"Don't part with your dreams - when they are gone you may still exist but you will have ceased to live" - Mark Twain

"Do you know that this blog wouldn't exist if it wasn't for you being here to read it!?" - Bobby Gill

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Week 1: Turnover is vanity and profit is sanity

Time to be a couch critic, it always looks easier when you're not in front of the camera or under pressure from Sir Alan.

Team Ignite: The signs were there from the start, Mona the team leader didn't know what a duster was. Debra called her team members puppets. The women are already arguing and it can't be long before the hair pulling and scratching starts.

Team Empire: The guys should have easily won the task, as we'd have expected men to have cleaned more cars in their time. Can't believe it took them 1 1/2 hours on the first car and they hadn't even mastered the basics of closing the door before turning the hose on. Howard was clearly concerned when he turned up and you could see him looking for a scapegoat, should they lose.

Boardroom: Mona was losing her composure and Debra kept her cool, whilst Anita didn't standa chance. She really looked like she was on work experience throughout, had she been really good at what she thought she was doing, she should have hit £200 on the budget... lol...

>> Anita - you're fired!

As one of the guys in the house mentioned at the end - "Turnover is vanity and profit is sanity" BUT remember... Cashflow is King!

You would have had to tune into The Apprentice: You're Fired! on BBC2 afterwards to actually see if she was capable of smiling!

Carol Vorderman made a great comment about "some men these days don't have any practical skills and the girls have to do it all" - not quite sure what she was on about but what a laugh. The You're Fired programme was actually more entertaining than the show itself.



Want to find out more about the real business world?

Keith Cunningham (Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery speaker and Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad) is flying over from the US to be in Birmingham this Saturday 28th March 09. Come along and learn from the best!

He will be discussing why "A recession is a terrible thing to waste."

Find out more here and come and see him live:

The Apprentice: You're Fired! 2009 - Series 5, BBC, UK

The Apprentice is back for another series, every Wednesday on BBC1 at 9pm.

With 15 contestants battling for a job with Sir Alan Sugar, this is a must for all business fans and people who love reality TV!

Join this facebook group to keep up to date, have a laugh when it goes horribly wrong and to cheer on your favourites as well!

See the last episode online here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer

Lets find some quality candidates this year...


The first episode of The Apprentice kicks off on BBC1 at 9pm on March 25 2009. Don't miss it!

Twenty thousand CVs were received from applicants around the UK last year and I forgot to post mine! So at least I saved the price of a stamp ;-)

Check out the candidate profiles of those that made it: http://www.bbc.co.uk/apprentice/candidates.shtml

This series is licence payers' (and Sir Sugar's) money well spent. Forget Orange Wednesday at the cinema - Sugar Wednesday is what mid-week was made for!

** Play along with the other viewers and guess who will be fired with the Predictor:


Name Age Occupation
------- ----- ---------------
Rocky Andrews 21 Sandwich Chain Owner
Debra Barr 24 Senior Sales Consultant
Noorul Choudhury 33 Science Teacher
Ben Clarke 22 Trainee Stockbroker
Kimberly Davis 33 Marketing Consultant
Howard Ebison 24 Retail Business Manager
Paula Jones 29 Human Resources Consultant
Mona Lewis 28 Senior Financial Manager
James McQuillan 32 Senior Commercial Manager
Majid Nagra 28 Business Development Manager
Anita Shah 35 Business Strategist
Yasmina Siadatan 27 Restaurateur
Phillip Taylor 29 Estate Agent
Lorraine Tighe 36 National Accounts Manager
Kate Walsh 27 Licensing Development Manager



Sir Alan apprentice 'bottles it'

"The new series of The Apprentice is already a man down following one candidate's decision to quit before the cameras started rolling.

The man, who has not been named by the show's producers, bowed out before the first task had even been announced.

Sir Alan Sugar said he had "never met the fellow" and added "there was nothing sinister about it".

But in the first episode of the series, Sir Alan tells the remaining group that one of them had "bottled it" and left." - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7948783.stm

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Events management and promotion

Who would have thought events promotion could be so much fun and hard work at the same time!
Told off by promoters, banned from forums... all for telling people about events of value to people!

