"Don't part with your dreams - when they are gone you may still exist but you will have ceased to live" - Mark Twain

"Do you know that this blog wouldn't exist if it wasn't for you being here to read it!?" - Bobby Gill

Monday, 31 December 2012

A New Year and New Hope - You Matter!

I just want to say one thing: YOU MATTER!
I love, honour and respect you as much as I do myself.

And I care that you do well in life,  I know the New Year brings New Hope for everyone.

If I can help in any way at all, just ask...

Best wishes for 2013,
Bobby :-)

P.S. If you only have one New Year's Resolution, choose "to make a difference"!

If that's all you read above, then great - that is my new year message to you.

I wanted to keep it short although my soul keeps pushing me to share how I feel... so I will ramble on here.  Many people have trouble sharing their feelings, so it is easier to write them.  Here is just a layer...

Thank you for your friendship, your support and being there on our journey through life!
I feel the pain of others and what is happening with the planet, when I say 'I know', I do not need and many times cannot find the words to express my empathy.
For those that have met me, even briefly, will know it is true - the others don't have to believe it yet, that we/everything is all connected.

I have been having challenging times recently, since 2010 when I had some issues with the Banks - to which they lied and took their game to a whole new mobster level.  The matter is still not resolved and my health has been suffering even more recently (this is the reason that many of you may not have seen me in 2012).
Fortunately I am still here, even though it would be easier to move into the spirit world, there is much work to still be done.
Many people I know and care about did not make it to the end of the year, so we are the lucky ones. I have friends who have similar challenges and we are the TOUGH ones, so I appreciate how challenging things can be for everyone else.
I'm currently on rehab and taking time out to get my energy back and accept I can't change the world overnight, by myself!
Thanks to those that have been caring; understanding for my occasional erratic behaviour and giving me the space I need to get back 'at ease'.

My main advice during the dark moments of life is to keep a sense of humour, laugh, see the funny side to everything and always, ALWAYS look on the bright side of life.  Even on a dark night the stars still shine...

It would be easy to move on if I didn't care so much - my values have been constantly challenged in this world right now -  Values of: Open-ness, love, honesty, integrity, reliability, truth, doing the right thing, people before profits (mainly things that stand for humanity, not corporate policy)  This is what has put me at dis-ease.

But as I do care about every one of you, I'm sticking around! I want to make sure that the lies, control and dishonesty does not spill over into the lives of all those I hold dear.  It is an important learning for everyone, though to get the lessons is no fun at all.  The reality created is very persuasive if you don't know what you're looking for.  And many people I know have fallen foul of this false reality. My aim is to help those that ask for it and overcome any 'obstacles' to get where they need/want to be.

More and more people are awakening to the truth, it is hard to hide. Since this is an age of change and the lifting of the veil, it is much easier to spot the truth or more importantly see the lies being fed to the masses.

I have been watching, experiencing, reporting and sharing the truth about how Authority (such as Bankers, Government, Councils, Police Corp and Companies) lie by using lawyers to write professional statements, instead of being honest themselves and telling the truth.
Yes, you read that right, they use lawyers to draft statements to confuse people and tell only their side of the story, then feed it into the mass media for people to be spoon fed, like propaganda.
They choose the part of the whole truth (or manufactured truth) that they want you to believe and act upon.

Fortunately more and more people are realising this and turning to alternative news for more information, to get the bigger picture.

They hide behind something called 'legalese' (definition: language containing an excessive amount of legal terminology or of legal jargon) which is to use trickery with the English language to confuse everyday people.  When asked for evidence they refuse to provide it - and the legal system is there to provide justice to those that can afford to pay for it.  Usually their statements will only have viewpoints that are half-truths, ignoring the facts that are needed to know more of the whole truth.

They put truth sharers under house arrest or detain them indefinitely, such as Julian Assange and Bradley Manning - breaking their own rules and laws in the process.  Others disappear or are 'killed'.  They are not accountable for mass fraud or murder, as they own the system.

This is to create FEAR in people. Do not dare to speak out against authority or how it wrongly treats people through lies, cheats them and kills, ironically in the name of 'the people'.

"You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." - Morpheus

 I chose to take the blue pill to uncover unpleasant truth in exchange for comforting lies. 

How can you make a difference? 
Take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Remember that YOU MATTER! Your story matters and if you share it, it can make a difference to someone else's life. They will know that you have overcome challenges that they currently face and survived.  If you can do it, they can do it too.  You are not alone and neither are they.  It is a precious gifting be able to share your thoughts and feelings with a complete stranger.

Come together with your community and network.  There are like minded souls everywhere who are there to help you and share information.  Your separation is only an illusion.

If you ever need help, just ASK! 
Ask those physically around you, someone at your local shop, ask your friends, ask your family, ask on the internet, ask me!  You only have to ask "Can you help me please?"

This goes beyond simply asking for money or immediate gratification and will provide you with what the money would buy.

You will be surprised how many people care. When they help you, their worries become lighter for a while and you are providing them a release from their own problems.  It is a great thing to be of service.
Especially when you are helping someone meet their basic needs and overcome a challenge that they are having trouble coping with.

Also look for people to help, if you can do it yourself great, otherwise put them in touch with someone who can.  Simply ask them "How can I help you?"

You do not necessarily have to help the person that helped you, just pay it forward. The person that can best help them will turn up and provide them what is needed, even if you just put them in touch.

