"Don't part with your dreams - when they are gone you may still exist but you will have ceased to live" - Mark Twain

"Do you know that this blog wouldn't exist if it wasn't for you being here to read it!?" - Bobby Gill

Sunday, 31 January 2010

January 2010 in Facebook status updates

 Reminiscing how much simpler life was when I worked at Tescos and Holset! What happened to Sunday's off (or double time at least)
Sun at 17:09  (8) (8) 
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Julio Cárdenas Avilés
Julio Cárdenas Avilés
Life is still simple, but at a different level ... you agree?
Sun at 17:24 ·

I will agree it's simple when I can see it from yet another level in the future! ;-)
Sun at 17:48 ·
Diane Hughes
Diane Hughes
Hi Bobby, I know what you mean! I have only got a couple of hours to do my Tax! Why am I playing on Facebook! lol
Sun at 18:35 ·
Raj Walia
Raj Walia
Bobby play your cards right with what we are doing, you will be wondering what to do in your spare time when only doing a two day week .Can play on fb all day then. lol
Yesterday at 10:23 ·
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
Bobster...the future does not exist...there is only NOW. Open the inner eyes and see what you WANT to see and attract what you WANT to experience...

Btw...I charge reasonable rates for 1-2-1 coaching :P - special deals for Timone like friends like you ;)
Yesterday at 13:19 ·
Peter North
Peter North
I could sort you out with a boring drafting job at my place ;)
Yesterday at 19:54 ·

  Bobby's Blog Update: The Cosmic Accounting System - Buckminster Fuller: "We must do away with the absolutely sp... http://bit.ly/bUX6wA
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  Don't like cheque payments. Some companies do it on purpose as they know you may forget to put them in bank or they get lost!
Sun at 12:48  (2) (2) 
Jo Kenworthy
Jo Kenworthy
is that true?
Yesterday at 09:45 ·

True that I may forget or that when you ask a company to put the overpayment back into your Direct Debit / Standing Order bank account they say they can't and will send a cheque.
Yesterday at 12:24 ·

  just spotted bunch of bills missing from my accounts and sent details to accountant! Surely that must be enough now :-/
Sat at 19:57  (3) (3) 
Darren Blake
Darren Blake
I won 100quid with the sports and social at work, stuffed it in a draw with some other cheques....and forgot about them...some from 2008, lol, bank wont cash em. you only have 6 months, the others are small potatoes, off to see if i can get a new one from work?
Sun at 08:27 ·

Got a few myself. One from last year and another from 2007! Will try my luck with last years!
Sun at 12:46 ·
Yvonne Birch
Yvonne Birch
i hope your accountant works on sundays!
Sun at 12:49 ·

  Nice crisp morning for Huddersfield viewings. Rooms available for students & professionals. Know anyone looking http://bit.ly/cPS0I6
Sat at 11:12  

  Accounts all done and emailed to my accountant! Now I can sleep... Zzzz...
Sat at 02:26  (8) (8) 
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Arjan Dhaliwal
Arjan Dhaliwal
Yikes... I have to start working on my Accounts for 09.
Sat at 16:10 ·
Raj Walia
Raj Walia
Bobby got your email and called. doing my accounts tonight last 6 years worth. better late than never, looks like will be late by a day or so. sure the tax man would love to collect the penalty.
Sat at 17:26 ·

  Got flashed by a speed camera today & received a Google Ads voucher in the post. See, there is a strange balance to the universe!
29 January at 19:27  (5) (5) 
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Emmy Yeadon
Emmy Yeadon
Ah Bobby, as long as you get as much as you give - keep smiling.... Still chasing you for that coaching date ;-) -x-
29 January at 19:32 ·

Was driving home and got flashed, as didn't think the cameras worked (now I know better). Then I walked in and had a £75 Google Ads voucher in the post from Google. Very bizarre!

Date is still on. Let me know when you want to do it. Have you heard from Trish at all? x
Sat at 11:56 ·

  Been for a lie down and an appointment to fix my back, sorted! David Slack, a great guy for Bowen Therapy in Huddersfield
29 January at 16:01  (2) (2) 
Jo Kenworthy
Jo Kenworthy
he is my friends Dad ;-)
29 January at 18:20 ·

He's been doing my 6 month MOT for me during the last few years. Highly recommended. Small universe isn't it ;-)
Sat at 11:26 ·

  What happens if you don't have your accounts submitted on time by 31st January 2010, this Sunday!?
28 January at 23:48  (9) (9) 
Jams Cooper
Jams Cooper
just been down to the ir office and they say that if you have requested passwords to do it online and they haven't arrived, you can contest the £100 fine!
29 January at 15:13 ·

My accountant has said if I get a provisional return filled in for tomorrow, he can adjust it later!
29 January at 16:05 ·

  Missed out on the YES Groups last night. Did I miss anything exciting in London or at YES North?
28 January at 12:46  (5) (5) 
Andrew Mondia
Andrew Mondia
Ah well.. you would have had to be there to judge yourself. Both were awesome!
29 January at 07:06 ·
Jo Kenworthy
Jo Kenworthy
next manifesting meeting is the 17th of Feb - gave you a voucher remember so you can try for free - phone,skype or in person - pick a topic - health,wealth,relationships,career or spirituality and I will send you a questionnaire prior to tapping >3
29 January at 09:28 ·

  Missed out on the YES Groups last night. Did I miss anything exciting in London or at YES North?
28 January at 12:44  (7) (7) 
Alex Santoro-Emmerson
Alex Santoro-Emmerson
Yes, you missed a glasswalk in Norwich!
29 January at 09:53 ·

Oh well, will have to make sure I have double the fun at the next one ;-)
Sat at 11:59 ·

  Shell petrol did cause the issues with my car, like Tescos did across the nation 3 years ago. Some 'Gas Treatment' (petrol for non-americans) sorted it out. Told to watch out for Texaco and Shell by the guys at the garage. Esso it is next time!
27 January at 22:30 Only friends (3) (3)
Michael William Stott
Michael William Stott
Get a landrover they run on any old rubbish!!!!
27 January at 22:31 ·

Is yours water tight now? ;-)
27 January at 22:45 ·
Michael William Stott
Michael William Stott
haha who knows lol!! Last time I saw it was burried in snow lol!! I left the country to get warm!!! should be back soon!!!
27 January at 22:47 ·