Having attended a lot of seminars in the past I like to tell people about them so they can go and enjoy them as well. Knowing people in the Property, Business and Personal Development industry means I can occasionally get you free and discounted tickets. And some organisers are so nice I would promote their events for free anyway :-)

(You can see some of them on the right of my blog here: http://bobby-gill.blogspot.com)

On the other hand, some only contact me when they want something and the take/need attitude doesn't go far these days. You know who you are :-/

Friends and Family
Triumphant Events run by Daniel Priestley are always good value and worth checking out as are XL events with Roger Hamilton (wealth dynamics experience)
Both these companies actually promote business amongst it's members and are happy to let you post various details about their events and on their forums.

Great Expectations / Frontier trainings with Clinton Swaine run Play To Win, which is another brilliant event that you can get free tickets for. Find out about it here: play to win

XL and Play To Win are definitely the friendliest and most enjoyable events I've been to recently. You're made to feel part of the bigger family as opposed to just a person on a seat. Along with Simon Zutshi's Property Investors Network, YES, Tony Robbins in the past and of course Northern Property Network. Oh and Manchester PNC with Richard Shepherd and co. Actually I've probably missed a few here, my apologies if I have, you know I care! ;-)

Told off
I was surprised at the reaction I would get from people for offering the opportunity to go find out more about these potentially life changing seminars.

Earlier this year Chris Howard Events asked me to remove a web domain that was directing people to their site and generating them business. I was surprised as it was not used for data capture or to even add any of my information, just a re-direct straight to their page. Even though other similar pages were in use, I complied of course, as there was no point upsetting anyone.
I still recommend the event for the value you can get, here is some more info:
chris howard breakthrough to success

Tony Robbins events were being promoted through Med Western and due to their lack of concern for their UK referrers and crew, I decided not to participate anymore and told people to contact the Italian promoters directly at www.hiperformance.it, who are getting set for Rome UPW in September 2009.

Of all the people, Tony Robbins Grad site BANNED me without any warning because (here I have to assume as I wasn't told why) I was telling people about events that might interest them! I can't hold this personally against Tony Robbins, as it will be some power hungry admin staff that made the decision. They still haven't replies to my email to request clarification and if we can rectify the situation.

On the bright side, I don't have to keep up with my posts, contribution or value on that site any more and it is their overall loss not mine.
Also if we can't promote non-TR events on that site, it goes without saying that we should not promote TR events on other non-TR forums and sites... is this the outcome they wanted?

What happened to contribution and collaboration versus competition and keeping yourself small!?

On a short leash
Last week I was offered some promotional tickets for a T Harv Eker event, Millionaire Mind Intensive - for my blog readers, friends (and their direct friends) and customers. Little did they realise that the world is a small place and as I don't have paying customers as such, everyone is a friend of a friend and most can read (just joking with you) when it comes to a good deal. They were only offered due the good work we already do with the YES group and other events organisers.

When I offered the free tickets to my friends on facebook, I got a couple of complaints from ticket sellers, as these tickets do actually have a market price and by giving some to select friends we do not wish to devalue the quality of the event in any way. After having removed them from public view after a telling off on facebook, I left them on my profile, as only direct friends then have access to them...

Those of you interested in what these tickets are? You will just have to contact me directly for the information as having had too much controversy this weekend, I could do with a quiet week! Get them NOW before I am booted for doing good work, just because it upset someone.

Little did I know that some 'friends' (serial networkers) had added me in the past and complained to the events company to have the links removed from my profile. Now there is taking things too far, having removed the public links, only my mum has the authority to tell me to do that... So if you are reading and you are such a person, please feel free to hit 'remove friend' so that you don't have to put up with my antics if that's what you wish to call them.

Oh and people that are watching and copying what I do; thanks for the compliment, lets hope you can keep up when I ramp up the plans, copy and ideas flying out.

The funny thing is the more I upset some people for being myself, the more I attract for that very reason who want to work with me! It's a strange world out there...

Other recommended events
I've been invited to a few event recently and thanks to Andy Phillips of UK small Business Network for the tickets to the Wealth Intelligence Academy Gala Dinner end of January 09.

Currently Simon Zutshi, author of Property Magic and death-of-property-investing-report is running quality BMV workshops around the UK for property investors wanting to learn more about the business. Check it out here: BMV Quickstart workshops and Keith Cunningham is coming to Birmingham on 28th March 2009 for a Business Seminar. You can catch up with me there as well.

In April Rob Moore of Progressive property is speaking at the Northern Property Network and running a 1 day workshop in London later in the month.