Get a balanced view!
- You get told about modern medicine (allopathy + pharmaceutical drugs) - why not learn about real medicine (termed 'alternative' medicine by the system) such as homeopathy, ayurveda and traditional chinese medicine that has been used successfully for centuries!!
- Do you watch BBC News, CNBC, FOX etc?  I find RT News, Russia Today balances the news of the mainstream media and reports things you wouldn't hear about otherwise.
- Watch films from another angle and a deeper level. Films like 'Red Dawn' on the surface is about a Communist Korean invasion, under the guise of making the Americans lives and government better. Now imagine the opposite, that those protecting their homes live in countries that are being invaded by United Nation soldiers in order to help them.  Then you will see the irony of the film and how people are not 'insurgents' but just want to be left alone.  When you can see both sides of a story, you can see more of the truth and make better choices for everyone.
- Find out what they left out of the 'official' school taught history books.  Like the day America was 'discovered' in 1492 was actually the day that Native Indians found a European man called Christopher Columbus lost on their shores (lets not mention the Vikings that had visited 500 years before). That is when the Europeans started to enslave, murder, and rape the people of the land.
- Did you know the sun is heating up and may be the cause of Global Warming on Earth, as it is also heating up other planets in our solar system?
- Read the big newspapers in your country? Google the stories to find other alternative news channels to give you another view point.  Go to the source and cross-check the facts for accuracy for your own peace of mind. Note that sometimes mainstream media journalists don't even bother to do this!

Only by seeing more viewpoints and opinions can you make an informed decision yourself on what you believe the truth to be.  Don't believe anything, not even what I tell you, without checking it out for yourself.

This is where the masses will lose as they are too lazy, don't have time, it's not their problem or blindly trust their masters. This is not you!
You are a sentient being who takes control of what they chose to believe and takes actions that benefit yourself AND mankind.  Choosing to do the RIGHT thing over the 'easy' thing.

Respect the opinion of others
Accept that not everyone will agree with your views and will have their own beliefs. You can only offer information and it is important to respect their opinion too - who knows, by listening to them you might even learn something new, which could change your mind and life radically.

Treat people fairly and reasonably and with respect. Do business with small businesses, with people that you can get to know and trust.

Choose to be a learner

Make the choice that you will learn about new things:
- that affect you, so you can be prepared for changes that are likely to happen in your life.
- for fun, so you can find out more about things that you love, find enjoyable and enrich your life deep down.
- just so you can know more and communicate with more people on this small planet.  They are not that different, we just haven't learned what we have in common with them yet.
- study some neuro-linguisitic programming (NLP), it will show you how the use of words, sounds and images can be used to control your mind, as regularly done by the mainstream media.
Awareness allows you the choice to view it as a spectator instead of a participant.

Here is an example of sharing information for people to do what they want with. It was in regards to research about Vaccines, when I was questioned about my 'formal' education.  It went against mainstream indoctrination, hence it is a touchy topic. 
Poster: "If I was going to read research on vaccinations, I think I'd go a little more intellectual than Facebook! If you feel you have sufficiently studied this issue then by all means publish your views. But correct me if I'm wrong you studied mech eng, not medicine or pharmacology....  My' attack' as you put it was deliberately not targeted at the argument but at the ill educated decision to scaremonger!" 
Me: "I have studied Mechanical Engineering and many more fields since, including medicine. My education did not stop, it actually started AFTER I left institutionalised schooling/university. I still am open to learning. 'Ill educated' is your opinion, some education on a topic is better than ignorance and taking things for granted through 'marketing'. Everyone has a right to agree/disagree with things I believe, as I do with others. I actually take an active interest in what people do, like and discuss to find out more.
I use this page to share info with people on topics that I know they do not get from their usual education/marketing from Newspapers, institutions, TV and the Mainstream Media News. Usually this will be challenging as I am not a conformist and like to know fully about a matter, which means both extreme viewpoints. I encourage people to always educate themselves and make their own decisions from ALL the available information, not just what is available on tap to be fed easily.
If sharing facts and reports is considered scaremongering - then it means some people have things to fear about knowing more. I will never know everything and those that claim to be experts are naive.
People are dying over who's belief is right every day!"
We can only choose to educate ourselves, removing the excuse of 'ignorance'. Then making what we think are the best choices based on the information available.

Ask Questions of Authority
Did you know you don't have to do business with anyone or answer any questions if you don't want to? School is to teach you to answer questions not ask them!
Did you know you have a right to ask questions and get information from those in charge so you can make an informed decision and choice? They don't tell you that.

Get your control back and ask intelligent or common sense questions.  You will quickly find, those that were (pretending to be) in charge a moment, don't really know what they are talking about and will start to backtrack, make things up and lie.  I find it handy to keep a recording device handy when speaking to such wafflers working for big companies that don't know what's really going on.

Remember, they claim to record calls for security and training purposes.  What you will find, if you've not already experienced it yourself already, is that they will find the recordings when they need to refer to it - or lose/destroy it when it could be of value to you or be shared with someone else, revealing any dishonesty.

I find it better to deal with them in writing. That way you both know the questions they ignore and their reply is in writing. It is harder for them to bullshit this way (I use that phrase as sometimes their answers smell of manure).

Don't be afraid of anyone, especially authority figures... you gave them authority, so take it away and make it a level playing field as equals.  This will empower you and confuse them (simply because they're used to having it their own way!)