  Rooms to rent in Huddersfield. Referrals paid as well if you know anyone looking for a place.
  is selling Quality Huddersfield Accommodation - Rooms to rent from £55 per week.
Accommodation for Huddersfield University Students, Technical College and young Professionals working in the area.
25 January at 15:12 (2) (2)
Luke Horsfield
Luke Horsfield
Can u send me your number please.
25 January at 16:15 ·
Jeeve Bains
Jeeve Bains
looks like cliff house!!!
25 January at 18:03 ·

  Car is coughing and spluttering. Didn't like that tank full of Shell petrol!
25 January at 11:41  

  Bobby's Blog Update: Birthday wishes and gifts: What do you usually wish for on your birthday?  I'd like TWO pr... http://bit.ly/5eY9kB
22 January at 21:01  

  Thanks for all the birthday wishes and calls. I might not reply individually but I have read them all and am grateful. Hope to catch up with you all in person soon. Have a lovely day, Bobby :-) x
22 January at 18:26 Only friends (6) (6)
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Vaishali Patel
Vaishali Patel
Happy birthday bobby. Hope u had a lovely day x
22 January at 18:29 ·
Andy Whitehead
Andy Whitehead
Happy Birthday dude!!!! Big Love! x
22 January at 19:06 ·
Rachel Leigh
Rachel Leigh
Happy Happy Happy Birthday Bobbbbiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee xxx
22 January at 19:19 ·
Daniel Lacey
Daniel Lacey
Happy birthday bobby!
22 January at 20:32 ·
Diane Hughes
Diane Hughes
Happy Happy Birthday! xxx
22 January at 22:44 ·

  Day out in the cold and rain, at B&Q, getting dirty, calling tenants... finally sat down to a cup of coffee and some cherry pie! Mmm...
22 January at 17:49  

  Oh yes! Back at footy on Thursday evenings and scored a hat trick today. Left foot toe poke wins
22 January at 00:02  (2) (2) 
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  Great call with my fellow mastermindees... Rachel Leigh, Andrea Smart, Dwayne Kerr, Denis G Noble. Actions to take to Light Up Your Life. Looking forward to speaking next month. (P.S. Lets do a Skype call!)
21 January at 20:49

  On a mastermind call with the Light Up Your Life mastermind group for next 2 hours!
21 January at 19:00  

  Flower of LIFE

(Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman www.AwakenVisions.com)
21 January at 12:37 Only friends (3) (3)
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  Don't you just love the facebook Birthday reminders. Always better early than late... Thanks everyone :-) x
21 January at 12:35 Only friends (5) (5)
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Ambar Hamid
Ambar Hamid
Oh Happy Future Birthday of One Day Bobby!! :)
21 January at 12:38 ·
Kiran Dhaliwal
Kiran Dhaliwal
happy Birthday Bobby!
21 January at 15:54 ·
Linda Camurato Carfagno
Linda Camurato Carfagno
Allright, *HAPPY BIRTHDAY* then he he, you are so funny!
21 January at 21:41 ·
Cammy Ciurdea
Cammy Ciurdea
Happy Birthday kiddo! HAve a great one!!
22 January at 12:03 ·


Bobby is attending How To Make Money From Blogging. · Invite guests

  Bobby's Blog Update: Social media gets Film Director $30 Million Deal: I read this great story about a film Dir... http://bit.ly/7HGMje
18 January at 14:54  (1) (1) 
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  Friends may not be able to pull you up... but they will still think of ways not to let you fall...
17 January at 14:14 Only friends (8) (8)
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  On the 7th day God said "Finally it's Sunday, been a tough week so we should rest! Pass me a beer and the remote control." - BG ;-)
17 January at 14:07  (1) (1) 
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
Haha very funyy!! You nutter :p
17 January at 18:52 ·

  Got woken by a very random call this morning!
17 January at 12:46  (5) (5) 

LOL... no she's not rung for a while. Is she on a cleaning frenzy too?
17 January at 21:53 ·
Juhi Bera
Juhi Bera
LOL! Just saw this banter :-) x x
21 January at 17:19 ·

Ioanis Iane Konstantinopulos

Ioanis Iane Konstantinopulos
In this photo:
Wall photos
16 January at 23:51

  Rented an apartment & got a great sofa from Oxfam. People must have got new suites at Xmas. Oxfam - Check out bargains & help charity!
16 January at 18:10  (2) (2) 
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  One of those days! Rent dodging tenants, stuck in snow, poked myself in the eye (don't ask), didn't do my To-Do list. Is today over yet?
15 January at 22:28  (3) (3) 
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
YEs Bobby - how in the name did you poke yourself in the eye???? ;P

Oh and put on your To-Do list to do your To-Do list...LOL

And today is always here...:P
16 January at 01:06 ·

Soap, shower, rushing...
16 January at 18:05 ·
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
HAhahahaha - you clown...I can imagine that small accident :P You are funny!
16 January at 18:07 ·

  Bobby's Blog Update: New York - 'Thinnest house' sells for £1.3million in: If you thought houses and rents were... http://bit.ly/4Cm3XL
15 January at 16:34  

  Just had 5 student tenants do a moonlight flit! Excuse? "No loans, so quit uni. Can't afford fees or rent!" And now it's my problem
15 January at 16:21  (7) (7) 
Sarah Jayne Hewitt
Sarah Jayne Hewitt
Don't ya jus lurve them kinda tenants? I've had my fill of them last year and now it's no more Mrs Nice..errrr guy? gal? You know what I mean!
15 January at 22:35 ·
Barrie McDowell
Barrie McDowell
It's not just students who do a flit I had 2 different tenants last year who just decided it was best to leave and not say. One now has a ccj because of what he did!
16 January at 08:44 ·

  Who are you hiding from? They've already found you and are watching, look out the window... you see that car across the street...
14 January at 16:39  (5) (5) 
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  LEASE OPTIONS available in Ealing, London NOW for landlords, investors and Tenant Buyers. Contact me for more info... Be quick as they will be gone by the weekend!
14 January at 11:51 Only friends (2) (2)
Anita Langley
Anita Langley
Have u spoke to Nicky? Ax
14 January at 18:43 ·

Will do ;-)
14 January at 18:48 ·

  Good morning everyone! I got up before 11am today and proud :-) It's snowing outside & priority 1 is to do my To-Do list for the month
14 January at 11:24  (6) (6) 
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Julia McDaid
Julia McDaid
What DO it or write it?
14 January at 12:30 ·