Que cera, cera..
Will I get a telling off for writing this post? Most likely by someone - but what can I do if it is the truth... that's the 'problem' with the internet it always comes out in the end! And remember you can't please all of the people all of the time, just do your best and do what's right! Contact me for your T Harv Eker, Millionaire Mind Intensive tickets now. And I WILL see you there as it promises to be a blast! :-D

In the meantime, enjoy all the events on offer and we'll meet somewhere when our paths cross,


Friday, 20 March 2009

Gonna live while I'm alive and sleep when I'm dead!

I thought I'd take a moment to reflect on what I had done this month.

After Michelle McDine's comment: "You call that a quiet month? I'd hate to see a busy one!"

Travelling at hyperspeed and not slowing down to appreciate the view does have it's flaws. So here is my slow down to reflect.

Am I glad I use Google calendar for all my appointments, meetings and events
and keep a virtual diary on facebook to refer back to!
Add me as a friend here: http://www.facebook.com
And join my fanpage for regular blog updates: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bobby-Gill/18060909526

Sunday 1st March
A it feels like a lot longer than 3 weeks ago I started the month with some coaching from Jo Kenworthy on, believe it or not, slowing down!!! The signs are there... Thanks Jo.
Jo does Holistic stuff at www.rebornholistics.com that I chunk up to Health and coaching :)

2nd March, North Yorkshire
Went to look at a HMO property with Chris Bean in Harrogate to give him some options on how to get a better return, rent his property out quicker and to save money.
Lots of mentors about and anyone with more knowledge than you can help. The idea is to find one that you can work with and matches your values too. They're not always right though!
I prefer property coaching to mentoring, as mentoring implies you know more than someone else in all situations and they do what you say. With coaching the individual makes the decision, I just provide the options! People are always in charge of what they do, some just refuse to take responsibility at times or want someone to blame. (myself included at times)
Even when they have mentors, mistakes are your own fault! Hence the term coaching lets them know that! ;-)

Went to see Lynn Gregory in York to get balanced up. I'd seen her do a presentation on Kinesiology and a talk at the YES Group North and I was interested in finding out more.
Lynn Gregory does Kinesiology and stuff, www.infinite-potential.co.uk

3rd March
A few of my friends were asking for nominations to be Britains Next Top Coach, when I realised I'd had so many requests I nominated them ALL to the world (internet) as a short list on who you should vote for: britains-next-top-coach-bobbys-top-10

Then I started to prepare my talk on Social Media and Web 2.0 I was doing for the property investors at my event. It's like last minute Uni Viva preparation...
Met Michelle Mcdines before the Northern Property Network. Guest speakers were Simon Zutshi of PIN, Abdul Malik and Tamkin Riaz. I survived my talk at the meeting. No tomatoes in tins or egg on my face. All in all, a good evening! :-)

4th March, Huddersfield
Went to see Kirklees Council and discussed how they could not even keep up with their own rules and that I required a response in writing to the letter I wrote to them before Christmas! I won't even bring up the issue about the lady at Leeds City Council that blackmailed me through another landlord!! Oh yes, political correctness has gone out the window.

Spoke to John Halpin and Juhi Bera in the evening about an event they were organising in New York later this year May 16-17th Wealth Builders Summit NYC 09 Was good to catch up and exchange tips and ideas.

5th March
Did an article on It's a Mad, Mad World banking system!
Rates reduced to 0.5% and Quantitative Easing measures to boost economy to be 'tried' by pumping £75 Bn into the economy! The Bank of England 'hopes' the banks will pass this money onto the public by lending more to individuals and businesses! Oh dear...

Realised I was going to have a brilliant weekend coming up so did a post before the weekend what-an-outstanding-peer-group I'd left a status update on facebook "Bobby is asking if any lovely Londoners have a room available (or couch) for Friday evening. Please message me if you do. Thanks." Didn't get any lovelies getting in touch but Elliot Kay kindly offered as long as I popped into his radio show!?

Friday 6th March
, London
Went to the "What on earth are we doing? Symposium" With Lynne Twist (Soul of Money), Roger Hamilton (Wealth Dynamics) and Marcia Martin. It had been organised through XL and Triumphant events run by Daniel Priestley and Michael Clarke. Justine Clare is setting up the new Triumphant Media project. Also got to catch up with my XL buddies and Play To Win friends and fellow seminar junkies ;-)
Also met Alistair Lobo who invited me to the his presentation in Manchester coming up.

