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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Chris Howard - Breakthrough to Success

Went to see Christopher Howard last year in London with some friends and I can't believe the number of people I ran into. Friends old and new, the expected and the unexpected. The tales I could tell...

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Stop for a moment and think about your business and personal life and ask yourself these three very important questions...

* Am I achieving the goals I want in my life?
* Am I free of unwanted habits and beliefs?
* Will I reach my goals if I keep doing what I've always been doing?

If the answer to any of these questions is anything, but a resounding YES!, then it is time for you to read on, take action and set a new course for success!

'Breakthrough to Success' gives you invaluable tools and techniques to change your behaviour using the power of your unconscious mind. The concepts presented are based on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)… the science of human communication. Simple yet very powerful tools for changing behaviour to produce fast & lasting success.

Wish I'd done Chris Howard before Tony Robbins - as it makes you compare them unfairly. They are both very different. It is like comparing Back To The Future with The Shawshank Redemption and arguing which is a better film and why!
I liked Chris's informative style of more explanation and knowledge on how NLP works and how to use it. His Erickson stories were ace and effective. I loved his flight story which covered 'baggage' and think people who aren't aware of what NLP is would definitely benefit. Something else to add to my study list!

The great thing was that it was free and also gave me some serious A-ha! moments. Well worth the trip and some. Chris Howard combines NLP with Eriksonian hypnosis and probably other techniques I'm not fully aware of as well. The holographic universe was discussed amongst many other eye-opening possibilities. I realised my limitations were due to external influences which my mind had decided were fact. All you have to do is learn to let go of these feelings and thoughts and you can start over. I realised that I already was successful in many ways and should move towards goals instead of away from pain. Also, that I should change the things I am capable of changing for the better and accepting the few things that I can't. The Billionaire Bootcamp programme sounds great as well. So many lessons were learnt, yet here is so much more to learn about. If we can understand ourselves better, only then can we understand others.

My life is currently great and could always do with improvement though. I like to learn new things and meet like minded people. It is a great reason for me to go to these events and Yes group meeting as I always get a pick me up and it keeps me moving forward.
This is a fantastic event and ideal for:
* Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
* Managers & Business Consultants
* Sales Professionals & Sales Managers
* Athletes
* Life Coaches & Executive Coaches
* Teachers, Trainers & Speakers
* Network Marketers
* Anyone who wants to achieve more in their life or career
* Anyone who feels that they're not living up to their full potential
* Anyone interested in learning more about the results that can be achieved with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
* Business leaders who want to create a catalyst for transforming the culture of their organization.
* People with ambition who want to get a promotion or simply enjoy their work a whole lot more

I ran into a lot of forum property investors whilst at the event this weekend and some UPW/Tony Robbins facebook friends who are now 'real world' friends as well, there is a pic of some of them attached. They truly are a wonderful group of individuals and I'm lucky to be able to call them my close friends.

I also met Jelena F. as she ran on stage and won a training course, I'd spoken to her before but we'd never met and I didn't expect to see her there. Wayne P. was a person whom I couldn't place, my subconcious gave me an answer when I least expected it (we'd met at a coaching course in manchester) and I chased him down for lunch. Jules W. (from the YES Group North) ran on the stage and owned Pete (Chris's co-presenter) and the stage. The crowd loved her and she demanded a roll of the dice for 'fact or crap' - I was buzzing and cheering her on - action really does get results and I'm glad I know such great and positive people. I enjoyed catching up with everyone there - the list includes Jim H, John R, Les B, Tee B, Fiona W, Cindy E, and especially Hagop T who came to see me at the hotel bar from across London to chill out till 2am. (Andrea said it was OK to drink then sneaked off). Anyone else that I've forgotten I apologise, as hopefully most of you are in the 'family' picture below! Including Juswant, Sylvia, Tim, Heather, Ian, Satie, Satnam, Andrea, Karen, Jane and Lizzie

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