"Don't part with your dreams - when they are gone you may still exist but you will have ceased to live" - Mark Twain

"Do you know that this blog wouldn't exist if it wasn't for you being here to read it!?" - Bobby Gill

Monday, 21 April 2008

Catherine and Niri's Big 40th YES party!

After a brilliant week in London could it get any better? I'd already missed Una D's house warming on Friday night attended by only women! If that was anything to go by what would the weekend be like.

Saturday was a 10 hour session of great speakers and friends for Catherine and Niri Patel's 40th birthday. They are the organisers of the YES Group North which we attend every month in Huddersfield.

The line-up of speakers were friends of the Patel's and had travelled across the UK and around the globe to wish Catherine and Niri the best. There were also around 100 friends attending.

We got to spend time with and listen to Andy Bounds, Frank De Raffele Jr. Chris Hughes, Judy May Murphy, Brigitte Sumner, David Taylor and Catherine's brother David and Niri himself. I would love to tell you how good they were and what a fantastic time I had, I just can't find or write the words to do them justice - you just had to be there! They all shared some wonderful stories and insights and all I can recommend is you go see them when they are around next - or at least check out their books.

We did some fun exercises bending people's arms and pushing them over, when we try hard it is difficult to make them move or resist - yet when we just let go and relaxed it was so easy. Maybe that's what I need to do in life is relax more, so that I can take on any challenges without trying to fight them!? We also did some bar bending (again) and board breaking. After about 7 or 8 attempts, a sore hand and some coaching; I finally managed to break through the board and didn't feel a thing when I did! People on the front row said I had a different look in my eye and they knew I would do it.

It was a awesome way to end a brilliant week. With inspirational friends, laughter and lots and lots of fun with some really wonderful people! Next week has a lot to live up to! :-)

You can also donate to Catherine and Niri's chosen charity, the NSPCC here: http://www.justgiving.com/yesgroup

Friday, 18 April 2008

Roger Hamilton - Your Life, Your Legacy Event and a night in Camden

Your Life Your Legacy in London

We had 3 days of fun, learning and networking. I met loads of fantastic people - old friends, online buddies and new faces as well.

Even before I got to Alexandra Palace we had met friendly staff in the Holiday Inn where we stopped and the best service I've ever received in a restaurant was at Robella in Finchley, which I recommend you check it out.

There were around 1000 people attending Your Life Your Legacy and many of them had brilliant ideas and were passionate about what they were doing. I got to meet many of them and felt privileged to be in their presence. We are all different yet more alike than you'd first think. A lot of socialising was done at the event, during lunch, in the hotels and bars. And we had lots of fun even when things weren't going to plan, like when I wouldn't leave till last orders, then Sally J and me got locked in the car park. Oh the tears of laughter...

We found out about getting in flow and just letting go... When in flow everyone around you lights up. If it feels like hard work and causes stress then it is a sign that we are out of flow and need to check in.
Another idea was to give with abundance, as there is only so much you can take, yet giving has no limits! By playing in the flame, you can use your candle to light others and it costs the candle nothing to light up another!

Most of the learning are from Chinese philosophies and you can find out more by reading Rogers books Wink or Your Life Your Legacy

Everything has a season, so find out where the money is, pick a niche in business, be Number 1 and stand for something. This will attract people to you instead of chasing them and the money. By being the best and always delivering creates a circle of trust. As a supporter I have found that I can make money by helping others make money.

The reward is the journey when you are taking part, playing the game, contributing and having fun!

I realised I had slipped from my path and in doing so had not made the changes around me that I wanted and hadn't contributed as much as I could. I am now back on it thanks to Roger and finding out my wealth profile as well. I also learnt that I have currencies other than money, so if anyone would like to trade I can give you property expertise, my time, great hugs and an excellent shoulder massage :-)

What if you could make a difference, why wouldn't you?

Wealth profiling
My wealth profile was Supporter! Which makes sense to anyone that know's me. You can find out more about the profiles and what your natural path is at the Wealth Dynamics site.

You can get more information about the philosophies of what we learnt and how to work together from his book and other products available through the Excel Results Foundation. They also have a global networking group to improve your business and save you time finding trusted people to work with.

Friends in Camden

After the seminar we did a night out with the committed in Camden Town. I drove with Fiona M and Satnam and Savi S drove down too, following me being directed by the crazy lady's voice from the Sat Nav.

We went to the Inspiral Lounge where we met Jane T and Lizzie B. Miguel P, Hagop T and Cynthia came to meet us too. I'd been hanging out with wonderful people all weekend and these were the ones that were still going strong and would travel across the city at all hours for each other. I felt priveliged to be in such great company.