:-) To WRITE my To-Do list! Lol... Must mind my language.
Will get back to you regarding your text later today. x
14 January at 12:41 ·
Julia 'mcdaid'
Julia 'mcdaid'
:-) thought that would be very impressive doing your whole month's to-do's in one day!
14 January at 16:55 ·

Nearly started that list! :-/
14 January at 17:06 ·

  Found this classic pic of clubbing with Mark Victor Hansen - The man is a Legend! Thanks Arnika Bass for emailing it to me, happy memories of the Caribbean Cruise 15 months ago came flooding back! :-D
Mark Victor Hansen meets Bobby - Caribbean Cruise Oct 08
12 January at 21:40 Only friends (6) (6)
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Cruise Blog: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=35497349086
12 January at 21:42 ·
David Firth
David Firth
Who are these people, have you joined a cult?
12 January at 21:46 ·
Jeeve Bains
Jeeve Bains
12 January at 22:32 ·

Cult? We all pick the people we hang out with. Google them Dave ;-)

MVH is the co-founder of the 'Chicken Soup' books (For the Soul as opposed to the Tesco brand)
13 January at 00:31 ·
Raj Walia
Raj Walia
So Correct about the people on hangs out with.It is said attend the Turkey flying school, one will fly like the turkey. Attend the Eagle flying school and one will soar with the eagles
13 January at 04:06 ·

  Catching up with a long weekends worth of facebook and emails isn't as quick and easy as I thought!
12 January at 18:24 Only friends (7) (7)
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Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
But not impossible sunshine ;)
12 January at 18:25 ·
Rachel Leigh
Rachel Leigh
Coz your so popular dude ......
12 January at 18:30 ·
Jams Cooper
Jams Cooper
ctr + alt + del = job done:)
12 January at 18:31 ·
Barrie McDowell
Barrie McDowell
tell me about it!
12 January at 18:32 ·
Raj Walia
Raj Walia
Its 4.40am tell me about it. I must be mad
13 January at 04:39 ·


Bobby likes Ioanis Iane Konstantinopulos's note This Ballet Dance of Karma.....

Bobby became a fan of Ken McElroy. · Comment · LikeUnlike

Bobby became a fan of Conspiracy of the Rich. · Comment · LikeUnlike

Bobby became a fan of Robert Kiyosaki. · Comment · LikeUnlike

Bobby became a fan of Blair Singer. · Comment · LikeUnlike

  I must really be tee-total now, alcohol tolerance is down. Have a 2 Corona hangover :-\
11 January at 11:58  (13) (13) 
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Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
Lol - you crazy nutter!!! :P
11 January at 12:07 ·
Julia 'mcdaid'
Julia 'mcdaid'
maybe it's not a hangover....................
11 January at 12:49 ·
Kiran Dhaliwal
Kiran Dhaliwal
Ha ha ha..... Welcome to the club.
11 January at 13:28 ·
Elliot Kay
Elliot Kay
Really? I knew northerners cant handle their beer,ale or any type of drink beside water...
11 January at 13:56 ·
Satnam Punglia
Satnam Punglia
keep to the milk shakes Bobby....
11 January at 22:18 ·
Rosie Schmitt
Rosie Schmitt
Bobby, I'm fairly sure being teetotal means not drinking alcohol at all rather than having a shamefully low tolerance! lol x
11 January at 22:59 ·
Elliot Kay
Elliot Kay
Correction it was one and half.... ;)
12 January at 16:15 ·

A two day seminar, lack of sleep and no food all evening - not a good combination before having 2 beers. Better now thanks and yes Rosie, I'm tee-total again ;-)
12 January at 16:17 ·

Elliot, that barman took about 1/4 of a bottle away whilst I wasn't looking but that's not the point!
12 January at 16:28 ·
Julia McDaid
Julia McDaid
is your teetotal like your vegetarian? ;-)
12 January at 21:30 ·

Yes! :-o
12 January at 21:36 ·
Raj Walia
Raj Walia
know the feeling Bobby well done for going teetotal. Do you find that your body feel better without the alcohol?
13 January at 04:24 ·

  At Rich Dad Trainer Blair Singer's Sales Dog training. If you want his book to buy, let me know now or via text and I'll get it to you.
09 January at 20:12 via Mobile Web

  In London and it aint half bloody cold here as well :-/
08 January at 22:48  (2) (2) 
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Davaa Dorj
Davaa Dorj
Come to mongolia...i'll show you the real meaning of cold :-)
Catch up at Blair's 2row
08 January at 23:32 ·

  Contemplating the dichotomy of life, listening to T Harv Eker talking to Keith Cunningham re: environment is stronger than willpower AND one bad apple (thought) can ruin the basket (mind).
08 January at 13:50 via Mobile Web

  Bobby's Blog Update: What comes after Winter?: Anyone else getting Deja Vu? The w.. http://bit.ly/7Tk8WD
07 January at 20:02  (1) (1) 
Gayatri Monani
Gayatri Monani
You're so right Bobby.. I'd forgotten how much fun the snow can be for kids. I remember one snowball fight during breaktime wiith some of the lads at school.. one of them shoved a whole load of snow down my school shirt and I shouted "you f'in b£*&%"d!" .. only to see my shocked maths teacher - who was in the classroom teaching at the time - looking at me through the window in disbelief.. I was usually so quiet - I don't think he thought I had it me!! ;)
07 January at 22:17 ·

  Drinking hot chocolate at The George Hotel in Huddersfield waiting for eager property investors who can't wait to make 2010 a success.
07 January at 18:54  (4) (4) 
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Jo Kenworthy
Jo Kenworthy
staying at home with my hot choc - have fun x
07 January at 19:33 ·

  Went to see HSBC bank manager today about an existing property loan. It was poker faces all round. We came to a mutual agreement for now
07 January at 18:43  (12) (12) 
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Raj Walia
Raj Walia
Mutual agreement good, have you left some room for extra negotiation
07 January at 19:23 ·
Elliot Kay
Elliot Kay
and theres me thinking there is going to be a punch line...
07 January at 20:23 ·
Shane McParland
Shane McParland
Was Lady GaGa there too? Having a little sing song?
07 January at 22:26 ·
Darren Hunt
Darren Hunt
Good or Bad...
07 January at 22:51 ·
Fiona Walsh
Fiona Walsh
p p p p p p poooker face, ... there's the punch line :)
07 January at 23:13 ·
Johanna Lawrence
Johanna Lawrence
Keep the faith darling. Lol... Johanna
08 January at 00:04 ·
Dan Storey
Dan Storey
Lol... which one of you was actually bluffing though???
08 January at 09:07 ·

