accredited life coaches are taught!

Harry Singha and his team have been delivering this programme to schools and communities around the world since 2002 and at every event they receive the most amazing letters and testimonials.

What to do next…

1. Register your details at:
2. Forward to any teachers & friends that work with young people
3. If you are a teacher, please choose 2/3 staff and a selected group of pupils to come along for this one off opportunity. Then confirm their names and ages by contacting me.

!!! Special Prize for One Local School !!!

Every School that is represented on the day may then apply to be chosen to have Harry come to their school and then deliver the same one day programme to their entire school for FREE!

So in the end it will be your own representatives [staff and pupils] that will let you know whether it is worth it or not!

I look forward to hearing from you very soon as places are limited.

See you on the day,

Bobby Gill

Below is the amazing letter Harry received recently from his last event in Romania, which encapsulates brilliantly what can be achieved in just one day with this programme. It’s why we want to offer this magical opportunity to as many schools as possible.

Dear Mr. Singha,

There are SO MANY THINGS I want to say to you, that I just can’t figure out a proper introduction. So, please forgive me for not respecting the norms of a proper letter. Of course, this is an electronic mail, so, basically, I could just delete or rephrase any sentence I write here to make myself sound as smart and well-educated as I possibly can, but I am not going to do that! My heart speaks while my mind is dictating to my fingers that what they should type, and I would LOVE it if you would grant me about just 5 minutes to read this.

First of all, I would like to introduce myself: Hi! My name is Văştea Lucreţia-Maria, I’m 17 years old and I participated at today’s “Youth Coaching Skills Course” in Şaguna. Now, you may think I am exaggerating but I assure you that what you are about to read is 100% pure truth. This letter is about how I feel TODAY compared to how I felt yesterday. And you know why? Because today, for the second time in my life, though more intense than the first time, I really feel WONDERFUL!

Dear Mr. Singha.. Harry.. I have waited all my life for somebody to tell me that my goal isn’t unreacheable for me! You see.. I have big plans! Huuuuge plans! -and I have had them ever since I was in diapers. Issue is… they always felt so unreacheable for a normal, dull, small-town girl such as myself. I don’t have a life story.. actually, I do because everybody does, but my life hasn’t been so spectacular so far. My personality is of the introverted type. My insecurity is my biggest problem but I have such big dreams and aiming for such high goals that I always think that they’re impossible to reach. Never felt charismatic enough, never felt good enough, never felt capable of handling the bumpy road to success… NEVER… until today.

Mr. Singha, I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not but you made me cry today. I never felt so confident of myself and I never thought I could actually meet somebody who will tell me absolutely everything I want to hear about my future. It was as if YOU opened tens or hundreds of doors for me! Suddenly, my goal doesn’t seem so impossible anymore. I forgot to breathe as I heard you say that “ the difficult things take time and the impossible ones take just a little longer”, and it made me feel more connected to my dreams than ever! You reminded me of what makes me tick. What makes me special. What makes me shine. What makes me ME! and I just can’t find the right words to thank you properly. I clapped my hands till they hurt but I somehow didn’t feel the need to stop… I felt the tears running down my cheeks and I didn’t feel the need to wipe them off, I smiled through THE WHOLE 8 HOUR COURSE and I wasn’t even aware of the fact that I was doing it until my partner asked me what’s with the dumb look on my face. I know I shouldn’t write to you about this stuff but I want to make it sound as real and honest as possible:


But, Sir, I’m going to be honest with you from the start: Many kids told you today that they want to become life coaches. I’m not going to say the same. I do not want to become a professional life coach, BUT! – I will love myself for the rest of my life for coming to your course today. Believe it or not, YOU are the FIRST PERSON in my life that actually made me believe! Yes! I believe! I finally believe in myself! I believe that my goals are achievable and I would love to believe that I will have the opportunity to hear you speak again!!! So can’t wait for the next meeting! Trust me! I am going to be there even if you would ask me “what is your life’s goal?” and I won’t answer “life-coaching”.

