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Monday, 25 October 2010

Recommended Northern Events for Property, Personal Development & Business Growth

Everything seems to happen in London but these local events bring
the best speakers TO YOU!

If you're based in the North of England, you must attend at least
one of these amazing networking events. Please share with your friends too!

- Tuesday 26th October 2010
North West Property Event with Dave Coughlin and Michael Bradford

- Wednesday 27th October 2010
YES Group North with Michael Bradford

- Saturday 30th-Sunday 31st October 2010
Northern Entrepreneurs Super Conference (speaker list below)

- Thursday 4th November 2010
Northern Property Network with Andy Phillips and Brian Richards

Please support your local events - so they can continue to keep bringing you the top speakers.

See you there,


Northern Entrepreneurs Super Conference on 30th-31st October 2010
The list of speakers for the event are:
    * Simon Zutshi – property entrepreneur, speaker and author
    * Glenn Armstrong – serial entrepreneur with 300+ properties
    * Marie-Claire Carlyle – The Miracle Coach, Money Magnet
    * Phil Martin – Property expert and mentor
    * Michael Bradford – International Business Coach & Consultant
    * Richard Shepherd – Property expert and mentor
    * Zoe Cairns – Social media queen
    * Daniel Wagner – Internet Marketing Genius
    * Clive Arneil - Stock trading expert
    * Allan Kleynhans – Peak performance coach
    * Mr X - The Current Economy & Investing in Gold

BOOK NOW: http://www.northernentrepreneurssuperconference.com

Lloyds (HBOS) Gambled and Lost - Next Centre Point London

Find out where the Banks gambled your money and what they're doing to get some of it back at the cost to other businesses and people! Do you trust your countries Bankers to be HONEST?

11 October 2010: Trust me I'm a banker
By Mark Daly BBC Scotland Investigations Correspondent (Full story: http://www.bbc.co.uk)

Two years ago this week, Scotland's once-proud banking history was ripped to shreds.

Facing total ruin, Royal Bank of Scotland was rescued by the government. Halifax Bank of Scotland had to be sold off to Lloyds, which in turn had to be bailed out by the taxpayer.

In 2009, RBS paid £1.3bn in bonuses, while Lloyds paid a reported £200m. Both were in the red at the time

We wanted to know more. Remember, RBS is 83% owned by the taxpayer, Lloyds 41% - so it could be argued that we're entitled to know what they're up to.

"Bankers are paid much more than executives in any other walk of business life. The idea that you have to pay these people stratospheric sums of money...underwritten by the taxpayer is offensive." - Economist Will Hutton

"Just remember one thing, the City is full of greedy, ruthless, clever people and they will do what they can to line their pockets with no regard of the impact it has on society." - Former trader and best selling author of "Cityboy" Geraint Anderson

Mr Tate, who was the highest earning Lloyds director last year with £1.8m, said: "There are a whole lot of people, myself included, who would love to get the kind of return on their investment that the taxpayer has made into this bank. They've made an investment that is making money. If you could come up with me, with an investment in the infrastructure which would have returned more for the taxpayers, I'm all ears."

(What a Banker!)

    m resort las vegas hbos
Tuesday 12 October 2010: HBOS loses millions on Vegas casino
(Full Story: www.guardian.co.uk)

Value of state-owned Lloyds' overseas portfolio questioned after Penn National Gaming paid $230m for $860m debt

Penn National Gaming paid $230.5m for around $860m owed to HBOS, which included $700m the bank loaned to M Resort Photograph: Alise O'Brien

Lloyds Banking Group, the partially state-owned lender, has lost more than $500m (£317m) on loans to M Resort Spa Casino in Las Vegas – the second massive financial hit the bank has taken in America in as many months.

News of the deal has started attracting attention to the value of Lloyds's overseas portfolio, much of which it acquired during the unpopular takeover of HBOS is 2008. Market watchers had previously attributed most of the woe associated with that acquisition to lending within HBOS's UK corporate division, headed by Peter Cummings.