He bluffed when he said he's increasing my interest rate to 6.24% on my on demand loan account.
I wasn't bluffing when I said I'd drop the keys off for him.
So we agreed to meet in the middle till we meet again.
08 January at 11:13 ·

  Wishing you all a warm evening at home with a mug of hot chocolate, whilst you watch TV, read a good book or Facebook!
06 January at 17:19 Only friends (7) (7)
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Julia McDaid
Julia McDaid
not sure about the TV bit, the rest sounds good, thanks!
06 January at 18:01 ·
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
Thanks Bobby - Im not watching TV either. I am in the middle of channelling music on my violin and writing poetry...:D ♥
06 January at 18:20 ·
Wendy Loudon
Wendy Loudon
You sound very talented Manj xxx
06 January at 18:29 ·
Wendy Loudon
Wendy Loudon
.... or should I say gifted x
06 January at 18:31 ·
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
Awww you are too kind - thank you ♥
06 January at 18:33 ·

  Alarm on phone randomly went off at 2:10am last night as I went to bed. Strange thing is, it wasn't even set! :-O
06 January at 13:24  (11) (11) 
Andrew Mondia
Andrew Mondia
ah joy... something is trying to tell you something!!!
06 January at 13:26 ·
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
oooOOOOooooo - sssssssppppppooooooooooooookkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
06 January at 13:34 ·
Wendy Loudon
Wendy Loudon
Doreen Virtue 'Angel Numbers' says of the number 210 : "Continue having conversations with God about your soul's desires. Keep feeling grateful for what you have and for what you're manifesting. Faith and gratitude are the magic keys for you and your manifestations". These sorts of interpretations of numbers are apparently more significant if you "see" the number sequence more than once in a short span of time. xxxx
06 January at 13:39 ·
Kay Gill
Kay Gill
do do do do.... sorry that's supposed to be the twlight zone theme tune!
06 January at 13:59 ·

Thanks Wendy, definitely something out 'there' as well as in here...
06 January at 17:23 ·
Dali Panesar
Dali Panesar
ooooooooo once i randomly got up in the night like 130am then 2 seconds lata i got a call on my phone........oooooooooo........xx
06 January at 18:28 ·

Was there anyone on the phone at 1.30am?
06 January at 18:41 ·
Dali Panesar
Dali Panesar
lol..yes private number i answered and they put the phone down ..lol...dodgy..lol,..xx
06 January at 18:46 ·
Dali Panesar
Dali Panesar
P.s my phone was on slient theres no way i would have got up that time....twilight..........music.............. x
06 January at 18:47 ·
Naomi Johnson
Naomi Johnson
I had that once. Alarms went off randomly, people started phoning us from Australia. Couldn't understand it... then opened the kitchen door and discovered a gas leak!! We were saved!
06 January at 21:24 ·

Australians have keen sense of smell. Or is that because most of them are living in London ;-)
07 January at 15:17 ·

  Bobby's Blog Update: The Great Rip-off: Tale of the Dead Donkey: The current banking cr.. http://bit.ly/7dZ5IZ
06 January at 03:18  

  Snowball Fight!!!! O o o o x

(Online snowball fight. Play Snowcraft here: http://bobby-gill.blogspot.com/2009/12/all-i-want-for-christmas-is.html )
05 January at 18:17 Only friends (15) (15)
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Charlotte Allen
Charlotte Allen
was that photoshopped bob? hmm?
05 January at 18:18 ·
Anita Langley
Anita Langley
Looks fab xx
05 January at 18:19 ·

I had people throw them at me and took the picture really quick!

Play online Snowcraft here:
05 January at 18:27 ·
Fiona Walsh
Fiona Walsh
where are the people that threw them?
05 January at 18:39 ·
Rachel Knowles
Rachel Knowles
they are imaginary, like all Bobby's friends :-)
05 January at 18:41 ·

Ho, ho, ho...
05 January at 18:43 ·
Shaqir Hussyin
Shaqir Hussyin
hahaha @Rachel.... Kool Bobby =)
05 January at 18:53 ·
Jams Cooper
Jams Cooper
(throws lots of well packed and rather fast snowballs back at you).
05 January at 19:07 ·
Eloise Ansell
Eloise Ansell
We know it was the local kids who were trying to step away from the 'odd' man! ;) LOL
05 January at 20:40 ·
Richard Holmes
Richard Holmes
let's hope we get a mega dump of snow tonight in london. c'mon god!!
05 January at 22:28 ·
Richard Holmes
Richard Holmes
sorry - God!
05 January at 22:28 ·
Adam Shaw
Adam Shaw
Well done fella - just remember it's quality over quantity!
06 January at 14:15 ·
Rukhsana Arifeen
Rukhsana Arifeen
your artistic side coming out Bobby!
21 January at 22:14 ·

  "Take advantage of someone's good mood whilst they're still smiling. It isn't always sunny and next time it may be raining!" - Gillism
05 January at 17:57  (1) (1) 
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  Fixby, Huddersfield. Looking North over the M62 towards Brighouse.

What the view looks like without snow:
05 January at 17:23 via Facebook Mobile Friends of friends (7) (7)
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What the view looks like without snow: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=9638095&id=843165327
05 January at 18:00 ·
Fiona Walsh
Fiona Walsh
beautiful. we're getting rubbish wet snow
05 January at 18:17 ·
Isaac K K Loong
Isaac K K Loong
It's so hot here in Singapore, Bobby! Na na na..
06 January at 11:54 ·

  Edgerton, Huddersfield. Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow. Can you see the size of the snowman in front of the house on the right?
05 January at 15:16 via Facebook Mobile Friends of friends (9) (9)
Hitesh Daudia, John Halpin, Dali Panesar and 2 others like this.