May I tell you a short story?! It’s not my life’s story, it’s the story of “what happened an hour ago”.. you see, an hour, after I came home from your course, my mother saw that something isn’t right with my facial expression from the minute she saw me walking through the front door. That’s when she did something she does very rarely: she came to my room and literally asked me to tell her about my day and why I was so happy. I started telling her about everything! I told her about the course, I told her about the notes I took, told her about what I learnt and I most definitely told her about YOU! And still she wasn’t satisfied. She told me that she had never seen me so excited before and that it’s a big surprise for her to see that the melancholy which was my ‘state of being’ was not being present within me. Therefore she asked me again ‘what happened’. That’s when I looked at her and said “Mother… I finally know what I want. That’s what happened. I know where I’m heading. I never saw this coming, I never thought I will ever find the moral strength to tell myself that I am good enough to do it or that I am worthy of success and I’ve finally overcome that fear of mine! I believe that I can be the very very best I can be!!” You may not believe me but I started crying once I told her this vision of mine… : me, in a place filled with the world’s biggest artists, dressed in a long, fancy gown, listening to the Oscar-nominees for “Best script”. Then I hear “and the winner is….” and can’t actually understand anything until I hear a storm of applause around me, and the person next to me saying “What are you waiting for?! Get up there! Congratulations!”. And that’s when I stand up, get on the stage, receive the statue and face the public.. As I told my mother that, she gave me the biggest hug ever and told me “you know what?! You can do it! I know you can! I see it in you right now and this, your dream, is something that nobody will ever be able to take away from you.” I couldn’t believe my ears. My mother telling me that she is supporting me, not telling me that I’ve officially gone mad. I convinced her that that is exactly what I want! I WANT to be THE VERY BEST THAT I CAN BE and what I want is- to become a scriptwriter. But not just any script writer. I want my scripts to be the ones for the most successful movies, filled with a maximum amount of emotion. I have so many ideas day by day, I could make up a story right this instant and I promise you that you will like it and if I won’t finish telling you about it, you WILL ask me “and?! what happens next?!” And you know why I think that?! Because, now, I believe I am good enough!! Now I do believe I feel WONDERFUL! (My 19 year old sister called 10 minuteas ago and she asked me how I was and I said “GREAT! I feel GREAT!”) You made it happen! Thank you for that!!!

Well, sir, I think I wrote down pretty much the main things I wanted to say to you. Today you’ve received the love and respect from a young Romanian lady thanks to that course. I am sure that you’ve received the love and respect from many other students who were present, but I only speak on behalf of myself. Thank you! I just can’t thank you enough! Thank you so so much! I literally can’t wait for the next course!

And even though it will take a lot of courage, I will come to you and thank you in person because I have the feeling that this e-mail is a bad joke, compares to me saying “Thank you!”, while looking into your eyes. That’s an important part of communicating through body language, isn’t it?

Oh well… seems like I’ll have to end it here.. that’s all I wanted to say. I wish you the best of luck and a wonderful life because you really deserve it! The world needs people like you! Keep doing what you are doing because you’re doing it like no other!

Yours truly,


Monday, 15 March 2010

Flip a coin or kick a ball?

Can a game of football determine the future?

David Beckham has an injury and is potentially out of the World Cup but his career is far from over as some may speculate. He may not be playing but I'll definitely be watching World Cup 2010 and having my regular games (real football fans know what a football feels like to kick too)

I played my usual game of football tonight and wasn't sure if I wanted to go after last week's events with the bank - but it's the only exercise I get. Also I wanted to vent and expend some energy that had been pent up, so I said yes. After all it's only a meaningless kick around with friends.

On the way there I'd decided this game would decide how much passion I still had left to be in business and life. As soon as I had that thought, I wished I could take it back. Once you think or say something (even to yourself) you can't take it back, as the universe hears. I was in trouble now.

What if I got hurt? What if I lost? What would it mean if it was a bad game for my team? I could just flip a coin and if I didn't like the result, we could do best of 3 or best of 5 or (Ad infinitum)...
I told myself I'd have fun regardless and see how it went. Pretend it's just a game.

When I arrived I was put on the side with 3 top strikers. Normally this wouldn't be a problem but they're the kind of guys you have to tackle to get the ball from if you want it, even if they're on your side!  I may as play against them if I have to fight for the ball so I asked to go on the opposing side but it was a firm no... time to play.

One of our main strikers got injured and substituted.  I got laughed at for not having my regular football shirt but a crew shirt instead.  "Millionaire Mind crew?" he said, "More like cabin crew!" Oh, the usual witty banter we have, I was getting some thrown back at me today.  Later one of their best players ran around me in circles and I twisted my ankle and fell.  Surely this was going to determine the rest of my game now. I felt silly at the injury and hobbled on knowing it would get better, as I often do. After all, someone has to play the part-time super hero.

I'd show them, talk is cheap. Then I got a goal in... and then another. Then a clearance from the half way line ended up in the back of the net! My team were as surprised as I was, since I'd not had this good a game for a while - I usually play defender as I have a powerful kick (toe poke it like Bobby) or mid-fielder and set up the other players as I believe there shooting is much more accurate.