Pick a cause and take Action!
Here's to more whistleblowers, truth speakers and sharing in 2013!
Share your stories of what you see as injustice and pick a cause (or many).
Take action and start a blog, write about what happens with truthful details and facts.
The powers that be hate it when people show the other side of their 'marketing' and 'dogma'.
Other people are empowered when they read about these things, knowing they are not alone and there are steps they can take to avoid the same happening to them.

I believe 2013 is a year of change.  Governments are already under stress to keep control and help their favourites out (corporations), whilst more wrong-doing by the banks is being reported almost weekly. Until they choose to see what they are doing to the people, acknowledge it, apologise and change - they are heading for destruction of their systems that they have caused from inside.

Remember it is the people within these companies that cause the problems, through the actions they chose to take and decisions they make.  Remind them and ask them to look inside for their humanity and also to see what is alive in you, that they hurt through causing pain and needless suffering.

Do you know anyone that works for a dishonest company like the Banks? Ask them to tell the truth for once and share what they know.  Only then will honest businesses with nothing to hide prosper and dinosaurs finally die.

Stay strong, be honest, live with integrity and always DO THE RIGHT THING!

Most importantly I am grateful for your time and energy, which is the most valuable commodity on Earth.  Your energy and where you focus it for any amount of time is what makes the difference.  
You take the time to read my posts, speak to me in person and let me know that I also matter.
It is this that which keeps me going - and the fact that I know so many amazing people that matter and care about others too.

Life may not be easy all the time - but you've got to stick around for your friends and family.  As who else will be there to give them a hand or a laugh when it really matters.... Nobody does it quite like you do!

Here for you and each other,
Bobby :-)

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Are you Seeking a Friend for the End of the World?

As the end of the Mayan Calendar nears, are you contemplating what it could mean for you?
With some thinking it is the end of the world; the same way there is always an end to the day, the week, the month, the year or any time frame for that matter, a new one ALWAYS follows.

Don't worry, this is my last post on 'the end', as it either really will be TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) - or as there are no doomsday prophecy deadlines I know of coming up any time soon, we'll all live (happily) ever after…


But what if it was the end of the World?  And your days really are numbered?
Would you want to live your life differently, starting now…?

"Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" is a film that explores that and stars Steve Carell (Dodge) and Keira Knightley (Penny). The film runs an accelerated time frame of a couple of weeks to the end of the World - where everyone starts to question life and death and what you will doing just before and when you go..

In the opening scene when Dodge and his wife hear the announcement on the car radio, the government has failed to stop an asteroid that is hurtling towards Earth, which means almost certain doom for everyone - and Bruce Willis is not available!
His wife then climbs out of the car and just runs away from him and their (long suffering) relationship presumably, as it no longer matters.

It takes a while to set up the characters and then really gets going towards it's ill fated ending...

Although the story has a lot of emotional depth and could have done with more character development time, it is poignant and touches on a very human topic. Forgiving some of the plot holes (related to end of the world stuff) it has comedy, drama and is also a tragedy.

Dodge is alone and is contemplating what to do with the rest of his (short) life.
“You’re going to die alone,” a female friend of his complains.
“He’s going to die with everybody else,” adds her husband.
So even though everyone is heading to the same fate, it is a personal journey which at least she understands.

Some characters in the film decide to do finally do drugs and get drunk, orgies seem to be the rage, as is rioting. No-one cares about tomorrow, it is only instant gratification that is foremost in their minds and lives now. 
Some, like Dodge's cleaner, go about their daily business as if nothing is going to happen.  
A few, like Dodge and Penny, decide to go find their loved ones and make amends for what has happened and spend their last days with them.


How would you feel if you were going to die and everyone else around you?

When someone passes or leaves, we don't mourn their loss per se but more our own loss and that of the relationship that we had created with that person.  We don't feel sorry for them or miss them , as much as we feel sorry for ourselves and miss how they made us feel.  No-one else will make you happy if you cannot be happy alone - yet it is our relationships with others that show us who we really are deep down.  Other people reflect our good and bad back to us - and we only see that which is in us.

Penny - "I wish i’d met you a long time ago. When we were kids."
Dodge- "It couldn’t have happened any other way. It had to happen now."
Penny - “But it isn't enough time.”
Dodge - “It never would have been.”
Penny - “I thought that somehow we’d save each other.”
Dodge - “We did.”

Even an optimist couldn't have changed the ending of the film, hoping everything would carry on and work out.

It seems that at as the human race, we are collectively manifesting a lot of death and terror which shows up in the characters of films that we see. So how refreshing to see such a film that lets the characters explores the meanings of their life for a change.

The Ending is in the Title of the Film - so the film is about the journey to get to the inevitable conclusion. Questioning LIFE (not death) and what we do with our precious time and most importantly who we spend it with.

What would you do if you knew the end was coming and who would you want to spend it with?

Sunday, 16 December 2012

2012 and the end of the Mayan Calendar

This is for fellow desk top astronomers, that look to their laptop to research the heavens above.  Many people don't have an awareness beyond next weeks X-Factor but there are those that contemplate the Universe - why leave astronomy to the astronomers when you could learn so much about the bigger picture yourself?
Put the kettle on and put an hour aside to learn about the infinite Universe and a ≈ 26000 year cycle.

Below you will find some basics on how the calendar works and scroll to the bottom for a fun video that may (or may not) be the greatest Science Fiction story told! You will have to forgive the American humour and sound effects to get through it, as he explores the 2012 Prophecies.