Penn National Gaming, a US gambling group, paid $230.5m for about $860m owed to HBOS International, which included $700m the bank loaned to M Resort plus another $160m loan that HBOS had acquired from MGM Resorts at an undisclosed price.

The debt sale comes two months after it emerged that HBOS International was set to lose "tens of millions of pounds" from dealings with another US client, Sea Island, the exclusive Georgia holiday retreat that filed for bankruptcy in August. In that case, court documents said Sea Island was unable to pay back close to $600m in debts owed to a consortium of banks that included HBOS, which were taken out to fund an ambitious expansion plan. The company said it planned to sell its coastal resorts to investment funds Oaktree Capital Management and Avenue Capital Group in a $197.5m.

The mounting US losses at HBOS are thought to have been incurred in the division previously run by Colin Matthew, a former HBOS board member whose responsibilities included the bank's international business. He retired from the newly formed group in January 2009 with a pension entitlement of £416,000 a year, having been paid £652,000 in 2008 and £905,000 in 2007.

Lloyds declined to comment on individual impairments, although the group is thought to have already written down the value of the M Resort loans. Following the sale of HBOS to Lloyds, the former HBOS international and UK corporate businesses have all been rolled into a single Lloyds division, making it difficult to analyse where the major losses have been incurred.

One analyst said: "There is an idea that much of the financial crisis was down to a few bad apples. That is a simplification. It has lots to do with the organisational structure of banks. People are not incentivised to sit back and call the cycle."

Lloyds has been winding down or selling HBOS-owned assets ever since acquiring Britain's largest mortgage lender. The acquisition, which was encouraged by the UK government, helped Lloyds book losses of £6.3bn last year and pushed the shares, which closed yesterday at 72.65p, down to 19p.

Towering problems: Centre Point in London13th October 2010: High Court reprieve for Centre Point owner in survival battle with Lloyds banking
(Full Story: www.dailymail.co.uk)

The owner of the Centre Point tower in London won a reprieve in its battle for survival with Lloyds Banking Group. London's High Court granted Targetfollow two weeks to secure investment, despite efforts by Lloyds to force it into administration over £700million of debt. The property developer cannot meet repayments on the loan or repay it in full because the value of its estate tumbled in the financial crisis.

But the group claims it has come up with a number of viable ways to restructure the debt - only to see them rejected by Lloyds.

The part-nationalised bank, 41per cent owned by the taxpayer after a multi-billion pound bailout by the state, wants to seize and sell the properties to recoup some of its money.

It has raised fears within the commercial property industry of a fire-sale of assets and double-dip in prices as banks seeking to unwind toxic loans handed out during the boom years from undermining the recovery.

Lloyds and Royal Bank of Scotland, which is 84 per cent owned by the state, are sitting on more than a third of the £250billion of outstanding UK property debt.

Many of the rotten loans at Lloyds were approved by Peter Cummings, the former corporate chief of Bank of Scotland, which Lloyds acquired by it bought HBOS in 2008.

'Every week that passes is detrimental to the value of the assets,' he said. Lloyds values Targetfollow's estate at just £450million. The company claims it is worth nearer £680million.

The judge adjourned the case until October 25 at the earliest.

Naghshineh, an Iranian businessman, last month said: 'The whole UK property industry is watching the situation very closely.

'Any indication that [Lloyds] is starting a process of offloading [assets] at fire-sale prices will hit the property market very hard indeed, just as the recovery is underway.'

Friday 22 October 2010: Lloyds to go ahead with administration of Centre Point owner Targetfollow
(Full Story - http://uk.finance.yahoo.com)

Lloyds Banking Group is preparing to push ahead with administration proceedings against the owner of London landmark Centre Point despite the company claiming it has secured a £150m rescue cash investment.