Whilst people are busy thinking about doing things, others are taking action into the unknown and that's where it's all at! And I knew that those people I had met over the week and especially the friends I was with, they were the ones that will make that magic happen; now and in the future. It was a brilliant week in London ending with a beautiful night in Camden. This was the kind of night that memories are made of.

I finally set off around 2am after dropping off Miguel and Fiona, getting back home and to bed for 6am. Tomorrow was going to be a brand new day!

Sunday 13th April 08 - Night out in Leicester Square after the B'ham Property Show

On Sunday I got up at 8am and set off for the Property Investors Show at the NEC in Birmingham. I usually collected a lot of paper and brochures at these events and had been saving the trees for the last couple of years by not going. I'd been given a call from a mate from Turkey who wanted me to meet his business partners and as I'd said yes, so I had to go now.
Then I thought it would be a good idea to catch up with some friends and exhibitors and also share with them about the Northern Property Network if they wanted to be involved.
The usual crew were there from Glenn Armstrong, Simon Zutshi, Jim Haliburton, Vanish Patel and I finally got to meet Parmdeep Vadesha briefly from the property forum!

I was suprised how quiet and small the event was this year, possibly a reaction to the pessimism in the property market after the 'credit crunch'?

My friend Satnam P. from Huddersfield had travelled down later, as we were both on our way to see Roger Hamilton in London. He was going to see family and I drove to Worcester to see some cousins and when I called from outside their house, they were in Birmingham! That will teach me to call before I go visit people.

On my way into London I called a few friends and no-one answered. Were they busy or was it an effective use of caller ID, I wonder... Satnam couldn't get in touch with any of his friends either so called the Holiday Inn near Golders Green / Finchley and booked us in.

About 9pm whilst driving in I called Bonnie A. who was local and I had met at The ISA Experience last month and asked what she was doing. Well she was going out with her friends into London and invited me to join them! She really did call my bluff, not being a big fan of London and the transport systems - so I accepted the offer before I could make my excuses.
Anita L. returned my earlier call about 9.30pm having finished a marathon session of Ceroc dancing, so I invited her along and she said YES! I'm not sure if my friends are the best or the craziest - either way it was going to be a great night.

The kind hotel staff gave me some rough directions to Euston, where I was meeting Anita and after I picked her up, she insisted I drive into London. Saying she was a parking angel she did actually find a parking spot about 3 minutes walk from Leicester Square. There we went to Sounds and met Bonnie, her sister and OJ and Donovan who'd I'd also previously met.
Both being party animals neither Anita or myself wanted to leave as we were all having fun. She did have work in the morning, so I dropped her home in Watford about 2.30am and drove back to the hotel. Satnam had arrived and already locked me out; accidentally he said after I woke him to get in!

It was still a brilliant start to the weekend as I went to bed. Tomorrow we were expecting Sally J, Suzanne J, Van, Simon M and Matt R coming to join us at the hotel ready for 3 days with Roger Hamilton at Alexandra Palace.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

The ISA Post review and plans for the week

It was great meeting up with my ISA Experience buddies last night, including Caroline, Haydn, Gabe, Cari, Jane, Katy, Vicki, Antony et al... Oh and a mention to Christine who has been having a GREAT time since! I missed those that didn't make it due to having other things on, after all it was Friday night so who could blame them! You should check out the Experience, even if it's just to meet up with like-minded people.

We discussed how we were doing with our commitments. I got told off for having too many as it was supposed to be only one. I though if you're going to do something you might as well go all the way right!?
Since the experience I've been getting up at 9am, which is EARLY for me, regardless of whether I go to bed at 2 or 3am. I actually get things done before lunchtime now rather than hiding from all the work. I've also been talking more about the really important stuff in life with people instead of the did you read this in the paper, see that on TV crap. One of my mate's was so taken aback by this last week that he requested a 'dumb-ass' conversation. There is no helping some folk... lol...
I finally answered the 'Who Am I?' question and have a huge list to go through and integrate all the seemingly different things I want to do. My life has actually been coming together quite neatly over the last few months so things don't seem a big challenge anymore.
My buddy Elle probably thinks I'm a stalker with the daily calls, although I'm sure she'll get over it. And I might have to work for Orange for rest of the year to pay off my phone bill but when life's this great who cares!
Well I better finish up as the cookie monster is recommending I take a walk into the kitchen now ;-)

Facebook will be getting a rest as well for a few days. So all pokes are off! Sunday I'm off to the Property Investors Show in Birmingham to catch up with a few people and then see how the evening goes as to where I end up. Then on to London for Roger Hamilton from Monday to Wednesday, yet another reason to catch up with all the wonderful people I know. Will I want to come back?

If you're reading this, can I ask why? Do something productive, catch up with some paperwork, give a friend a call and go out for a social drink with them or do something fun! I'll be back by the end of the week with something new and exciting for you.

Remember life is out there and the world is waiting for you to make it a better place. Are you up for the challenge?