Then something strange happened. My team started passing to me more frequently and as often as I set other players up for a shot, they did the same. These guys were looking for someone to play with that was in the zone and on top of their game.  I stopped counting after scoring my second hat trick. As the final whistle blew one of the guys on the other team said "You're going to go home happy tonight." And it was true. Winning feels so much better than getting beaten, especially when the other team are also happy for your achievement.

Can a game of football determine the future and decide who goes home happy after that game? Most likely... if only wars were fought on the football pitch with a ball too.

Was it game over for me in business? Not at all, I was on fire and ready to carry on playing... Do your worst because whatever team you put me on, we will come together and aim to score every time AND win!

Friday, 12 March 2010

My journey in life

"These days are to be remembered; please don't ever forget them.  Hard days make those sunny days that much brighter even when it rains." - Bobby
It's been a long cold winter.

I had the receivers from the Bank of Scotland come in on Thursday and take over the running of my business. They didn't call, give any warning and just walked in with a letter to say they can do whatever they want. Having ignored all my letters and proposals to them to deal with the matter fairly and request for a meeting, this is what they chose to do.
The receiver said he was appointed by the bank on my behalf. He asked me to help him out and I thought if I did they would be fine with me, then he told me to get off the property! You can imagine the shock of the situation, as I wasn't expecting to be helpful all day, then suddenly being dismissed and told to just pack up and leave without a thank you or anything.

Even though I should have expected this, it still felt like the bank had stabbed me. The banks and their associates are real Wolves in sheep's clothing, I've now come to learn that even their smiles are fake and can't be trusted.

That was when the reality of the situation hit me and I don't wish this feeling on anyone.When it happens to someone else we're the first to judge, rationalise and say that this is how we'd handle it - when it is you, in a split second, everything all of sudden changes, seeming so different and much more important.

I cannot even bring myself to telephone a dear friend that I owe money to without a tear coming to my eye, even though we had spoken the day before.

Regardless of all the Personal Development Dogma, we may not always be in charge of everything in life and our path may be picked for us.
Even still we can only choose to make the best decisions we can and learn from all the lessons in life, whether we see them as good or bad.

Later, as I sat in the supermarket car park, not knowing why I was even there, I scribbled these thoughts that were racing through my head on paper. I cannot even put on paper all the emotions I felt ranging from sorrow, loss, anger,  fear, pride, unhappiness, love and gratitude. What people would say and think.

It was a sunny day and I had tears running streaming down my face, when it started to rain.... which made me a little happier that we don't live alone and the world shares our joys and sorrows.  The more you open your heart, the more the love can flow in.

Don't stop dreaming and hang on to them good luck charms, as you will need them soon enough.

And as I stepped out of the car the rain stopped... It really did - it was finally Spring.

If you need someone to talk to about anything at all, I am here for you. Maybe my journey and friends can provide some guidance and put you back on your path. Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved, so feel free to contact me anytime if there is something you want to get off your chest in confidence, as you will always have a friend in me.

Thank you to all my family, friends and business associates (yes, you're friends too and stuck with me). Our combined hearts are so much bigger and real than the size of any fictional bank or the trillions of paper they print and are then allowed to legally steal by the imaginary government, at the expense of the people like you and me. Judgement day is coming for them...

Money isn't bad, just what you could do with it and when it's valued more than people.Your real wealth and value is measured in what you can accomplish for yourself and others, now it's time for me to show for real that 'Wealth is what you have left when the money is gone' and do it all over again, bigger and better... come along for the ride.

My time has been freed up to possibly do more writing, support I never knew I had has appeared and a couple of business proposals have already come in to keep me moving forward. But it's not over yet as the banks have not won - I'm not going to quit, as the universe works in mysterious ways and I've only discounted the options I know about, the unknown resources will appear soon enough. I'm ready and waiting to receive...

Thank you for reading and allowing me to share my thoughts and feelings... my dry with and humour will commence again shortly.  I just need a little time to digest what's happening and don't fancy talking to anyone right now, so apologies if I've not returned any calls - I am here and will be back in touch soon.

Love and light, Bobby :-)

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Human irrationality about money

I'm a big fan of Financial Jesus and pop in for entertaining financial news. Below is an intriguing article I found and wanted to share it with you.


I am a big fan of behavioral economics which tries to explain why people act the way they do.
Here are 3 interesting experiments that scientists have made in order to get a better insight into how people relate to money.