Targetfollow, led by founder Ardeshir Naghshineh, issued a statement yesterday saying it had agreed terms with a "high-quality institutional consortium" to invest £150m in the business.

However, according to sources close to talks, Lloyds, which is owed more than £700m by Targetfollow, does not support the proposals and still plans to go ahead with a High Court hearing next week about whether the property company is placed into administration.

Targetfollow is breaching covenants on its debts and Lloyds must approve any capital injection, however it is understood that the bank believes the consortium's terms are "not feasible" and would require it to take writedowns. The offer is a "long way" from what the bank considers appropriate, sources said. Lloyds declined to comment.

Targetfollow is due in court next week after it was granted two weeks to find a rescue investor earlier this month.

The consortium's proposed £150m aid package would be used to acquire a portion of the debt from Lloyds and to provide working capital to Targetfollow. Mr Naghshineh said: "I believe that this consortium addresses the issues that the bank has raised with the company in the past 12 months, and will pave the way for the bank and the company to move on from what has been a very difficult time."

Lloyds is managing about £30bn of problem property debt. The downturn in the sector led to the bank making damaging writedowns during the financial crisis. Latest accounts from Uberior Ventures, HBOS's property joint venture arm, show its investments fell in value by £590m to £345m last year.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Where did the economy go... double-dip here?

No bull! There's a double dip coming unless the Banks lend the Governement a few trillion more!

My thoughts on the Economy, now that I have a moment to sit down and flow... here are my answers to some of the questions that people are asking.

Below is a bunch of things I wanted to share. If I'm not specific on anything feel free to ask and leave a comment.

1. Current economy
The Depression, yes that's what it is economically regardless of the lies the politicians tell you and stats made up by economists, is affecting the majority of people right now.

People are losing their jobs, homes and there is no such thing as security. With big companies going bust (those not powerful enough for bailout money) there is no such thing as job security. Employee pensions being gambled away on the stock market and they will be lucky if they have much to live on - that's probably why they're pushing the retirement age back.

Almost every year the Government spends more than it raises in tax! It 'borrows' this money from the 'Bank of England' (so much for it being a Government owned body!)
Someone has to pay this back eventually and that means you! Find out about the UK National Debt.

2. Money is being devalued as more is printed, taxes will go up to cover the money being spent and given to the Banks.  Quantitative Easing: "Instead of lowering Bank Rate to increase the amount of money in the economy, the Bank supplies extra money directly. This does not involve printing more banknotes. Instead the Bank pays for these assets by creating money electronically"

You need to be smart in how and where you invest your money right now. Gold has always been a viable option and the demand will always be there for it if you need to sell. Currently Gold has been trading at around £860 / $1380 per ounce and you can always easily get 90% of it's value from a jeweler or gold dealer.
Can you afford Not to invest in Gold?

3. It is also wise to keep some liquid cash on hand, for when you need it.

4. Commercial real estate!
I believe the worst is not yet over. This is the breathing space before the real storm. As people lost their jobs and homes, more mortgage resets are coming, increasing interest rates and fewer jobs. This has worked it's way through the residential property markets at the moment and the next one to be hit is the Commercial property (real estate) markets.
Don't think it will happen? Walk around your local town centre shops. How many 'To Let' signs do you see? More charity shops and pound shops than high street brands? Pubs and bars closing or changing hands more often?
Empty shops and cheap stores being the only ones in business are clear signs of the recession/depression.

Do you see more Cash Convertor stores and places offering to buy your gold in exchange for their cash? Do they know something you don't...

Only another World War could get everyone working again and making money... hmmm... any invasions on the agenda at the moment Mr. Obama?

I hope I'm wrong... but what what if this is how it happens?

I discussed many of these things with my friend Gerry P. and unfortunately the winds and tornadoes started before I actually implemented and acted on any of the facts.

Make sure you're not left behind by being forewarned. Get educated!


