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Friday, 27 June 2008

Certified NLP Practitioner and coaching

Contact me now to find out more... as I'm offering free 1 hour sessions to a select few over the next month.

I attended a NLP Practitioner course to get certified, with trainers Nicky Pool, Paul Crick and Chris through The Positive Learning Practice
There was 1 week of pre-study and a full on week with 70 hours of classroom and practical to integrate everything we were learning and around 25-30 hours home play. Now that's an accelerated learning program!

The people on the course were the best who will be friends for life. They wanted to improve their lives, whilst sharing and contributing to those around them by learning new skills. It was a challenging week and worth every moment. We laughed, cried, pushed the limits, sweated and then laughed some more :-) Steve has a great anchor on his right arm that will remind him of a fun week for the rest of his life...

What is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) you're asking?
My definition of NLP is the use of language to get positive results. It bridges the gap between the mind and body and the conscious and (sub) unconscious to get the outcome you desire. This is done by modelling excellence and using techniques to apply it and integrate it into your life. By using language positively and literally changing your mind about the way it thinks about things that were previously an issue. You can think of NLP as a user's manual for the brain.
NLP is a form of counselling using an interpersonal communication model and an alternative approach to psychotherapy. Some consider NLP to still be a set of techniques or strategies for enhancing communication and personal influence rather than a model. More about NLP at wikipedia

Using techniques such as the Milton Model and Meta Model, Reframing, Phobia Models, Anchoring, Swish Patterns and Time Based Therapy it is possible to change your perception of problems, challenges and events in your life - even if you have had issues for years. It is about getting results by seeing things from a different perspective and understanding that anything is possible and within your reach, no matter how big you believe it to be. Getting to be at cause and away from effect is the only way to take back control of your life.
Whether it be stopping smoking, going to the gym more, giving up unhealthy foods, overcoming fears and getting rid of phobias, personal problems you've had for years, dealing with depression, events in the past that left you with more baggage than you want to carry any more. If you want to change, you can!

Many people see psychiatrists for years with issues and just talk about it. Others just read books and don't apply the ideas. Why not go see someone and deal with it? How much better do you think you will feel being able to walk out and get on with your life... Living it the way you want and on your terms!

What did I personally deal with during the training?
Techniques on how to handle pain. The fear of public speaking. A phobia of cockroaches and insects. How to dissolve feelings of anger, sadness, fear and guilt in your life using time based techniques. I've even got rid of burgers and pizza from my diet - and I did like my pizza!!

How can I help you?
I specialise in property, business and life in general. My mentors in personal excellence are Tony Robbins, Chris Howard, Topher Morrison. In property I look up to people like Donald Trump and professional UK investors. In business there is Brad Sugars, Roger Hamilton and Richard Branson. In life Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer and John Demartini to name just a few.

I can help you by finding out what your unique model of the world is, getting rid of limiting beliefs and integrating models of excellence. Enabling you to overcome challenges you are dealing with and getting the fantastic results that you want.

We all use NLP in our lives already, you just don't know it. The choice you do have to make is are you going to carry on getting the same outcome in life or live the fabulous life you've always desired and deserve?
"Until you are prepared to learn the lessons, you are destined to repeat the same mistakes over and over again..."

Contact me now to find out more... as I'm offering free 1 hour sessions to a select few over the next month.

Want to get certified as a practitioner? Contact trainers Nicky Pool and Paul Crick at The Positive Learning Practice Let them know that Bobby sent you to get a great deal on the course and qualified.


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