The Ultimatum Game
You are given 100 dollars. You need to decide how to split this money between yourself and another person taking part of the experiment. If the other person accepts the amount that you will give him – you will both get to keep your share of the money. If the other person declines – neither of you get the money.
This experiment is set up in order to reveal whether mankind is rational (as the economic theory suggests) or not.
A rational person would accept any amount offered because he or she knows that when he doesn’t accept the amount that is offered to him – he gets nothing. In other words if the first person(A) taking part of the experiment suggests to the second person(B) that they should split the money $99 to A and $1 to B – the second person should accept. Rationally looking it is better to get 1 dollar than nothing.

What really happens?Proposals to accept less than 30 dollars are usually rejected. The reason? According to our judgment the proposal is not fair. If you are offered a small amount of money while the other person gets a lot more (that comes from potentially your money) – you’ll have a feeling of injustice and would rather not get money than to get a small amount and feel bad afterwards.

Perceived value of money
The following is a thought experiment. Would you rather earn 100 000 dollars when everyone around you makes $50 000 or would you rather make $200 000 when everyone around you makes $400 000. The only rule you have to keep in mind is that the cost of living and goods stays the same. Which option will most people choose? A rational person would choose the second option, where he makes more money but less than people around him. That way he will have twice as much to spend. In reality most people choose the first option – being richer than other people. Some scientist think this experiment demonstrates the irrationality of man. I disagree. This experiment clearly shows that social rank is far more important to people than the amount of money they have. If one can choose between more money than your friends vs. less money than your friends – it is a rational decision to choose the first option (even when the total amount of money is less than in the second option). In this experiment people make an irrational money decision but a rational “people decision”. The latter outweighs the first.

The Line Experiment
The first person is standing in a line. When he gets to the counter he is congratulated on being the 1 millionth customer and as a gift gets 100 dollars. A second person is standing in a line at a different place. The man in front of him is congratulated for being the 1 millionth customer and wins 1000 dollars. The second person wins $150 for being the 1 million and first person. Which would you rather be? Surprisingly most people would choose the first option – getting the $100. Money wise this is a bad decision – you lose 50 bucks. The reason most people would rather lose the $50 is because they don’t want to feel the regret of not being the millionth person themselves and winning $1000.

What do these experiments show

These experiments show us, that just like in other things people can at times be irrational when it comes to their money. There are situations in life that are more important than money and economists need to understand this. When talking about economy (and the stock market), we should realize that economy consists of ordinary people who at times make financial decisions that are money wise bad for them.

Source: www.financialjesus.com

Monday, 8 March 2010

Should YOU have a say? Iceland Debt Referendum

Are the Icelanders right in their viewpoint of asking why should they be penalised (through taxes) for the excesses of a few banks?

The Americans and British have already printed oceans of money to bail out the banks (NOT the people) and we as tax payers will have to pay to keep the untrustworthy rich in their jobs, businesses (banks) and bonuses! The untrustworthy being those that live off other people's money regardless of how incompetent they are at providing the service they promise ie. bankers and government workers.
Are you asking yourself these questions too... Is that really what capitalism is about these days?
Is it really fair that we don't get to vote on what happens to us?
Is it time for a revolution yet or will people wait until the banks and government walk into their homes, eat their food and then kick them out!?


Protestors in IcelandMany Icelanders are demanding a "reasonable" agreemen
Iceland has held a referendum on plans to repay the UK and the Netherlands debts owed from the collapse of Icesave bank.
Despite overwhelming opposition to the proposal, the country faces years of financial pain.
What was the referendum about?
Iceland's 320,000 citizens voted on whether their government should repay Britain and the Netherlands more than 3.8bn euros (£3.4bn) - equivalent to each person contributing 99 euros a month for eight years.
Britain and the Netherlands say they are due the money following Iceland's financial meltdown in 2008. But Icelanders say the terms of the repayment are too onerous and rejected the package in its current form.
The collapse of three of Iceland's biggest banks overwhelmed the country's deposit-insurance scheme.
Some 340,000 British and Dutch depositors in the Icesave online bank (owned by Landsbanki) had to be bailed out by their domestic compensation scheme.
Now these two countries want their money back from Reykjavik.
At stake is nothing less than Iceland's ability to restore its economic credibility in the eyes of the world
According to Dragana Ignjatovic, analyst at IHS Global Insight: "In order for Iceland to even hope to rebuild its battered reputation, a compensation deal needs to be reached."
Speaking to the BBC, Chancellor Alistair Darling said the UK would get its money back, if not for many years.
"It's not a matter of whether the sum should be paid. There is no question we will get the money back but what I am prepared to do is to talk to Iceland about the terms and conditions of the repayment," he told the BBC's Politics Show.
Asked about how long it would take for the UK to be repaid, Mr Darling said it would take "many, many years".
But there was never any suggestion many people would vote "Yes".
That's why the referendum became an explosive political issue.
Most Icelanders argue that they should not be penalised for their government's failure to rein in spending and for the excesses of a few banks.
As we are seeing in Greece, and elsewhere in Europe, the majority of people don't want to be penalised for the actions of a few.
Iceland's rising unemployment and high living costs means the country is taking longer to emerge from recession. The economy shrank 6.5% last year and is forecast to shrink about 2.5% this year.
There is also a lingering dislike at the way Britain has conducted itself.
London used anti-terrorist legislation to freeze the assets of Icelandic banks, sparking the worst diplomatic row between the two countries since the Cod Wars fishing dispute in the 1970s.