Met up with Hagop Tchaparian and Ruth in the evening for a very quick coffee and chat, it was great to catch up and chill out with friends.
Then drove over to the www.playvybz.com radio station where my friend Elliot 'The Funkmaster' Kay was interviewing Bret 'The Hitman' Hart. Awesome! We were up till about 2-3am before I crashed at his for the night.

7th-8th March, Reading
Set off about 7am to Wokefield Park for a business weekend with Jonathan Jay of Success Track. Download his free book here: www.successtrackonline.com
It was nice that he knew who I was before I got there, as he had read my blog from 2 days earlier and we both had a mutual friend Amanda Steadman as well. Being online, blogging, posting and networking really does go a long way. I'm sure he would have been nice to me anyway though! :)

One of the big things I took away was to provide the market what they are asking for and want. Whilst offering my Property and Business Coaching services everyone kept asking me about Social media, to do talks to their groups and share what I knew. I didn't think I knew a lot but clearly I must know enough for those asking for help. So why not just do that I suppose... after all, I enjoy it as well.

It was a really interesting weekend, covering a lot of what I knew but also picking up some new ideas and the fact it encouraged me to take action. Just need to schedule some time for testimonials and upload some audios and slides I've already done. The people that I met were really cool as well and the food fantastic. OK, you may not go to events to eat but it was good!
Guy Levine was also talking about internet marketing at the event.

I even got an excellent rate for an extra night's stay, so I could meet some of my friend's attending a seminar in the building next door, organised by Progressive Property (Rob Moore, Mark Homer). Some of the usual faces were there and some new ones including Justin from Wales and Angela Farrell. The usual troublemakers were there as well as Phil Martin and Sylvia Rai.
We also had an interesting Dinner conversation about a lady I'd met in Manchester called Samantha Backman that people won't forget in a hurry! Sat with Justin, Dan Northrop, Barry Danser, Simon Gee, and Edite Roznoja, who I think is so shocked with our first meeting that she will be avoiding me for a long time!?!

Monday 9th March, London
Had a good nights sleep and went into London where Raj Walia gave me a call. Met him in a beefeater pub in Harrow, london whilst playing with twitter and facebook on my mobile. No idea what I was doing or how much it was costing but you have to embrace technology, as if you don't the change will overtake you and that would not be good.
Discussed a new business venture regarding Genistar to help reduce people's bills, saving them money and planning for the future. Contact myself or Raj if you want to find out more.
Vincent Wong was also in London but we missed each other.

Went into London city and parked my car near The Strand Hotel where I was seeing Simon Zutshi speak at the XL Momentum meeting. I would have gone earlier had I realised they were having a meeting then as well. Usual suspects were there including Eloise Ansell, Helen Thompson and Marcia Gladwin who I'd all met on Friday at the symposium, so long ago... lol... And also Julia McDaid and Samantha Backman, which was a surprise.
After I finished I went to find my car. Not an easy task when all I had bothered to remember was the street name High Holborn and no idea where it was on a cold night! It was only at this point I realised I'd borrowed the family car and they were expecting it back tonight... oops. Oh well, ear ache when I return it the following day then!

Stayed over at Raj's house near Heathrow and slept so well I didn't even hear any planes!

March, London -> Milton Keynes -> Hudds
Went over to Denham to meet Michelle Whaite for dinner and to collect books and courses for the Think & Grow Rich mastermind groups we're setting up.

Then drove towards London and met Amanda Steadman of Wealth Babes fame for coffee and ice cream at a Pizza Hut! Oh yes, big kids can have ice cream whenever they want.

Since I was leaving London at a reasonable time for a change (before midnight) I called in on John Rattigan near Milton Keynes as well who runs the Pipa Forum on the way back home.

Then I stopped at Leicester services for some coffee, 4 chocolate bars (they were on offer) for my return home after a fun, extended weekend. Chatting to Colin Fu regarding some ideas and then called Fran Stockley to find out what she was up to: www.healthyfran.co.uk

12th March, International Teleseminar
Oooh.... look at the new facebook layout! More complaints from some, lots of excitement for others. Which side of the 'change is good' fence are you on?

On a teleseminar call with Paul Martinelli, Michelle Whaite and Karen Power about the T&GR Mastermind groups. You can listen to at this site and register for more info: www.think-and-grow-rich-mastermind-group.com

Then rushed off to play 5-a-side late evening.

Friday 13th March - might have had a day off but I doubt it!