Your soul will be drawn to the animation at 19m15s in the Youtube Video. Don't miss it as it will expand and spin your mind...

And all this is happening on Winter Solstice 2012, which 'coincidentally' is also in time for Christmas and Jesus' birthday (I won't go further into this as it will only upset the hard-core KJV literal believers)

Unlike 12-12-12 which is a man-made phenomena, such as roads, calendars and religion;
21-12-2012 (or 12-21-12 for the Yanks) is different.

21st December 2012 is a unique event during the Winter Solstice, irrespective of date and it is a Universal phenomena, such as days, years, nature and life itself.

The Apocalypse is coming… definition: a revelation of something hidden.
And after Revelation comes Genesis again.

Come the day after 21st December 2012, at least some things will be clearer (and another end of the world averted.) I bet Bruce Willis won't even break into a sweat (one for Armageddon fans there!)

The clock says it's time to be aware of what's going on around you and wake up!

Good morning,
Bobby :-)


December 21, 2012: Some predict the end of the world, some predict the beginning of a new era. The basis for these claims is based on the Ancient Mayan calendar. 
It may seem silly to base a prediction off an ancient civilization's calendar but the Mayans were a highly mathematically advanced civilization. Their calendar is not only mathematically complex, it is also highly accurate (in fact, more accurate than the Gregorian calendar we use nowadays).  
The last day of the Mayan calendar corresponds to December 21, 2012. On this date, the Mayans are predicting the end of an era. The Mayans believe they were living in the 3rd era and on this date, the 4th era will begin. What does this mean to us? The beginning of a new golden age? Or does it mean the end of the world and life starts all over. 
Nobody can really know what will happen. Some predictions indicate that on this date, the world will end and a new world will begin. Others interpret the 'end of an era' as the coming of a new golden age, world peace, end of world hunger, elimination of poverty or a cure for a common illness. 
It is impossible to prepare for something we do not know. I would suggest being with a group of friends or loved one, counting down to this fateful day, and hoping for the best. Chances are, nothing will happen, but if it IS the coming of a new golden age, I would suggest everyone to savour and take in every second of this momentus event. If it is the end of the world, well, what can you do, at least you're with the ones you love.  
Source: http://www.disastercountdown.com/event/mayan/ 

Winter Solstice - 21st December 2012 Alignment


There are some great presentations within presentations in this video and I recommend watching it all for context. If you only want to flick through, here are some highlights:
4m49s Mayan Star Chart/Map
13m50s Quarks to Beyond
16m18s Earth circling the Great Central Sun
19m15s Helical Solar System (Must See!)
25m00s Long count Mayan Calendar Galactic Alignment and end of time
29m25s Time/consciousness is speeding up
33m20s Solar flares and radiation
40m00s Interstellar cloud /earthquakes
45m38s The Day The Earth Stood Still
53m28s The Size of Earth
1h02m50s The matrix!
1h04m30s Happy 13th Birthday (Age of Aquarius)

Remember '2012' is already happening NOW!


Mayan Calendar and Aztec Sun Stone (commonly mistaken for Maya Calendar) images


How the Mayan clock works:


Thursday, 13 December 2012

How to deal with Blocked and Withheld Numbers

I've been getting more 'withheld' and 'blocked' numbers recently that don't leave voicemails either.  Now this can be annoying, as you wonder who it was.

Due to lots of 'random' calls. I don't usually return calls where people don't leave messages anyway, as problems tend to fix themselves so my reply is not needed.

Today the 'Blocked' number rang again.  So here's my tip on how to deal with them:

I was bored and politely answered and said, "If this call is important, please call back from an unblocked number or your personal number, thanks." 

Then hung up as someone started to mumble.

Ah, I feel better for letting them know my call rules!

No call back either, so at least I know it wasn't important and they do too…  Simples!


There was an app called TrapCall (available in the USA and Canada) but it has since been withdrawn and Rejected by Apple's App Store!

Friday, 30 November 2012

Lesson of Integrity from Gandhi

During 1930′s, a young boy had become obsessed with eating sugar. His mother was very upset with this. But no matter how much she scolded him and tried to break his habit, he continued to satisfy his sweet tooth.

Totally frustrated, she decided to take her son to see his idol – Mahatma Gandhi; perhaps her son would listen to him.

She walked miles, for hours under scorching sun to finally reach Gandhi’s ashram. There, she shared with Gandhi her predicament.
“Bapu, my son eats too much sugar. It is not good for his health. Would you please advise him to stop eating it?”

Gandhi listened to the woman carefully, thought for a while and replied,
“Please come back after two weeks. I will talk to your son.”

The woman looked perplexed and wondered why had he not asked the boy to stop eating sugar right away. She took the boy by the hand and went home.

Two weeks later they revisited Gandhi. Gandhi looked directly at the boy and said,
“Boy, you should stop eating sugar. It is not good for your health.”

The boy nodded and promised he would not continue this habit any longer.
The boy’s mother was puzzled. She turned to Gandhi and asked,
“Bapu, Why didn’t you tell him that two weeks ago when I brought him here to see you?”

Gandhi smiled, “Mother, two weeks ago I was eating a lot of sugar myself.”


Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one's actions. Integrity can be regarded as the opposite of hypocrisy, in that integrity regards internal consistency as a virtue, and suggests that parties holding apparently conflicting values should account for the discrepancy or alter their beliefs. 
The word "integrity" stems from the Latin adjective integer (whole, complete). In this context, integrity is the inner sense of "wholeness" deriving from qualities such as honesty and consistency of character
As such, one may judge that others "have integrity" to the extent that they act according to the values, beliefs and principles they claim to hold. 