Government and Banks

The Banks and Governments monitor traffic on the internet now to spy on people, I have know of them doing it with BMV property investors and checking their profiles before processing applications.
As TRUST is the Bankers' issue, maybe they want to look in the mirror too!?

The world is waking up and the 'Federal Reserve' is now a household name, instead of a 'perceived' Government body - in reality it is a privately owned bank that masquerades as a Government body. People are against the War and attacks in foreign countries in the name of 'Oil'.
Enough of living in a Police state with everything being filmed and silly little 'civil laws' being invented so they can legally steal your money.

Have America not convinced enough people to support them in attacking Iran yet, to prevent Nuclear arms development? Hmmm... remember the WMD-Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq? Neither do the dead US soldiers and citizens of the country or their families and relatives. But it made a lot of US dollars and gave them control.

The fiat currencies are going to go pop and they need wars to keep their pockets lined and economies going. Read up on Buckminster Fuller's honest writings: Grunch of Giants and Critical Path.

The Amero (have you heard about it?) is as real as the European Union and I won't even start on the One World Government with the US President (and his puppeteers) in charge.

Remember this is a game being played by Governments, Banks and Corporation liars (lawyers) - to support their hidden agendas. I'm not sharing anything new - just repeating it so that you may hear the truth THIS TIME!

And if you don't want to believe it then that's cool too... just remember the choices you made when you're waiting for your pension to arrive.

Educate yourselves now! Learn the truth...

I don't know all the answers but I do know the difference between RIGHT and wrong.
Interestingly HONEST is a Powerful (positive) pattern -v- Legal which is a weak (negative) pattern.
Where would you rather be vibrating? (Source: Power Vs. Force by David R Hawkins)


Despite the doom and gloom - this is a great opportunity for change!

Take stock and learn from your mistakes.  Accept the feedback.
Let the stresses and challenges be your friend and make you stronger.
Make plans and do things better this time.

The information is already out there and you just need to want to look for it. It requires change from YOU and people to come together and say enough is enough to this slavery.
We are all free people but forgot along the way... Freedom is More Than Just a Seven Letter Word

Now is a time that people will remember what really is of value, taking them away from greed and materialism and forcing them to appreciate the other things in life.

Remember: don't be a victim! You're going to have to let go of the old attachments first.
Then get back in charge, take control and be responsible for the life you live!
When would NOW be a good time to do that?

I wish you a happy life filled with fun, friends, family and laughter :-)

P.S. Double Dips are for caring and sharing together!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Northern Entrepreneurs Super Conference, 30th-31st October 2010 - Manchester

Surely this will be The Biggest UK Entrepreneur's Event of the Year. It will be held at The Hilton Hotel, Manchester Airport, Outwood Lane, Manchester, United Kingdom M90 4WP on Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st October 2010

Hosted by Steven Aspinall, Bobby Gill and Mike Clarke PLUS 10 TOP UK Experts, this 2 day event has been setup for entrepreneurs based "Up North".

With high profile members and guest speakers, the Northern Entrepreneurs Super Conference is all about connecting with the right people. Creating connections with key players in the industry. It's about making yourself known in the marketplace as the best person to do business with.

The aim as is to help you make the right contacts in the marketplace. The event offers the most cost effective method of meeting the industry's decision makers.
  • Bringing together key players in the Market
  • Learning through shared knowledge and understanding
  • Listening to the highest profile speakers
  • Generating opportunities
  • Building relationships
  • And, creating a platform for highly effective networking and communication across various Industries
The list of speakers for the event are:
  • Simon Zutshi – property entrepreneur, speaker and author 
  • Glenn Armstrong – serial entrepreneur now with over 300 properties 
  • Marie-Claire Carlyle – The Miracle Coach, Money Magnet and Best Selling Author
  • Phil Martin – Property expert and mentor
  • Michael Bradford – Highly Intuitive International Healer, Business Coach, Consultant, Mentor and Professional speaker
  • Richard Shepherd – Property expert and mentor
  • Zoe Cairns – Social media queen 
  • Daniel Wagner – Internet Marketing Genius
  • Clive Arneil - Stock trading expert
  • Allan Kleynhans – Peak performance coach
  • Mr X - The Current Economy & Investing in Gold

There has never been a group of leaders like this assembled at the same event!