14-15th March
Laughing at some people's websites. What about original content -v- 'borrowing' it from other's sites without even referencing the material? And poorly laid out and losing traffic too. Oh well, I can't keep calling everyone to sort themselves out as they have their own lessons to learn.

Played footy at the weekend and then I caught up with Satnam and Satie Punglia and we discussed ideas to grow the Utility Warehouse business and how to help people make more money in the current economic climate. find out more about the business opportunity here and how you can join our team and get Free Coaching! www.lowermycosts.co.uk

Just realised I can reach more people by working with leaders than doing it alone. D'oh! Kind of obvious when you think about it... When I say leaders, I mean self-appointed 'stars' ;-)

Monday 16th March
Started a successful T&GR Manchester group, 7pm at Lisa Tse's Sweet Mandarin restaurant, then rushed home to play football.

17th March
Met Gill Wright for dinner as we caught up in general and discussed the Lotus Seed Process, which is going to be the topic at the next YES Group North on Wednesday.
Last minute call to play football again. Got to get all the exercise I can as I don't go near gyms!

18th March
Dealing with overdue rents, MIA tenants, empty properties & tenancies for 09/10 - Amongst other things! Oh the joy.

One of my students had asked for a charity donation and some help with an event, so went to Huddersfield University to help out.

Also had a quick catch up on the phone with Heather Hamilton which was great. If it wasn't for phones how would we get by!?

Got back just in time to book a place to see Alistair Lobo of Certain Progress in Manchester at the Mastery Gym run by Debra Brown and Karen Shaw.
Alistair's talk was on Spiral Dynamics. My head is still spinning with Spiral Dynamics and I'm seeing colours everywhere, especially in myself. What an eye-opening talk.

19th March
Started a successful T&GR Leeds group, 7pm at a Bewley's Hotel in Leeds.
Had a good talk afterwards about the whole point of social marketing and what is the point of Twitter. Follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/bobbygill
Then rushed home to play football again for 4th day this week and couldn't find any washed shorts... Lucky I had some swimming shorts handy! Had a good game... some you win, some you lose. Will play again next time, getting fitter and faster ;-)

Stayed up late to update everyone of events coming up in next few weeks:
Update, Events & Free Complimentary Tickets
Check them out, get your free tickets while you can and I will see you there!

Friday 20th March
Just been on to the phone for the organisers of the T Harv Eker event in London 3rd5th April. There were some issues about the viral effect caused by my posting some free tickets to my friends which you, as a reader and friend, can still get. Some individuals were upset that 'my friends' and everyone they knew had access to these complimentary tickets. Do they not realise we are all connected and friends... that you and I 'know' everyone and the planet is a small place and getting smaller every day, especially with the internet. What next a universal ban on thought... lol...
HERE IS THE LINK causing the controversy: >> http://bit.ly/3Xjlww <<

Another person on the Tony Robbins site told me I can't advertise other events. What happened to believing in collaboration over competition!? I'll wait for the big slap down from Tony himself and carry on with busy-ness as usual.

That has kept me busier all day than writing this long post!

This evening I took a break from the PC to go sign up some tenancies and apologise to students for excessive demands for rent around Xmas, as I realised I'd gone into meltdown around then with mortgages to pay and not enough money in the bank. I told them it was a bonus that I was still their landlord and not a UK bank and things would be easier and communication better next year.

It's amazing I still run a business, get in so much socialising as a supprter profile and have time for people! Even I'm surprised!!

Had a chat with Ian Drover about eco homes and just a good general catch up.

Vincent Wong on the other man is a difficult man to get hold of! If anyone does see him, let him know Bobby says Hi and to catch up soon!

Thanks for making me do that Michelle, else it would have been blurred in with the rest of my life. All good times, just can't always remember when I was where, with whom! So maybe it hasn't been a quiet a month as I thought!

Early night and off to bed before midnight, as up at 6am to see Simon Zutshi and co. down in Birmingham: BMV Quickstart seminar and Wealth day event.

Well, the sun is out for spring, officially the Spring equinox today and I've already noticed people smiling more and having more energy. It's time to come out of hibernation.

Should I decide to take 6 months off this year, I'm sure I will have earned it. But when life is this much fun, do you really want to slow down? ;-)

Then again, maybe I just need to.


Update, Events & Free Complimentary Tickets

What's new and been happening in my life this month? Find out below...

I got a great offer at the bottom of this blog I wanted to tell you about.