Do the people you follow and listen to act out of integrity - or are your mentors 'do as I say, not as I do' fakers?

More importantly, do you ACT in accordance with your own values and character and 'walk the talk'?

If not, when would now be a good time to change...

"You Must Be The Change You Wish To See In The World"

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Corporate Scam Calls - Please Confirm Your Personal Details

Corporates make it easy for scammers by making these types of calls as well.  Ever had a call from someone claiming to be from your Bank asking you to verify your details then getting arse-y when you refuse?

Even those with legitimate reasons to calls have poor phone manners and protocol.

Companies like HMRC use witheld and blocked numbers and Banks like HBOS hire third parties to contact you, that aren't transparent either.
Let them get arse-y, upset, offended, annoyed - as they have called you randomly and asked for private information to usually get money for themselves.  They may or may not be legitimate but don't take the risk.
With Governments, Councils, HMRC, Corporates 'losing', 'selling' and 'sharing' your personal details on a regular basis it is pretty easy for a scammer to get hold of them too.

For example: The AA called me and asked me to renew cover.

TIP: I asked for the cheapest rate (usually reserved for NEW customers by most companies) and it was 30% less. So remember to cancel any automatic renewals and re-negotiate ALL your contracts, insurance policies etc annually.

Then she asked me to confirm and provide my credit card details,  I refused.
She said she could prove that she was from the AA by providing breakdown details etc.
I explained that companies sell information and 'lose' it all the time.
She did not give her return call number saying I would not get back through to her.  I ended the call. Another third party commission call centre?

You may have received similar calls from mobile phone companies claiming to be your main provider, having 'acquired' your telephone number, network details and personal info from someone working at Orange/Vodaphone/O2/Carphone Warehouse etc.

For example: Someone called claiming they were from Orange and my handset was due an upgrade. Although quite convincing, his story was only about 99% accurate.  When I did call Orange, they said it wasn't them.

For example: People contacted me from Bank of Scotland saying they worked for HBOS. When contacting HBOS, the Bank denied they worked for them, even though they had provided my personal information.
Note that Banks sometimes actively hire third parties to work for them but do not acknowledge it!

Scammers are con artists who work on convincing you that they are truthful and honest, hence taking advantage of your trust and good human nature.

The BEST policy is do NOT trust anyone claiming to be from a Company - unless you are expecting a call from them and then contact them back yourself!

- I now make it good practice to not answer blocked, unknown or with-held numbers.
- If on answering, it's an automated message that is played, immediately hang up.
- Don't call back if you do not know what the call is about.
- Take the name of the person, usually they refuse to give their last name and contact number anyway.
- Then google the number to find out if it is linked to their official site.

For example: I got a call from Barclays Fraud Department from an unknown number, with a automated voicemail leaving a return number to call.  I could not find reference to this number anywhere!
Even worse it was a legitimate call (from an unknown number) about an important matter, which I found out from the Bank later.  They set themselves up to fail and appear untrustworthy.

This is why you should not trust anyone that calls you and asks to verify your personal details - if they have any sense (which corporates are lacking) they would not ask for it, instead asking you to call them back on a legitimate number that you can find on their correspondence or official websites.

It's also good to have recording device on hand, as you may have found through experience that Government, Council and Corporate employees have a tendency to 'lie' or not tell the whole truth when asked simple questions that deviate from their standard script.

If it's important, they will write to you.

Also note on letters, when dealing with big companies, always write to the Registered office address via recorded delivery to the person named on the letter. They sometimes try to hide behind PO Boxes but must publish the recorded office details.

Below is an example about a BT phone scam going on at the moment.

Phone scammers often pose as staff of companies, government departments or financial institutions as a means of fooling people into handing over their personal details. While this particular instance of the scam targets UK residents, criminals may use similar tactics to steal information from phone consumers in other parts of the world.

While telecommunications companies may well call their customers to query an unpaid account, they are unlikely to attempt to prove the legitimacy of the call by disconnecting the line. If you do receive a suspect call, do not provide the caller with any personal or financial details. If you are unsure about a call, the safest course of action is to:
- Ask for the caller's name and department details and then terminate the call.
- Find a legitimate contact number for the company either in a bill or other official documentation or a telephone directory. (Don't use a contact number provided by the caller).
- Call the company and ask to speak to the original caller by name.

This strategy should effectively derail any scam attempts and also allow you to deal with the issue in the event that the call was actually legitimate.



"BT Unpaid Bill Phone Scam Warning

Message warns that scammers posing as UK telecommunications company BT staff are tricking people into revealing their bank or credit card details by claiming that their phone service will be disconnected if they do not pay an overdue bill immediately.

Brief Analysis
The information in the warning message is factual. Such scams have been occurring in the UK for several years and a number of UK residents have already lost money to the fraudsters.

Subject: BT phone scam


The new telephone 'scam' has arrived.

I received a call from a 'representative' of BT, informing me that he was disconnecting me because of an unpaid bill. He demanded payment immediately of £31.00, or it would be £118.00 to re-connect at a later date.

The guy wasn't even fazed when I told him I was with Virgin Media, allegedly VM have to pay BT a percentage for line rental!

I asked the guy's name - the very 'English' John Peacock with a very 'African' accent - & phone number - 0800 0800 152.