He's about 8 foot and growing as it snows!
05 January at 17:23 ·
Anita Langley
Anita Langley
Looks great - would love to throw a snowball at u xx
05 January at 18:07 ·

Lol... Had a snowball fight with Iulia getting in the car today!
05 January at 18:10 ·
Amanda Steadman
Amanda Steadman
Larvley! x
05 January at 19:07 ·

  Huddersfield, Up North: Colder than Xmas, more snow. What Global Warming? Good for resting, not good for people that have to go to work
05 January at 12:42  (2) (2) 
Michelle Clarke
Michelle Clarke
nothing for it - will make more mushroom soup...
05 January at 13:16 ·
Satie Punglia
Satie Punglia
Ah Bobby come round we will do hot chocolate!!!!!!!!!
05 January at 13:32 ·

  You are feeling sleepy, your eye lids are starting to relax. And the more you stare at the screen, the more tired you feel... Good night... One sheep, two sheep, three sheep, floor...
05 January at 01:28 Only friends (5) (5)
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Jams Cooper
Jams Cooper
why;) hahahahaha!
05 January at 01:29 ·
Helen Louise Adams
Helen Louise Adams
Don't mention sheep!
05 January at 01:34 ·

05 January at 02:11 ·

  Bobby's Blog Update: On this day of your life: You should do no 'work' at all.The point.. http://bit.ly/8xPJrQ
04 January at 19:19  (10) (10) 
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Sharon O'Farrell
Sharon O'Farrell
I love NDW's wisdom :-)
04 January at 20:55 ·

Ah-ha... Neale Donald Walsch. Thanks for that, I can now give him credit as I got it without the source. ;-)
04 January at 21:06 ·
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
NDW is truly sensational Bobby - there are no words to describe him - walking Love and Being :) ♥
04 January at 21:09 ·
Sharon O'Farrell
Sharon O'Farrell
A bit like our Bobby really :-)
04 January at 21:11 ·
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
Haha - you think...well Bobby - I look forward to meeting you soon - no doubt on a Wednesday evening maybe with Omar and co. Sharon - after this I will answer your question :)
04 January at 21:13 ·

04 January at 21:16 ·
Sharon O'Farrell
Sharon O'Farrell
haha Manj! Yes, in my very humble opinion, it's true! ;-)
04 January at 21:21 ·
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
And why YOU blushing mister???? LOL Wait till I start :P
04 January at 21:21 ·
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
I believe you Sharon :D The rest...we shall find out ;)
04 January at 21:23 ·

  Love it when my body decides it's time to get up and not the clock
04 January at 12:54  (20) (20) 
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Raj Walia
Raj Walia
Bobby love it body deciding what to do. Though what some call the alarm clock I call it the Opportunity clock and guess we set it up for what time we choose to get up. lol
04 January at 13:29 ·

Don't go to bed till late Raj, as opportunity is at both sides of the clock. Besides we all know that time doesn't exist anyway ;-)
04 January at 14:52 ·
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
Hep agree with you on that one Bobster...it isnt always practical though...however I know what you mean :p
04 January at 15:02 ·
Jay Diamond
Jay Diamond
yeaaa thats always the best way. unless its 4 am hahaha
04 January at 15:12 ·
Raj Walia
Raj Walia
so time does not exist and then according to whom are we going to bed late. does that mean that we take opportunity in the now and or when we choose.
04 January at 19:50 ·
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
Nice one Raj - love it ♥
04 January at 20:31 ·

Yes ;-)
04 January at 21:06 ·
Melanie Drury
Melanie Drury
I find if my life is full of things I love that I really don't need as much sleep! :)
04 January at 21:59 ·

I love sleep too! Zzzz....
05 January at 00:26 ·
Raj Walia
Raj Walia
01.14 am would love my sleep now. a certain persons thoughts keeping me up. any one got a cure to knock me out and put out the fire in my heart
05 January at 01:19 ·

Hennessey VSOP or a cheap bottle of red wine... Solutions for all budgets.
05 January at 01:26 ·
Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
Or a hammer on the head - hahahahha
05 January at 10:00 ·
Raj Walia
Raj Walia
Bobby short term solution great, gets you away from the thoughts, but it sure hurts more in the morning like Manj's hammer on the head. lets turn to some love from god
05 January at 16:30 ·

  Bobby's Blog Update: Facebook and Twitter Status symbols: Here are a list of popular ch.. http://bit.ly/5Xsrzh
03 January at 17:03  

  Laughing at someone else's New Year resolutions again? You can't stop someone else succeeding, only Yourself!!
03 January at 13:20 via Selective Tweets (1) (1) 
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  Watched 4 films yesterday! Watching '12 Monkeys' again was the highlight. Check out the quote by Bruce "All I see are dead people"
02 January at 18:58 via Selective Tweets (4) (4) 
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Davaa Dorj
Davaa Dorj
I just watched THE READER...first part was wonderful.
However if i ve known the end, wouldn't have watched it.
03 January at 00:20 ·

If we knew the end, would anything be worth doing? You would have missed all the wonderful parts too!
03 January at 13:05 ·

Joe Frank

Joe Frank
In this photo:
England November 2009
  and the lovely Julia.
02 January at 17:09 · View album

  Bobby's Blog Update: Best wishes for a Happy New Year and Decade: 2010...: The end of a.. http://bit.ly/6ZZBTE
01 January at 01:00 via Selective Tweets (3) (3) 
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Manj K Jootle
Manj K Jootle
Wahooooo! Bring it on :) x
01 January at 02:38 ·

The Cosmic Accounting System - Buckminster Fuller

"We must do away with the absolutely specious notion that everybody has to earn a living. It is a fact today that one in ten thousand of us can make a technological breakthrough capable of supporting all the rest. The youth of today are absolutely right in recognizing this nonsense of earning a living. We keep inventing jobs because of this false idea that everybody has to be employed at some kind of drudgery because, according to Malthusian-Darwinian theory, he must justify his right to exist. So we have inspectors of inspectors and people making instruments for inspectors to inspect inspectors. The true business of people should be to go back to school and think about whatever it was they were thinking about before somebody came along and told them they had to earn a living " - Buckminster Fuller

What is the "cosmic accounting system?" from Fuller's Economics.

Energy is the real value of wealth, not money. The idea is how to share it fairly to make sure everyone has a share of the wealth, so people don't have to work for a living or starve to death. Yes it's true... read more below and check out the Youtube video too.



