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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The economy today and what it means to you!?

Do you really want to read about the economy at the moment?

People are either 'struggling with problems' or 'dealing with challenges'. How do you describe it? As that is how you will find that it is.

Credit is not now readily available as it was and it is called the credit crunch. Banks are not lending to each other or to individuals. The economy actually needs this at the moment and although it may mean people are suffering, it is necessary for the long term - the party of over-borrowing and throwing money away is now over. Not what anyone wants to hear but it is fact.

Petrol prices are going up, along with home fuel and food costs! All sounds bad so far right?

Everything will get better... There are more opportunities in a re..cess..ion than at any other time. The economic climate is challenging AND it WILL change for the better. It is a matter of sticking it out. There are many ways to get through these tough time, mainly by spending less AND earning more!

SAVE MONEY: Cut back on your travel. Eat less (bonus for your diet!) Reduce your utility bills (contact me to find out more: SAVE money on your bills). Spend less on clothes and luxuries.

EARN MORE: Get a part-time job, some entrepreneurs I know are going back to work to earn more as they know it is only temporary. Earn an extra income with a part-time (or full time) franchise, cheap start up (contact me to find out more: EARN a passive income)

DEBT MANAGEMENT: Are your debts becoming unmanageable? Speak to someone about it. Once again I can recommend someone to you who will be able to deal with your finances and give you more options than struggling through the week, trying to make ends meet and have it affecting your health.

Daniel Latto (Think Tank Group) gave me a great Star Trek quote:
"Ferengi Rule of Acquisition 109: Dignity and an empty sack is worth the sack."
ie. Pride -v- an empty bag, people will settle for an empty bag so that they can save face. Every one does what is right depending on their circumstance, no-one does the wrong thing intentionally. Change your view point and take a look at your finances with a view to surviving over the next few months.

NETWORKING: The positive people and still attending networking events and investing in their educations. Those that do are the few that will succeed. A lot of business is done between people and referrals. Those that are positive and can help you make a difference to your business are those people that will be remembered and still be making money. Look around and see if the peer group around you represents where you want to be going...
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MINDSET: Develop a positive mindset and look to the upcoming times as challenges to overcome and know you will come out better and stronger for it. The people you spend your time with are how you are going to turn out, in business and in life. Hang around with positive people with solutions. Those passing out problems should be avoided and that includes the newspapers and TV!

You can't wish away the months, you just have to get through it. Learn the lessons now so you don't have to repeat them in the future and just KNOW that it will all be better.

Well I had to get that off my chest. I'll bring you some good news tomorrow! Just remember the following:
"Good timber does not grow with ease; the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees" - J. Willard Marriott


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