What does the Icelandic government say?
The magnitude of those payments are such that we would have little left for anything else"
Iceland's economics minister Gylfi Magnusson
Last December Iceland's parliament agreed - after much soul-searching - to approve a repayment package.
Under this deal the "debt" would be repaid over 14 years at an interest rate of 5.5%, with the interest bill deferred for the first seven years.
However, in January, following public outrage, President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson vetoed the deal. This set up the referendum.
There were last-minute talks in London to resolve the issue, with Britain and the Netherlands thought to have offered a reduced interest rate.
But hopes of a deal which would have forestalled the need for a referendum were dashed.
What are consequences for Iceland of a "No"?
A "No" vote might strengthen the government's hand in negotiations.
That said, it would still be a blow for Iceland's shaky Social Democrat-Left Green coalition, which had approved a deal.
Iceland's Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdartottir has staked much of her political reputation on backing an Icesave deal.
And the dispute has also overshadowed Iceland's application to join the European Union, which was submitted last July. This application is effectively on hold until the Icesave issue is resolved.
More importantly, a "No" vote could have severe consequences for Iceland's attempt to re-build its shattered economy and repay its debts.
An application for about $4.6bn in loans from the International Monetary Fund appears to have stalled.
The IMF has said that the Icesave dispute should have no impact on the loans.
But Britain and the Netherlands, along with Nordic countries, are thought to have made the loans conditional on Iceland repaying international debts.
About 1bn euros in foreign debt matures in 2011. Gylfi Magnusson, Iceland's economic affairs minister, has warned: "The magnitude of those payments are such that we could we would have little left for anything else."
Rating agency Moody's said recently that the deadlock may force it to downgrade Iceland's debt to junk, making it even harder for the country to borrow much-needed funds on the international market.

Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8551673.stm

Logorama Oscar Winner on the internet

The good news is Logorama won an Oscar for Best animated Short Film for it's makers.
The bad news is, it has been shared online and gone viral - and people upload it as fast as it is taken down. I got to watch the short animated film below and think it's brilliant! If you get a chance to see it you should to decide if it's worth all the fuss. A Joker-esque Ronald McDonald definitely screams law suit but I don't think there'll be another McLibel but you never know.


Excerpts from the film makers website: Autour De Minuit

"Actually, after having a brief discussion today with Elsa Chevallier from Autour de Minuit, she just confirmed that this video should not and MUST NOT be shared online for 2 main reasons, first of all it was a copyrighted piece of art made by H5 on their free time and took them a very long time and a lot of hours of hard work to make it, 6 years have been necessary to make that film, but more than that as this video have been made with more than 2,500 logos of the world top brands and that they never asked the right to use them (which was humanly impossible to do it anyway IMO) and more than that, the image of those brands is severly « heckled » so they could be sued by all of them ending in a certain death for that company.

UPDATE: with its Oscar won last night, people are publishing all over the web the full length movie since the past 2 days, that is so lame.
UPDATE 2: If you’re in the USA, UK, Germany and Canada you can find Logorama in full length on iTunes" - Source: Charles Nouyrit

Full video if it's still available online:

Oscars 2010 - And the winner is....

Nominees and Winners for the 82nd Academy Awards

Actor in a Leading Role
  • ☆ Jeff Bridges in “Crazy Heart”
  • George Clooney in “Up in the Air”
  • Colin Firth in “A Single Man”
  • Morgan Freeman in “Invictus”
  • Jeremy Renner in “The Hurt Locker”

Actor in a Supporting Role

  • Matt Damon in “Invictus”
  • Woody Harrelson in “The Messenger”
  • Christopher Plummer in “The Last Station”
  • Stanley Tucci in “The Lovely Bones”
  • ☆ Christoph Waltz in “Inglourious Basterds”

Actress in a Leading Role

  • ☆ Sandra Bullock in “The Blind Side”
  • Helen Mirren in “The Last Station”
  • Carey Mulligan in “An Education”
  • Gabourey Sidibe in “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire”
  • Meryl Streep in “Julie & Julia”