Obviously the fella realized I wasn't believing his story, so offered to demonstrate that he was from BT. I asked how & he told me to hang up & try phoning someone - he would disconnect my phone to prevent this.

My phone was dead - no engaged tone, nothing - until he phoned me again.

Very pleased with himself, he asked if that was enough proof that he was with BT. I asked how the payment was to be made & he said credit card, there & then.

I said that I didn't know how he'd done it, but I had absolutely no intention of paying him, I didn't believe his name or that he worked for BT.

He hung up.
Did 1471 & phoned his fictitious 0800 number – not recognised.

I phoned the police to let them know, I wasn't the first! It's only just started apparently but it is escalating.

Their advice was to let as many people know by word of mouth of this scam. The fact that the phone does go off would probably convince some people it's real, so please let as many friends & family aware of this.

This is good but not that clever. He gave the wrong number - it should have been 0800 800152 which takes you through to BT Business. The cutting off of the line is very simple , he stays on the line with the mute button on and you can't dial out - but he can hear you trying. (This is because the person who initiates a call is the one to terminate it). When you stop trying he cuts off and immediately calls back.

You could almost be convinced! The sad thing is that it is so simple that it will certainly fool the elderly and vulnerable.

Obviously, if this scam is real, once they have your credit/debit card details, there is nothing to stop them cleaning out your account.

Detailed Analysis
This warning, which circulates via email and social media posts, claims that scammers are posing as representatives of UK telecommunications giant BT in order to trick phone users into handing over their financial information.

Beware of scammers posing as BT staff who demand immediate payment for a supposed unpaid bill According to the message, a scammer calls a potential victim and identifies himself as a BT staff member before demanding that a supposed unpaid bill be paid immediately lest the phone be disconnected. If the potential victim seems doubtful, the scammer offers to "prove" he is really from BT by temporarily disconnecting the phone. The scammer then uses a simple trick to make the victim think that the phone has really been cut off before calling back to demand an immediate payment. The scammer ask the victim to hang up and try calling someone else but simply stays on the line which restricts outgoing calls. Because the outgoing call cannot be made, some users may then assume that their phone has really been disconnected and pay up as requested to avoid a hefty reconnection fee.

The information in the warning email is factual. Such scams have indeed been occurring in the UK and a number of UK residents have already lost money to these fraudsters. BT has published the following notice on its website warning customers about the scam:
Please be aware of the following:

Fraudsters, pretending to be from various phone companies, have been calling people on the pretence that there is an outstanding bill and threatening to disconnect their line immediately if they do not pay the bill straight away.

The fraudsters have been pretending to "cut off" the customer. Worried about having their line cut off, some people have been persuaded into giving the fraudsters their bank account details.

The police are investigating and BT Security is looking into incidents where the fraudsters have claimed to be from BT.

Whilst BT does have debt handling procedures which may involve calling customers, BT never carries out disconnections during the call by way of proof.

We advise customers never to give out any banking details over the phone unless they are absolutely certain who they are dealing with.

If there is any doubt at all, a BT employee will be able to give the customer their employee ID number and an 0800 number to call, where the customer can check that they are who they say they are. The customer can also check their identity by calling 0800 800 150.

Beware of similar phone numbers. Fraudsters may for example offer a number which has an extra zero - 0800 0800 xxx has been used by fraudsters - it is not the same as 0800 800 xxx.
UK communications regulator OfCom has also posted a warning to consumers about the scam:
Fraudsters are currently phoning consumers claiming to be from BT or Ofcom. They claim that the consumer’s telephone line needs digital upgrade work. This, they say, will cost £6 and if it isn’t paid within 10 days the consumer’s phone line will be cut off.

In some cases, the fraudster will claim that the line needs testing and they will temporarily disconnect it. When the consumer tries to make an outgoing call they are unable to do so. This is simply because the fraudster is still on the line meaning no outbound calls can be made.

This is a scam. Ofcom and BT have alerted the relevant authorities for investigation."

Article written by Brett M. Christensen Hoax-Slayer

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Bank Frauds in the News - $43 Trillion Financial Fraud Lawsuit in US - Racketeering and Money Laundering

Iceland dealt with it's banking and financial problems and the economy is recovering.  The Irish are taking mass action against the banks. Even the US have started civil lawsuits against racketeering and Money Laundering now - but they're trying to keep it quiet.

Censored: Banks Fraud in the News - $43 Trillion Financial Fraud Lawsuit and CNBC Executive’s Children Murdered - coincidence or not!?

Do you watch/read the news? Do you believe it isn't censored…?
In that case you will have heard one of the big CNBC related news stories.

Not the one about the Vice President of CNBC Digital having his children murdered, which is the daily fodder of stories that media like to feed people that enjoy this kind of curious behaviour. Even though it was horrific and not deserving of anyone, especially young children: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2223972/Krim-murder-Brave-year-old-girl-tried-fight-killer-nanny.html

But the other BIG story I'm referring to is about the $43 trillion dollar lawsuit that CNBC had published earlier that same day.  It was a Press Release that they had run on their website, I know it was there as I had a glance last week and saved the link to read later. CNBC Published the article on Thursday and it had disappeared within 48 hours! Now who says news isn't censored!?

This is the link where the article WAS:

A copy of the deleted article/press release is available here to read:

View the 858 Page Lawsuit here:

And other people that notice the anomaly and discussing the coincidence:

I'm not saying there is a link but don't you think it curious that it happened!?