Why did I put it there? So you'd read the rest first (or scroll straight to the bottom anyway...)

Well what I have I been up to?
So busy I've not kept my blog up to date, unlike Twitter, check it out if you're not on yet. Follow me tweeters: http://twitter.com/bobbygill

And excited about the sudden interest in Social Media at the moment and the new changes in the facebook layout. Loving the updated news feed stream.
http://www.facebook.com <>

I'm planning on sharing what I know about social media very soon.

Just set up some successful Think & Grow Rich Workshops with Michelle Whaite.
Listen to the Paul Martinelli call here: http://www.think-and-grow-rich-mastermind-group.com

Talking to a few people about relaunching 'Network Billionaire' (no peeking yet)

Keep reading... free tickets at the bottom!!

** is where I'll be
* are recommended

** Birmingham, Saturday 21st March
BMV Quickstart Seminar with PIN Simon Zutshi

** HUDDERSFIELD - Wednesday, 25th March 2009,YES Group North

* London - Wednesday, 25th March 2009, YES Group
Highly Recommended! Unfortunately I can't be at 2 YES Groups 200 miles apart at the same time. The technology is coming though...

* London - Thursday 26th March 09
Dr Demartini | The Riches Within

John Demartini is an Amazing Speaker and I highly recommend listening to him and doing The Breakthrough Experience.

* LONDON, Saturday 28th-29th March 2009
John Demartini's Breakthrough Experience

** Birmingham, Saturday 28th March
Keith Cunningham Business Seminar

* London, Sunday 29th March
BMV Quickstart Seminar with PIN Simon Zutshi

** London, Friday 3rd-5th April 2009
T. Harv Eker presenting Millionaire Mind Intensive
(these are the tickets available at the bottom)

* London, Saturday 4th-5th April 2009
Rick Otton - Rent To Own Options, Buy A House for a Pound

** HUDDERSFIELD, Tuesday 7th April 2009
Northern Property Network - with Rob Moore, Mark Homer
and Satie Punglia

Apologies it's not really an offer; or even a deal. It's a steal!

T Harv Eker - Millionaire Mind Intensive, LONDON

Because of the great work we do with the YES Group and other great events and seminars in the UK, the organisers have kindly supplied some free tickets.

This is your opportunity to come and learn, meet other great individuals and have a profound effect on your life and business! 3-days at the ExCel in London 3rd-5th April 09.

Get booked on NOW: >> http://bit.ly/3Xjlww <<

It already looks set to be the Personal Development event of the year!

I hope it was worth reading to the bottom and I really do look forward to seeing you at one of these events and definitely in London.

Bobby :-)


Other than all that it's been a pretty quiet month!

OK, it's nearly 3am, I have Friday 'off' to catch up with Rob Bell and Arry Nessa. But first, another episode of 24 with Jack Bauer.

Jeremy Dent left a great comment on my blog the other day about my busy-ness: "You need time to sleep, eat and make love as well, Bobby!" - Will schedule it in mate!

Blog post and email, two in one. Sweet... Who said guys can't multi-task!?

Friday, 6 March 2009

What an Outstanding Peer Group!

After doing a talk on Web 2.0 and Social Media at the Northern Property Network on Tuesday alongside professional speakers, then a conference call to the US about Wealth Events on Wednesday, I took Thursday off!

This weekend I will be in London with, talking to and in the presence of all these brilliant people. I didn't realise till now where I'd be and am so excited I wanted to share my weekend with you before it's even happened! I am so Grateful to have such a wonderful peer group and the best friends in the world... I can't list you all but you know who you are ;-)

On friday (today) I'll be at the "What are We On Earth are We Doing?" World Tour with Roger Hamilton and Lynne Twist and lots of other lovely XL people.

In the studio with Elliot Kay and Brett 'The Hitman' Hart at midnight on Friday on www.playvybz.com - if you're near a PC log on and join the call!

With Jonathan Jay from Success Track Business Coaching all weekend.

Monday meeting Amanda Steadman from Wealth Babes for a possible interview (or probably more likely coffee and a catch up).

Stalking Simon Zutshi at the XL Momentum meeting. He seems to be everywhere I am at the moment, maybe it's the other way round and following me. (Unfortunately Topher Morrison is not in the UK, as he is usually top of my stalking list! If you're reading Toph, I'm watching... lol... just joking... no, really I am!!)