Actress in a Supporting Role

  • Penélope Cruz in “Nine”
  • Vera Farmiga in “Up in the Air”
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal in “Crazy Heart”
  • Anna Kendrick in “Up in the Air”
  • ☆ Mo’Nique in “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire”

Animated Feature Film

  • Coraline” Henry Selick
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox” Wes Anderson
  • The Princess and the Frog” John Musker and Ron Clements
  • The Secret of Kells” Tomm Moore
  • ☆ “Up” Pete Docter

Art Direction

  • ☆ “Avatar” Art Direction: Rick Carter and Robert Stromberg; Set Decoration: Kim Sinclair
  • The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” Art Direction: Dave Warren and Anastasia Masaro; Set Decoration: Caroline Smith
  • Nine” Art Direction: John Myhre; Set Decoration: Gordon Sim
  • Sherlock Holmes” Art Direction: Sarah Greenwood; Set Decoration: Katie Spencer
  • The Young Victoria” Art Direction: Patrice Vermette; Set Decoration: Maggie Gray


  • ☆ “Avatar” Mauro Fiore
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” Bruno Delbonnel
  • The Hurt Locker” Barry Ackroyd
  • Inglourious Basterds” Robert Richardson
  • The White Ribbon” Christian Berger

Costume Design

  • Bright Star” Janet Patterson
  • Coco before Chanel” Catherine Leterrier
  • The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” Monique Prudhomme
  • Nine” Colleen Atwood
  • ☆ “The Young Victoria” Sandy Powell


  • Avatar” James Cameron
  • ☆ “The Hurt Locker” Kathryn Bigelow
  • Inglourious Basterds” Quentin Tarantino
  • Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire” Lee Daniels
  • Up in the Air” Jason Reitman

Documentary (Feature)

  • Burma VJ” Anders Østergaard and Lise Lense-Møller
  • ☆ “The Cove” Louie Psihoyos and Fisher Stevens
  • Food, Inc.” Robert Kenner and Elise Pearlstein
  • The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers” Judith Ehrlich and Rick Goldsmith
  • Which Way Home” Rebecca Cammisa

Documentary (Short Subject)

  • China’s Unnatural Disaster: The Tears of Sichuan Province” Jon Alpert and Matthew O’Neill
  • The Last Campaign of Governor Booth Gardner” Daniel Junge and Henry Ansbacher
  • The Last Truck: Closing of a GM Plant” Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert
  • ☆ “Music by Prudence” Roger Ross Williams and Elinor Burkett
  • Rabbit à la Berlin” Bartek Konopka and Anna Wydra

Film Editing

  • Avatar” Stephen Rivkin, John Refoua and James Cameron
  • District 9” Julian Clarke
  • ☆ “The Hurt Locker” Bob Murawski and Chris Innis
  • Inglourious Basterds” Sally Menke
  • Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire” Joe Klotz

Foreign Language Film

  • Ajami” Israel
  • The Milk of Sorrow (La Teta Asustada)” Peru
  • A Prophet (Un Prophète)” France
  • ☆ “The Secret in Their Eyes (El Secreto de Sus Ojos)” Argentina
  • The White Ribbon (Das Weisse Band)” Germany


  • Il Divo” Aldo Signoretti and Vittorio Sodano
  • ☆ “Star Trek” Barney Burman, Mindy Hall and Joel Harlow
  • The Young Victoria” Jon Henry Gordon and Jenny Shircore

Music (Original Score)

  • Avatar” James Horner
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox” Alexandre Desplat
  • The Hurt Locker” Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders
  • Sherlock Holmes” Hans Zimmer
  • ☆ “Up” Michael Giacchino

Music (Original Song)

  • Almost There” from “The Princess and the Frog” Music and Lyric by Randy Newman
  • Down in New Orleans” from “The Princess and the Frog” Music and Lyric by Randy Newman
  • Loin de Paname” from “Paris 36” Music by Reinhardt Wagner Lyric by Frank Thomas
  • Take It All” from “Nine” Music and Lyric by Maury Yeston
  • ☆ “The Weary Kind (Theme from Crazy Heart)” from “Crazy Heart” Music and Lyric by Ryan Bingham and T Bone Burnett

Best Picture

  • Avatar” James Cameron and Jon Landau, Producers
  • The Blind Side” Gil Netter, Andrew A. Kosove and Broderick Johnson, Producers
  • District 9” Peter Jackson and Carolynne Cunningham, Producers
  • An Education” Finola Dwyer and Amanda Posey, Producers
  • ☆ “The Hurt Locker” Kathryn Bigelow, Mark Boal, Nicolas Chartier and Greg Shapiro, Producers
  • Inglourious Basterds” Lawrence Bender, Producer
  • Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire” Lee Daniels, Sarah Siegel-Magness and Gary Magness, Producers
  • A Serious Man” Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, Producers
  • Up” Jonas Rivera, Producer
  • Up in the Air” Daniel Dubiecki, Ivan Reitman and Jason Reitman, Producers