Elsewhere in the World....

Do what Iceland did and kick out the corrupt Government plebs and fraudulent bankers!

The Irish have also started their cases

Bankers in America know their time has come with the latest lawsuit and it looks like it will be the UK's biggest next, with Lloyds TSB management and their Halifax Bank of Scotland partners next.

Do you think your Bank has defrauded you?

Well, with so much overwhelming evidence (or lack of defence offered), moral and financial bankruptcy, government bailouts, whilst they take money from 'Dear Doris' - the answer is yes and you can find out easily by asking them a few simple questions.

Of course if you're happy with them defrauding you, then carry on as normal. After all is Ignorance is Bliss!

If you want to know for sure then you can send them a letter requesting a certified copy of your supposed contracts and proof of Bank funds, to confirm your suspicions.

Your only obligation to yourself is to send the letter, see what answers you get back - then follow up with legal action (if you can afford) or at least publish the information online if there is something untoward or shady about any misdirection and refusal to provide answers or documents that you have a right to!

Yes that's right - Banks refuse to send documents either because they don't have them or because they believe they can get away with it. Is it time you showed them that people aren't going to take any more fraud and lies?

Isn't it time you took a stand too?

Leave a comment below and I'll send you a copy of the letter to find out if you have been taken for a ride.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Fast Forward Your Business 2012 #FFYB2012 and Juice More!

Did you miss the Fast Forward Your Business 2012 (FFYB2012) Tour in the UK with Wealth Dynamics creator Roger Hamilton.

It was great and covered loads of brilliant info like the the Top 10 Future Waves and Trends that are going to change the way we all do business.
There were also some of the top UK Changemakers present at the events in London and Manchester.
Also covered were the Seasons of the Internet and some really cool videos of the trends and what's happening around the World right now!

Roger has a way of thinking differently and finding information that you wouldn't come across otherwise. Do you think it's important to know what's coming up so you can be ready?

In the great tradition of taking notes and sharing with those that were unable to make it, luckily I took comprehensive Notes at both events and compiled them for you into one Notes pack.

Get over to my website and download the full Notes here >> Fast Forward Your Business 2012

I would also recommend you get your Wealth Dynamics Profile done and attend the Live online Global FFYB2012. You can get your Profile done, the Your Life Your Legacy Ebook, download videos of FFYB2011 and more here: Fast Forward Your Business Global Livecast

You can also download my Notes here >> Fast Forward Your Business 2012

Remember to click Like on that Page as well and Tweet it to your friends, that is of course if you find the Notes of value (which I'm sure the answer is YES) and think your friends will benefit from them.


P.S. By the way, I was just having a discussion on facebook about; if you're feeling the effects of what's going on at the moment (with regards to the cosmic clear-out), that it's a good time to drink vegetable juice and get on the greens. I feel much better after juicing carrots and celery, it might become my 'pint of the usual' now!

My friend Toni Brodelle suggested also trying spinach, apple, lemon, courgette, cucumber and blend it with avocado. Remembering to clean the juicer immediately after juicing and before you drink your juice is a much quicker way to do it… even if you have to wait a little bit longer to enjoy your juice.
(I won't bore or scare you with the colonics discussion.)

Anyway, enjoy reading the notes and serve with a healthy juice for optimum reading and well-being pleasure :-)

Monday, 24 September 2012

Maybe Tomorrow I'll Want to Settle Down (Down the road is where I'll always be)

What a weekend! With lots of ups & downs, happiness & sadness, laughs & tears and everything else in between.  It was the end of Simon Zutshi's Mastermind 10 on Saturday - and the journey people had come along in the last year was amazing. Whether it was financial or personal breakthroughs, everyone had changed for the better.

My 'unexpected' year in Birmingham had also come to an end, although that's where I had to be for then, it's not where I need to be next.  I'd known for a while and the timing just seemed right, now; to move on again.

From the pin Team who were now family to the Masterminders who were good friends, they will ALL be missed.  As in the Simpsons, dysfunctional or not, they're still the family and the friends that you love!

It's like when everyone leaves school, not knowing if they will see each other again - and nobody wants to go home that night, in case tomorrow everything is different (which it always will be).
Although everything finally has to come to an end, to create space for something new to be created...

Do you ever recall emptying your desk at work and remembering the good times? Or when you left home and turned the lights off and closed the door for the last time? You see the space you lived and breathed in for so long - and as you move those in-animate objects and things into boxes again, they bring back a flood of happy memories.  The meanings we give these items that link us to emotions that we had in the past and may have forgotten about momentarily. This is what we live for, the good times and the memories.  "People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel." {Maya Angelou}

I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to everyone, which was partly intentional, as I don't like goodbyes. It almost always ends up with crying and hugging (and it's usually me).  Only for us to meet again in a few weeks anyway.  I'm never really gone, just moved elsewhere to my next calling.

What people really miss is the best about themselves that they see in the other person, which is what they already have inside them, they've just forgotten temporarily - and it's the same for me.  Just remember that you can always remember the good times, tell stories and just smile to yourself knowingly.

The weekend was wonderfully rounded off by Richard Wilkins who is not your average speaker. What I mean by 'not average' is that he is real and authentic.  He reminded people that it's OK for men to be sensitive, to be real and be themselves.  Reminding us that "To not be dead is your biggest Goal" - Richard Wilkins www.theministryofinspiration.com

It was worth waiting all year for him to finally appear and remind me, who I am - and that there is a long way to go from where I was and that actually "I'm there" (where I want to be) right now!