"...We have pointed out that the geologist Francois de Chardenedes wrote for me a scenario of the technology of nature's producing petroleum which disclosed that the amount of energy employed by nature as heat and pressure for the amount of time required to produce each gallon of petroleum, if paid for at the rate at which the public utilities now charge retail customers for electricity, must cost over a million dollars a gallon. Combine that information with the discovery that approximately 60 percent of the employed in U.S. America are working at tasks that are not producing any life support. Jobs of inspectors-of-inspectors; jobs with insurance companies that induce people to bet that their house is going to be destroyed by fire while the insurance company bets that it isn't. All these are negative preoccupations...jobs with the underwriting of insurance underwriters by other insurance underwriters -- people checking up on one another in all the different departments of the Treasury, the Internal Revenue, FBI, CIA, and in counterespionage. About 60 percent of all human activity in America is not producing any physical life protection, life support, or development accommodation, which physical life support alone constitutes real wealth.
``The majority of Americans reach their jobs by automobile, probably averaging four gallons a day -- thereby, each is spending four million real cosmic-physical-Universe dollars a day without producing any physical Universe life-support wealth accredited in the energy-time -- metabolic -- accounting system eternally governing regenerative Universe. Humans are designed to learn how to survive only through trial-and-error-won knowledge. Long-known errors are, however, no longer cosmically tolerated. The 350 trillion cosmic dollars a day wasted by the 60 percent of no-wealth-producing human job-holders in the U.S.A., together with the $19 quadrillion a day wasted by the no-wealth-producing human job-holders in all other automobiles-to-work countries, also can no longer be cosmically tolerated.
``Today we have computers that enable us to answer some very big questions if all the relevant data is fed into the computer and all the questions are properly asked. As for instance, ``Which would cost society the least: to carry on as at present, trying politically to create more no-wealth-producing jobs, or paying everybody handsome fellowships to stay at home and save all those million-dollar-each gallons of petroleum?'' Stated evermore succinctly, the big question will be: ``Which costs more -- paying all present job-holders a billionaire's lifelong $400,000-a-day fellowship to stay at home, or having them each spend $4 million a day to commute to work?'' Every computer will declare it to be much less expensive to pay people not to go to work. The same computers will also quickly reveal that there is no way in which each and every human could each day spend $400,000 staying at the most expensive hotels and doing equally expensive things; they could rarely spend 4000 of the 1980-deflated dollars a day, which is only 1 percent of a billionaire's daily income."
Source: http://www.cjfearnley.com/fuller-faq-3.html#ss3.2

Fedtv 2008 May 20 Cosmic Accounting Tips 4 Economic Meltdown

Find out more about: Cosmic Accounting here.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Birthday wishes and gifts

What do you usually wish for on your birthday?  I'd like TWO presents, if you are willing to participate... of course it's up to you if you choose to give or not, all I ask is at least you take a look.

Am I being greedy? Not at all, as they are for someone else!
  • Firstly, I'd like you to make a difference to someone's life that you meet today or tomorrow (or every day if you wish)
Whether it be a smile, a kind gesture or help of any kind. They don't have to know it was you and it's even better if you do it for a stranger.

Further from home, you will have now heard about the Earthquake in Haiti where the death toll is around 200,000 with 250,000 injured that need treatment and upto 1.5 million homeless.

Around 36000 are listed as missing. That's nearly 100 that share the same birthday as me... AND YOU! There only misfortune was where they lived when this disaster struck.
  • So secondly, please go to the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) if you can afford to make even a small donation (details below), as every little helps. Otherwise just say a prayer for those on the other side of the planet to show the world that we care about everyone that we live with on this small Earth.  
  • Whatever you do, take that action now!
Thank you for your best wishes and gifts, knowing that by sharing with others, you improve the life of everyone around you - including yourself.


Ways to Donate to the DEC Haiti Earthquake Appeal:
Online: www.dec.org.uk
Phone: Call 0370 60 60 900
Text: Text “GIVE” to 70077 to donate £5.00 
Post: Please send a cheque made payable to DEC HAITI EARTHQUAKE and send it to DEC HAITI EARTHQUAKE, PO BOX 999, LONDON, EC3A 3AA.

    Monday, 18 January 2010

    Social media gets Film Director $30 Million Deal

    I read this great story about a film Director, Fede Alvarez, from Montevideo in Uruguay, who shared his 5 minute film on Youtube with everybody. It took US $300 to shoot the live action and about a year (part time) to complete the 90 vfx shots.

    The Youtube film then got a lot of attention from Hollywood landing him a deal with Sam Raimi to direct a $30 million film. It just goes to prove, anyone with some talent can become a hit on the internet, by simply using it to share their message with the world! Social media is free speech and leverage for the little guy to compete with the big shots. Use it or lose it...


    Federico Alvarez' short film Panic Attack! hit YouTube last month and became the latest example of viral video, a term I genuinely despise because studios have co-opted the idea to try to force marketing maneuvers to "go viral." Doesn't work that way. But Alvarez' short, produced for $300, has already grabbed over 1.5 million hits, the attention of Sam Raimi, and now, a $30 million contract for Alvarez to develop a feature film.

    The BBC reports that the deal has been consumated, although based on the success of something like Paranormal Activity, the amount may seem quite high, given what Alvarez was able to accomplish for 1/100,000th of the new contract. There is some symmetry here, though, because $30 million was what director Neill Blomkamp used to create District 9 with producer Peter Jackson. And there are some real similarities between the two sci-fi projects.

    "I uploaded (Panic Attack!) on a Thursday and on Monday my inbox was totally full of e-mails from Hollywood studios," Alvarez said. "It was amazing, we were all shocked."

    The movie Mr Alvarez has been asked to produce is a sci-fi film to be shot in Uruguay and Argentina. He says he intends to start from scratch and develop a new story for the project.

    "If some director from some country can achieve this just uploading a video to YouTube, it obviously means that anyone could do it," he added.

    The director says, however, he's not interested in making a feature version of Panic Attack!, choosing to start from scratch on a new story. I'm not sure why, frankly, especially given the money involved, but maybe Raimi saw enough of his talent to give Alvarez the chance of a lifetime. Who knows whether or not he'll return to this story down the line.