Short Film (Animated)

  • French Roast” Fabrice O. Joubert
  • Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty” Nicky Phelan and Darragh O’Connell
  • The Lady and the Reaper (La Dama y la Muerte)” Javier Recio Gracia
  • ☆ “Logorama” Nicolas Schmerkin
  • A Matter of Loaf and Death” Nick Park

Short Film (Live Action)

  • The Door” Juanita Wilson and James Flynn
  • Instead of Abracadabra” Patrik Eklund and Mathias Fjellström
  • Kavi” Gregg Helvey
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Source: http://www.oscars.org/awards/academyawards/82/nominees.html

    Wednesday, 3 March 2010

    How do I host three events in March?

    I don't know how I got into the event's industry, find the time to organise/promote them or even where I get the energy to be there and help out - but I do know that I am passionate about all the topics being discussed, meeting people AND Making a Difference in a BIG way.

    Here's two fantastic tips for you:  
    Find what you really love doing, enjoy talking about and watch work become play ;-)
    And TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves Miracles!

    Events are for property investment, internet marketing and youth coaching.  Please come along and check them out if you are interested and in Huddersfield, Leeds or London on the following dates.

    Speakers and hosts are Steve Foley, John Lee, Vincent Wong, Amanda Brown, Dwayne Kerr, Harry Singha, Michelle Cairns, Rachel Leigh, Michelle Pyman, Emmy Yeadon.

    All the best,

    Northern Property Network - THURSDAY 4th March 2010
    with John Lee, Vincent Wong and Amanda Brown
    Date: Thursday, 04 March 2010Time: 18:30 - 22:30
    Location: George Hotel
    St Georges Square,
    Huddersfield, HD1 6JA
    Hosts: Bobby Gill and Steve Foley

    To find out more and to book a place, register here:

    March guest speakers are:

    Vincent Wong and John Lee
    This March we have Wealth Dragons and good friends John Lee and Vincent Wong coming to speak to us about a great new way of investing using Lease Options.
    Property millionaires and authors of the first book on Lease Options in the UK, they say you too can become financially secure within 12 months. The secret lies in knowing what strategy to use in any market conditions. If you can afford to buy a TV, you can afford to buy a house and build a multi-million pound portfolio.

    Amanda Brown
    Also Amanda Brown from PDS - Planning and Development Solutions. Amanda is an Accredited Landlord and has a portfolio of 4-6 bed houses in Leeds that she multi-lets. She will be speaking regarding the proposed changes to the class system with regards to HMO's (Houses of Multiple Occupancy), and how to reduce your risk now and in considering the purchase of further properties for rent.
    PDS also advise landlords on conversion to flats, HMOs, bedsits regarding enforcement / applications / appeals and making the best of their portfolios.

    To find out more and to book a place, register here:

    'Social' Internet Mastermind - Tuesday 9th March
    Networking event with Social Media Q&A session
    Date: Tuesday, 09 March 2010Time: 18:30 - 22:00
    Location: Pitcher and Piano
    200 Bishopsgate,
    London, EC2M 4NR
    Nearest Tube: Liverpool Street
    Map: http://tinyurl.com/yf5s5pu
    Hosts: Dwayne Kerr and Bobby Gill

    "Who Else Wants To Meet Successful Internet Expert Make Money Online"

    - Internet Business Mastermind Networking Event -

    Success with the internet is not easy.

    For YOU to become a successful full-time internet marketers you must set aside TIME to associate with other successful internet marketers.

    You'll have the chance to question each of our Internet Experts when you attend one of our regular internet networking events held across the country.

    Register at this link to attend:

    At This Special Social Networking Event you'll get a chance to network in a relaxed atmosphere AND...

    * A special "How To" nuts and bolts Q & A ask the experts session on using Social Media success strategies.
    * You'll get to rub shoulders with active "UK BASED" internet marketers.
    * The chance to share your business ideas with real people who will know how to take it forward.
    * Pick up useful tips that could show you the difference between an online success and an online miss.
    * Get access to a wide range of JV partners in many online niches.
    * Plus much more...

    Register here to attend:

    Youth Coaching Skills Programme in Leeds - - Friday 26th March
    Presented by Youth Coaching Academy's Harry Singha - A special day for young people, teachers, parents and coaches.