We stayed late on Saturday night for a meal, laughed and joked and shared stories.  Stories of who we really are. Telling the truth, being ourselves and knowing that no judgement is passed for the human-ness that we share.  The honesty, integrity and vulnerability I hope I've brought to every conversation and everyone I have met over the last year.  You all Freakin' Rock!

Can you remember one small thing for me? And I'll only tell you if you promise to always remember… Agreed!? Great, here goes...

Myself (and everyone else that you've ever known) - they've not really gone anywhere.  They are all here/there, thinking of you all the time and smiling with the happy memories. And if you really miss them, they are just waiting for you to call, email, facebook or send them a happy thought.

Now that you 'know' and have promised to remember forever, there's no reason to feel like they're missing - because they're not. It was just you temporarily 'missing' and now that you know this secret, you won't fall for that misleading thought again.

It was then a rainy Sunday and I knew it was time to grab the few things I had and hit the road again.

My friend London (aka The Littlest Hobo) explains it best when I can't find the words.  *woof*

Till we meet again.  Maybe tomorrow…


There's a voice that keeps on calling me
Down the road is where I'll always be

Every stop I make, I'll make a new friend
Can't stay for long, just turn around and I'm gone again.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll want to settle down,
Until tomorrow, I'll just keep moving on.

Down this road, that never seems to end,
Where new adventure, lies just around the bend.

So if you want to join me for a while
Just grab your hat, come travel light - that's hobo style.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll want to settle down,
Until tomorrow, the whole world is my home.

So if you want to join me for a while
Just grab your hat, come travel light - that's hobo style.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll want to settle down,
Until tomorrow, I'll just keep moving on.


Maybe tomorrow, I'll want to settle down,
Until tomorrow, I'll just keep moving on.

There's a world, that's waiting to unfold,
A brand new tale, no one has ever told,

We've journey'd far but, you know it won't be long,
We're almost there and we've paid our fare, with the hobo song.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll want to settle down,
Until tomorrow, I'll just keep moving on.

So if you want to join me for a while
Just grab your hat, come travel light - that's hobo style.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll find what I call home
Until tomorrow, you know I'm free to roam.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Take That to The Bank - Seniors Banking

Ever been frustrated or felt ripped off by your bank? Yep thought so.
Maybe this letter will make you feel better and give you some ideas next time you contact them... shortly before closing your account and banking with a Co-Operative Bank instead!


Dear Sir:

I am writing to thank you for bouncing my cheque with which I endeavoured to pay my plumber last month.

By my calculations, three nanoseconds must have elapsed between his presenting the cheque and the arrival in my account of the funds needed to honour it..

I refer, of course, to the automatic monthly deposit of my entire pension, an arrangement which, I admit, has been in place for only eight years.

You are to be commended for seizing that brief window of opportunity, and also for debiting my account £30 by way of penalty for the inconvenience caused to your bank.

My thankfulness springs from the manner in which this incident has caused me to rethink my errant financial ways. I noticed that whereas I personally answer your telephone calls and letters, --- when I try to contact you, I am confronted by the impersonal, overcharging, pre-recorded, faceless entity which your bank has become.

From now on, I, like you, choose only to deal with a flesh-and-blood person.

My mortgage and loan repayments will therefore and hereafter no longer be automatic, but will arrive at your bank, by cheque, addressed personally and confidentially to an employee at your bank whom you must nominate.

Be aware that it is an OFFENCE under the Postal Act for any other person to open such an envelope.

Please find attached an Application Contact which I require your chosen employee to complete.

I am sorry it runs to eight pages, but in order that I know as much about him or her as your bank knows about me, there is no alternative.

Please note that all copies of his or her medical history must be countersigned by a Notary Public figure, and the mandatory details of his/her financial situation (income, debts, assets and liabilities) must be accompanied by documented proof.

In due course, at MY convenience, I will issue your employee with a PIN number which he/she must quote in dealings with me.

I regret that it cannot be shorter than 28 digits but, again, I have modelled it on the number of button presses required of me to access my account balance on your phone bank service.

As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Let me level the playing field even further.

When you call me, press buttons as follows:


#1. To make an appointment to see me

#2. To query a missing payment.

#3. To transfer the call to my living room in case I am there.

#4 To transfer the call to my bedroom in case I am sleeping.

#5. To transfer the call to my toilet in case I am attending to nature.

#6. To transfer the call to my mobile phone if I am not at home.

#7. To leave a message on my computer, a password to access my computer is required.

Password will be communicated to you at a later date to that Authorized Contact mentioned earlier.

#8. To return to the main menu and to listen to options 1 to 9

#9. To make a general complaint or inquiry.

The contact will then be put on hold, pending the attention of my automated answering service.

While this may, on occasion, involve a lengthy wait, uplifting music will play for the duration of the call.

Regrettably, but again following your example, I must also levy an establishment fee to cover the setting up of this new arrangement.

May I wish you a happy, if ever so slightly less prosperous New Year?

Your Humble Client

And remember:  Don't make old people mad. We don't like being old in the first place, so it doesn't take much to piss us off.


Original Source: Peter Wear. "You Can Bank on My Account, Old Chap."  
[Queensland] Courier Mail. 7 January 1999   (p. 11)

Updated and revised on the internet to include modern banking and a new era of corporate ignorance and malpractice.