Then off to see LifeSuccess Consultant Michelle Whaite to arrange the Think & Grow Rich groups and pick up the study books. Before a midnight drive home!

There are lots of other brilliant people I know I will meet over the long weekend and these are just some of them that I'll definitely be catching up with.

Then next Thursday I'm on a conference call with Michelle Whaite and Paul Martinelli for the Think & Grow Rich Mastermind groups. Get BOOKED on now: T&GR Facebook Group

Isn't it amazing how the world is getting smaller and opportunities are everywhere!

There is a saying that to find out your wealth, look at the average of the people that you surround yourself with. It is important to surround yourself with other successful people and great thinkers, with huge ideas. After all, wouldn't you rather be playing a bigger game?

I keep running into writers, authors, coaches, professional speakers, entrepreneurs and successful individual's in their own fields. Maybe it's a sign!?

Take a look at who your peer group is that you're spending time with this weekend. And come and take a look at our mastermind groups.

There is always time to change and step up your life. Where you are now is based on decisions you made in the past. Your Future is based on the decisions you make NOW!

Have a fun weekend, I know I will.

OK, must sleep busy week...

Bobby :-)

Thursday, 5 March 2009

It's a Mad, Mad World banking system!

Rates reduced to 0.5% and Quantitative Easing measures to boost economy to be 'tried' by pumping £75 Bn into the economy! The Bank of England 'hopes' the banks will pass this money onto the public by lending more to individuals and businesses!


Just a funny comment I thought I'd add:

"I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of......"
Oops, just realised it's not just a funny comment but in reality:
On a bank note it states "I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of......". What that means is, the bank has pledged to the holder of that note, that on demand, they will give to the holder, the value stated on the note in gold or coinage. A bank note is merely an IOU.
Do they have any value left to offer and do you hold many worthless IOU's?


"UK interest rates lowered to 0.5%

The Bank of England has cut interest rates to 0.5% - a fresh all-time low - and says it will now boost the money supply to help revive the economy.

Interest rates have now been reduced six times since October, and the latest half a percentage point cut from February's 1% had been expected.

The Bank said it would expand the amount of money in the system by £75bn in an attempt to boost bank lending.

This policy, so far untried in the UK, is called quantitative easing.

Buying assets

Quantitative easing is the process of increasing the amount of money in circulation in an attempt to revive the economy.

While the Bank will initially add £75bn, Chancellor Alistair Darling has given it permission to extend this to up to £150bn.

The idea is that if the amount of money in the system is boosted, commercial banks will find it easier to lend.

Quantitative easing is sometimes incorrectly referred to as printing money, but the Bank will not expand the supply of money by making new banknotes.

Instead, it will buy assets - such as government securities (gilts) and corporate bonds.

Similar measures were implemented in Japan at the beginning of the decade and are considered to have had limited success.

"Today's decision is a kick in the teeth for savers who will see their already diminished interest payments fall even further" - Adrian Coles, Building Societies Association


Read my last write up in February on Interest Rates, Banks, Property and the Economy - Feb 09

At least the Americans have the right idea! "In God We Trust" - start praying!!!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Britains Next Top Coach - Bobby's Top 10

We might be living in challenging times but the 10 people below have some hints, tips and ideas to help you. Click on any image to visit their profile page. If you connect with them and like what they say then vote for them.

Why have I shortlisted the following people? Because I'm biased.
They are already friends I know, have met and/or am connected to on Facebook.

Elliot Kay Elliot Kay - met at Your Life Your Legacy, XL member, Play To Win and lots of other seminars :-) from London

Una Doyle Una Doyle - meet at YES Group, from Leeds

Emma Stiles Emma Stiles - met at Play To Win, from Manchester

Anne Smith Anne Smith - met at Play To Win, from Norwich

Mary Dempsey Mary Dempsey - met on NLP Practitioner Course, from St. Albans

Marie-Claire Carlyle Marie-Claire Carlyle - met on Bob Proctor Cruise, from Chester

Trevor Hoskisson Trevor Hoskisson - met on Bob Proctor Cruise, from Taunton

Jimmy Petruzzi Jimmy Petruzzi - Fellow Northerner from Prestwich, Manchester :-)

So there's your Top 10 to choose from!

What's that!? There's only nine?
Well they were the only coaches I knew who are in the running - and I didn't enter to give everyone else a chance.
If I was number 10, your vote would be a given as you're reading this blog post. For now though, check out the above contestants and give the one that you connect with most, your vote. Bobby

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