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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Free tickets - Property Open Day in London, Saturday 19th July 08

Rob Moore & Mark Homer
Co-Founders & Directors
Progressive Property

Full Time Property Investors & Authors

You lucky people in the south have an opportunity to attend a seminar on property this weekend. If you've not had the pleasure of hearing Rob Moore speak on the current property market, you are missing out!
Progressive Property Open Day
My friends Rob Moore and Mark Homer will be talking about the opportunities in the Property Crash and how you can benefit from it and still make money!

Why am I posting this message in the early hours? Because there are limited places and Rob has offered some free places - and I wanted to make sure you got one of them!

Go to this site now and get registered:
Progressive Property Open Day



Mark has had an Investor/Entrepreneur streak in him from an early age. He has had several successful small businesses and has had many investments in the stock market. He was obsessed with finding the very best investment vehicle and was in a position where he could measure the results of his existing portfolio with the newer developments he was also involved in.

Rob is a trained coach and self made businessman and investor. He regularly speaks at events on business, property and personal development and featured in a prime time TV show for Living as a Mentor. Rob became director of a new build property investment company in a very short period of time after realising the potential of property and learned a huge amount about ‘what really works’ in property investment.

They are authors of the book "The 44 Most Closely Guarded Property Secrets" and & "Make Cash in a Property Market Crash."


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