    Sources: http://www.getthebigpicture.net

    Friday, 15 January 2010

    New York - 'Thinnest house' sells for £1.3million

    If you thought houses and rents were expensive in the UK, take a look at this 2-bed house built in an alleyway that just sold for $2.1 million (£1.3 million)

    Listed in August 2009 for $2.7m, the Real estate broker said that "despite the awkward dimensions, the property will fetch its listed price due to its uniqueness, history and location in one of the city's most famous preserved neighborhoods."

    Well there can't be too much confidence in the US / New York Market if it took 4 months to sell and at 22% below the value they expected! It's still good money for an approx. 1071 sq ft property. That's nearly $2000 per square foot (£1200 sq.ft.) they got from the $2500 sq.ft. it was valued at!

    Then again, with a rental of $10,000 per month, the new owner is not exactly looking for cashflow either! So that's at least one person with cash who is confident that the real estate / property prices will go up giving them capital growth.


    "A home less than ten feet wide, which has been dubbed New York City's skinniest house, has sold for $2.1 million (£1.3million).

    Number 75½ Bedford Street: one of New York's narrowest, and most photographed, houses

    The red, 9.5 foot wide, 42 foot long brick building in Manhattan's fashionable Greenwich Village neighbourhood was built in 1873. Located at number 75½ Bedford Street, it was built on land which previously had been an alleyway between numbers 75 and 77.

    The interior, unsurprisingly as the house isn't a TARDIS, is even smaller, measuring just 8.5 feet wide.

    The two bedroom, two bathroom home, which went on the market priced at $2.7 million in August last year, was last sold in 2000 for $1.6 million.

    At the time it was listed last August, real estate agent Alex Nicholas admitted: 'Due to the narrowness of the house, I think you have to be very clever in how you decorate.'

    The narrow home has had some famous residents in the past - a plaque on it notes that poet Edna St. Vincent Millay once lived there; so did anthropologist Margaret Mead.

    However, it looks like the new owners might not be living there themselves - the newly-sold building was listed on real estate websites on Wednesday as a rental available for $10,000 a month." - Source: Tom Phillips - www.metro.co.uk

    Thursday, 7 January 2010

    What comes after Winter?

    Anyone else getting Deja Vu?  The weather was similar this time last year and the chaos the same. The world keeps turning and life must go on.

    Winters come and go, to return again... just as the summers do. So why are so many people surprised or shocked when it happens again?

    So whilst it looks bleak for the councils gritting roads and people who need to go to work, kids are out having fun in the snow and so are some of the adults. Driving isn't safe, so staying in the warmth sounds like a good idea, extending the Christmas holidays.  With a cup of hot chocolate and snuggling up to watch TV / DVD's, read a good book or just spend more time on the internet and facebook.

    Enjoy the weather and time off, as it will be time to go back out soon enough and spring will be around the corner.  If it wasn't for the cold, how would we know to enjoy the sun?

    Bobby :-)

    Taxing time for the Councils this Winter

    The council's running out of grit and it's not the first time. The 2009 grit supplies issue from the Local Government website would be lessons to learn from wouldn't they?  Here is the 2010 briefing on what is happening. 

    As long as your council tax money is going to cover wages and meetings but NOT towards rubbish collections and icy roads, at least you know it's being well spent.

    Did you know it might be possible not to have to pay Council Tax? Yes it's true, if you want to look into it go to www.nocounciltax.com

    Latest on Council Grit Supplies

    West Berkshire council confirmed that it had received an emergency delivery of salt from neighbouring Hampshire hours before it ran out. But it still only had supplies for two or three days. Harrow council, in north London, said it could run out by the end of the week if severe weather continued.

    Durham County Council has halted gritting of minor roads because of "uncertainty" over salt supplies.

    "It is important that everyone understands we are managing very difficult ongoing winter conditions with restricted supplies."

    GRIT supplies in Kirklees could run out today, as more bad weather is forecast for the rest of the week.

    Harrow council in north-west London described the grit supply situation as "pretty outrageous".

    Many councils in Scotland have said they are running low on salt and grit, which has prevented them from treating the icy roads in the longest winter freeze for two decades.

    Tuesday, 5 January 2010

    The Great Rip-off: Tale of the Dead Donkey

    The current banking crisis explained:

    Young Thomas bought a donkey from a farmer for £100. The farmer agreed to deliver the donkey the next day.

    The next day he drove up and said, 'Sorry son, but I have some bad news. The donkey died.'

    Thomas replied, 'Well then just give me my money back.' The farmer said, 'Can't do that. I've already spent it.'

    Thomas said, 'OK, then, just bring me the dead donkey.' The farmer asked, 'What are you going to do with him?'

    Thomas said, 'I'm going to raffle him off.' The farmer said, 'You can't raffle a dead donkey!'
    Thomas said, 'Sure I can. Watch me.. I just won't tell anybody he's dead.'

    A month later, the farmer met up with Thomas and asked, 'What happened with that dead donkey?'

    Thomas said, 'I raffled him off. I sold 500 tickets at two pounds a piece and made a profit of £898'

    The farmer said, 'Didn't anyone complain?' Thomas said, 'Just the guy who won. So I gave him his two pounds back !'

    Thomas then went to work for Barclays.

    Here this tale would have ended... but it didn't...


    A year later, Thomas (now working for HBOS / Halifax Bank Of Scotland), comes running into the farmer's yard, out of breath and looking frightened.

    "You must help me hide!" cries Thomas.

    The farmer asks, "Why? What's wrong?"

    Thomas explained, "I went all over the village, hiring people to sell raffle tickets for the same dead donkey, and then those people hired other people to go to other villages and sell raffle tickets for the same dead donkey, and now there are thousands of raffles taking place all over the kingdom.
    Millions of people and pension funds bought my raffle tickets, but the donkey started to stink and everybody found out it was dead, so now they want their raffle ticket money back!"

    The farmer suggested, "Just pay back the money, Thomas."

    "I can't!" Thomas moaned. "I spent it all on bonuses for my raffle salespeople, and private jets, and huge mansions, and an opulent lifestyle to which we, in the raffle ticket business, have become accustomed. Not only that, I borrowed against my raffle ticket earnings 35 fold, so now I OWE 35 TIMES the money I actually earned!"

    The farmer thought a moment, then smiled. "Don't worry, Thomas. I know what to do."

    Thomas asked, "What can possibly be done?"

    The farmer answered, "Your raffle operation is the biggest business in all the land. It's too big to fail. The King will bail you out, for the good of all his loyal subjects."