    Date: Friday, 26 March 2010
    Time: 09:30 - 17:00
    Location: Leeds - TBC
    Michelle Cairns
    Bobby Gill
    Rachel Leigh
    Michelle Pyman
    Emmy Yeadon


    The Academy's Highly Acclaimed One Day Version of The Essential Youth Coaching Skills Programme For FREE!!

    That's Right,You Can Attend This Programme Delivered By Harry Singha Himself, As Our Guest!

    The Event is sponsored by a group of Individuals from around the Leeds area. The course retails at £150 per person and we are delighted to announce that we are sponsoring this event. So you get the training and workbooks for FREE and all we ask is you pay £10 to cover the cost of the venue.

    We are teachers, parents, youth coaches and local entrepreneurs with one thing in common: We are really passionate about young people and personal development!
    If you wish to Increase your confidence and competence to inspire young people to shine even more then this is for YOU

    Would you like to improve your existing skill set in relation to:

    * Helping young people to learn better
    * Communication and engagement with the ‘hard to engage’
    * Managing your own state and supporting others to do so

    Plus would you like to have simple yet practical tools to use immediately to help others to:

    a) Identify what they really want; and then
    b) Identify exactly where they are now; and then
    c) Create a workable plan to get there!

    Register your details here to book and for updates:

    Have you heard of life coaching and wondered why it seems only available to celebrities and executives and in the main to adults?

    That's the exact question Harry asked himslef when became one of the UK's first accredited Life Coaches in 1999, when he commited to a mission of making Life coaching more accessible for young people around the world, by training young people and those who care fro them to become coaches!

    Fact there are tens of thousands of trained coaches in the UK now and the research and evidence of its effectiveness is mounting. The DFES and the National College for School Leadership are all acknowledging and promoting the use of coaching within education establishments.

    Register your details here to book and for updates:

    Simply put coaching is a powerful relationship for supporting an individual/group to bring out the best in themselves.

    We are passionate about supporting the personal development of young people in the North of England and beyond.

    In our commitment to the above we are delighted to announce the realisation of one of our objectives bringing Harry Singha, Chairman of the International Youth Coaching Academy, the pioneers of Youth Coaching.

    Here's what you will get from The Youth Coaching Academy's One Day Essential Youth Coaching Skills course:

    o Introduction to youth coaching
    o How to avoid Learning challenges and a way to support anyone to learn anything
    o Emotional resilience – how to change from an undesired to desired state
    o How to communicate and engage with the ‘hard to engage’
    o Advanced rapport building skills
    o Effective Listening and Questioning skills
    o How to use a universal coaching model to support anyone to identify a Goal and then identify where they are in relation to it and then take some steps to move towards it.
    o How to take any issue and end up with an action and a celebration for dealing with it.

    The course offers all participants practical skills to be able to use immediately and confidently.

    Register your details here to book and for updates:

    Into Spring with the Best Upcoming events!

    Join  http://www.facebook.com/TheBusinessNetwork for regular updates...

    Plan for success and get booked on these fantastic event now!

    LONDON, Wednesday 3rd March 2010
    The Demartini Method / A free introduction event

    ** HUDDERSFIELD, Thursday 4th March 2010
    Northern Property Network with John Lee, Vincent Wong & Amanda Brown

    LONDON, Saturday 6th March 2010
    London Chat Show Event with Lieanne Deane and 6 experts about Love & Relationships

    ** LONDON, Tuesday 9th March 2010
    Social Internet Business Mastermind

    ** London, Saturday 13th-14th March 2010
    The Breakthrough Experience with John Demartini

    London, Saturday 20th-21st March 2010
    Expand Your Brand with Top International Speakers

    Dublin, Friday 19th-21st March 2010
    Christopher Howard's Breakthrough To Success (Free tickets)

    ** LEEDS, Friday 26th March 2010
    Youth Coaching Skills Programme with Harry Singha

    Leeds, Saturday 27th March 2010
    Yes Group North: 10th Anniversary Celebration

    LONDON, Saturday 27th March 2010
    Marketing Secrets Exposed with Kerwin Rae (Free tickets)

    London, Saturday 27th March 2010
    It's Your Right To Be Wrong Coaching with Elliot Kay

    London, Tuesday 13th April 2010
    An Evening with John Gray, Why Mars & Venus Collide

    LoveTalk The Movie

    London, Friday 23rd-25th April 2010
    Wealth Propulsion with Chris Howard

    London, Friday 11th-12th June 2010
    Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Live in London

    Rome, Saturday 24th-Monday 27th June 2010
    Tony Robbins UPW - Unleash The Power Within