BOOK NOW: www.northernentrepreneurssuperconference.com

Really. Your future is important and we encourage you to attend this event. But it still only offers one perspective.

At The Northern Entrepreneurs Superconference, you will hear the insights, case studies, and best practices of many of the Industry leaders.

It doesn't matter if you are into property, internet marketing, or Investing, we have put together what is arguably the strongest faculty of leadership talent that has ever been assembled under one roof!

You will hear how Average people have gone from zero to building a multi million pound property, how properties can be purchased without a mortgage, numerous ways to increase your cashflow, proven techniques to generate online traffic, and many more...........
With a little discernment and critical thinking, you can study all the options and leave Sunday night with the strategies that will work best for YOU.

Don't come to this event just because you want to take your picture with the speakers, feel all warm and fuzzy, or add to your seminar notes collection. Come because you want to:

• Get out of the rate race;
• Develop faster;
• Develop your leadership skills;
• Convert more leads;
• Learn from the best in the business;
• Develop passive residual income!

We didn't select these speakers because they have great books, give nice speeches, or and have strong credibility. (Even though they have great books, give nice speeches and have enough credibility to fill the MEN Arena!!)

They were selected because of their unique gifts for taking what they have learned, and teaching it in a way that you will hear it, understand it, and then be able to go back home and immediately implement it!

All of these key people have powerful information you need to know about.

Register here: www.northernentrepreneurssuperconference.com

Why up north...

We believe there is a shortage of similar events for people that live in the North. We want to show that people that live up North have got as big aspirations as the guys that live in the south. Wouldn't it be wonderful to get the money thing out of the way, and lead the lifestyle you dreamed about? You can.

The Northern Entrepreneurs Superconference can show you how to achieve it. Of course the event will be motivational, you'll feel good about attending, and you'll have a great time...

But more importantly, you will leave Sunday evening with a toolbox of techniques, strategies, and skills you can immediately put into practice to build a life beyond your wildest dreams !!!

If you are serious about building a massive, exponentially growing business - clear your calendar right now, and get yourself a ticket for this event !!

Be warned, however...

We're not bringing in the most successful people in the profession to teach you how to make a couple hundred pounds, we want you to walk away with a clear strategy on how best to create wealth !!

Any one of these speakers could do the entire weekend, and you'd still get the bargain of your career. Put them all together in one room as we are, and you have the largest and strongest collection of speakers ever assembled under one roof!

We're talking about people who have founded huge property business', developed legions of leaders, built networks in the thousands, conducted hundreds of opportunity presentations all around the world, discovered how to overcome fear and rejection, uncovered the secrets of the most compelling presentations, and made millions of pounds in their chosen career's !

This is not an event for the idle curious. It is for people who want to turn their business' into a multi-million-pound, income money machine!
We don't tell you that to impress you about how “big” they are. But to demonstrate how lucrative and valuable a weekend with people like this can be for you.

Many speakers will be revealing information they might not share if it was going to be offered for general public consumption…

This event is for people that really want to become top earners...

We've assembled the finest minds and put them at your disposal for an entire weekend.

• You'll hear them speak;
• Ask them questions one-on-one!

What's the investment?

If we charged £500 a seat for this event, it would be the bargain of the decade. But you won't have to pay even that...

Fortunately, we can keep the price below market. So the event is only £67.  

And if you act before 10pm on Sunday 17th October 2010, you can sneak in with our 30% OFF Early Bird Special of only £47!

BUY NOW: www.northernentrepreneurssuperconference.com

Seats are limited, so BOOK NOW as this event will sell out !!!

For more information, click here http://www.northernentrepreneurssuperconference.com