    And with that, Thomas beseeched the King for billions of pounds to create the R.T.R.P. (Raffle Ticket Relief Program) to buy back all the worthless raffle tickets.

    Everybody thought that would be the end of it, but it turns out the King didn't have enough money to bail out the Raffle ticket holders, so he issued official "Raffle Bonds" to borrow money from other lands.

    Everybody thought THAT would be the end of it, except when the rulers of other lands figured out their lent money was being spent on dead donkey raffle tickets, they stopped lending it. So the King decided to just print the money to buy back the dead donkey raffle tickets.

    Everybody thought THAT would be the end of it, until it turns out that printing money causes each individual pound to be worth much less, so prices for goods and services rose enormously throughout the kingdom. The King decided to issue a new paper currency denominated at 1/10th the face value of the old pounds, and forced everyone to exchange their old money for new money so prices would come down to normal again.

    Everybody thought THAT would be the end of it, until the same thing happened with the new currency, so the people rose up and toppled the King with torches and pitchforks, and installed a new ruling government with a new currency backed by gold.

    And THEN they all lived happily ever after.

    The End.

    Modified from the Source: http://www.linkydinky.com/Donkey_raffle.shtml

    Monday, 4 January 2010

    On this day of your life

    "On this day of your life You should do no 'work' at all.

    The point of your activities throughout the day is not to make a living, but to make a life; not to 'work' but to create joy. If you are doing what you are doing merely to 'pay the bills,' you will have missed the major reason for All Of Life.

    The purpose of life is to know and express 'Who You Are'. If you do other than that during the days and times of your life, you will have not used those days and times in a way that profits your soul. It is soul profit we are after here, not body profit." - Neale Donald Walsch

    "Follow Your Dreams, Transform Your Life!" - Paulo Coelho

    Sunday, 3 January 2010

    Facebook and Twitter Status symbols

    Here are a list of popular characters and symbols that you can 'copy and paste' into your Facebook and Twitter Status. There are many more symbols, fonts, wingdings and characters but there are enough here to get you started.

    ¢ – cent
    £ – pound
    ¤ – currency
    ¥ – yen
    € – euro sign
    § – section
    © – copyright
    ® – registered trademark
    ™ – trademark
    ° – degree – e.g. 45°
    ¹ – superscript 1
    ² – superscript 2
    ³ – superscript 3
    · – middle dot
    ¸ – spacing cedilla
    ¼ – fraction 1/4
    ½ – fraction 1/2
    ¾ – fraction 3/4
    ¿ – inverted question mark
    × – multiplication
    ÷ – division
    • – bullet = black small circle
    ◊ – lozenge
    ℠ – Service Mark
    ℃ – Celsius
    ℅ – care of
    ℉ – Farenheit
    № – numero symbol – number sign
    ℗ – Sound Recording Copyright
    ℞ – Prescription Take pharmaceutical symbol
    Ω – Ohm
    ℧ – Inverted Ohm
    ☀  – sunshine – sun
    ☁ – cloudy – cloud – dark cloud
    ☂ – raining – rain – umbrella
    ☃ – snow – snowman
    ☄ – shooting star
    ★ – star solid
    ☆ – star outline
    ☇ – lightning
    ☈ – thunderstorm
    ☉ – sun
    ☊ – ascending node
    ☋ – descending node
    ☌ – conjunction
    ☍ – opposition
    ☎ – phone
    ☏ – phone symbol outline
    ☐ – check box
    ☑ – check box check mark
    ☒ – ballot box with X
    ☓ – St. Andrew’s Cross
    ☚ – left-pointing index finger
    ☛ – right-pointing index finger
    ☜ – left-pointing index finger
    ☝ – upwards pointing index finger
    ☞ – right pointing index finger
    ☟ – downwards pointing index finger
    ☠ – skull & crossbones
    ☡ – caution sign
    ☢ – radioactive sign
    ☣ – biohazard sign
    ☮ – peace sign
    ☯ – yin & yang
    ☹ – frowning face
    ☺ – smiley face
    ☻ – black smiley face

    ☽ – waxing crescent moon
    ☾ – waning crescent moon
    ♈ – Aries
    ♉ – Taurus
    ♊ – Gemini
    ♋ – Cancer
    ♌ – Leo
    ♍ – Virgo
    ♎ – Libra
    ♏ – Scorpio
    ♐ – Sagitarius
    ♑ – Capricorn
    ♒ – Aquarius
    ♓ – Pisces
    ♔ – White King
    ♕ – White Queen
    ♖ – White Rook
    ♗ – White Bishop
    ♘ – White Knight
    ♙ – White Pawn
    ♚ – Black King
    ♛ – Black Queen
    ♜ – Black Rook
    ♝ – Black Bishop
    ♞ – Black Knight
    ♟ – Black Pawn
    ♠ – black spade suit
    ♢ – red diamond suit
    ♣ – black club suit = shamrock
    ♤ – red spade suit
    ♥ – black heart suit = valentine
    ♦ – black diamond suit
    ♧ – red club suit
    ♨ – hot springs
    ♩ – musical quarter note
    ♪ – musical eighth note
    ♫ – musical single bar note
    ♬ – musical double bar note
    ♭ – flat note
    ♮ – natural note
    ♯ – sharp note
    ✁ – cut above
    ✂ – cut here
    ✃ – cut below
    ✄ – scissors
    ✆ – public pay phone
    ✇ – film reel – tape spool
    ✈ – airport jet airplane
    ✉ – envelope mail email
    ✌ – victory sign
    ✍ – signature – sign here
    ✎ – pencil diagonal down
    ✏ – pencil
    ✐ – pencil diagonal up
    ✓ – check mark
    ✔ – heavy check mark
    ✕ – multiplication sign X
    ✖ – heavy multiplication sign X
    ✗ – ballot X
    ✘ – heavy ballot X
    ✝ – Latin Roman Cross
    ✞ – Latin Cross 3D shadow
    ✟ – Latin Cross outline
    ✠ – Maltese Cross
    ✡ – Star of David
    ❛ – quotation mark single turned comma
    ❜ – quotation mark single comma
    ❝ – quotation mark double turned comma
    ❞ – quotation mark double comma

    ╔═══╗ ♪
    ║███║ ♫
    ║  (●) ♫ IPOD

    Source: www.chatsmileysemoticons.com