Have a fantastic week and remember to smile,

Bobby :-)

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

New movie '21' out now and Roger Hamilton telecall

Watched '21' the movie at the cinema today about the MIT Blackjack card counting team. Great film! Makes the gambler in me want to fly out to Vegas. Who fancies a trip this summer?


If you missed the Roger Hamilton telecall this morning here it is again. I was going to write it up, though it's not the same as listening to it yourself.

Listen to it now for free at: http://www.rogerhamilton.networkbillionaire.com
Just click on 'audio' near the top of the page.

Some great tips on property investment, the flow of money from West to East, leverage and finding your purpose to make 10 times your current income.

He also mentions sale and rent backs and vendor financing as ways to make money in the current market and converting properties to HMO's.

If you're interested in HMO's take a look at the HMO course I'm offering in partnership with Jim at: http://www.hmo.networkbillionaire.com

Monday, 7 April 2008

Facebook - is it really social?

How strong are the friend links with social networking?

Friends usually expect me to have the answers, this time you'll just find questions for you to do the searching.

Are we losing real contact with one another for the sake of having more 'contacts'?

People add 'friends' and still don't communicate with those friends. Is it a way to feel like you have a group of friends so that you don't feel alone in the big wide world? When was the last time you replied to your friend's message asking how you are?

Some people have added you from school or where you used to work - though beyond an 'add' neither party really cares about the other.

I believe that many facebook ties are weak and a comfort factor for people. They feel a connectedness without being connected. A 'poke' or a 'funwall' post covers having to really interact with anyone. Don't even get me started on all the applications. When was the last time you called your friend?

Facebook is good to meet new people and join groups with similar interests, yet if you can't take this into the real world was it really worth the effort?

The good
If you happen to already have friends, then facebook is a good way to stay in touch and message each other, building on an existing relationship. You can also use it to create meetings/parties and go see your friends. Or if they live too far at least pick up the phone and say HI! Those are your real friends.

The bad
Others are using it to promote their businesses which is acceptable. Until they start to 'spam' people that they don't know by using the weak connection and then going in with a sales pitch. Some even leave random messages like "I'm Good Thanks" implying to other friends they know the person who they've left it for - very sneaky! They should look at my post on social marketing and Web 2.0 and learn!
Luckily there is a privacy and limited profile option that comes in handy. I can try to protect my friends from people that just want to network and build contacts or those I'm not sure who they are by hiding my friends list. They still manage to find the contacts through various groups you sign up. Until some trust is built, it will stay this way. An over reaction? Maybe, maybe not. As networks and users grow, this concern is a growing risk.

Yes I've got so many I don't keep count now, after all who am I to reject people who want to add me as a friend. I'm not sure who 20% of them are. Can anyone really keep a quality connection with more than a couple of hundred people? Or do some people like the quantity!?

And the ugly - Security and background check
In today's age there are people who are setting up false emails and profiles then pretending to know other people to increase their contact list; just because they are on someone's friends or contacts list doesn't mean they even know each other or are genuine people! There is a particular guy in Huddersfield that runs a letting agency who has numerous aliases and tells people he is the friend of other influential individuals in order to gain trust!! So beware and check credentials!
If you are contacted by someone that claims to know me (or another friend) you can always ask me (or them) if that is the case, you'll be surprised at how many people aren't really sure if they know them or have never communicated.

I can reassure you that if we have met, I will be in touch and am not just another face ;-) So if you only wanted to make up numbers to look popular, delete me quick before I come knocking on your door! :-)

Bobby likes to deal with real people in the real world!
Facebook is just for fun and to keep up appearances...

Engaging the audience with social marketing - Web 2.0

Take a look at this great presentation showing how websites and technology are evolving. People want engagement with companies and not to be sold to anymore. YOU need to stand out amongst the masses to be taken seriously.

This is a highly recommended free report and better than a lot of stuff you may have already read. I've just finished reading it and was amazed at his insight into Web 2.0 and marketing on the internet today.

Part 2 of Rich Schefren's Attention Age Doctrine.

Let me know what you think.


Below is a presentation I found, showing what the attention age and social marketing is all about.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Here and Now! Commitments and good deeds.

It's all about the here and now, this moment is the only thing that matters.

I only ever meet great people now that truly inspire me to be the best that I can because they have the same ethos and outlook on life.

Those that say they are happy and in control of their lives, yet fear talking about the things that really matter in life; they are still where they were last week, last month and last year.
"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" - Albert Einstein
To hold onto your issues and say "it's who I am" is just a way to justify it to yourself and not really be in control of your life. This prevents you from being able to do what you REALLY want and what is best for you. Next time listen for that voice that is giving you an excuse to not do something, in case you might fail. There is no such thing as failure, just feedback and learnings.

To let go is just to make a decision to do so. The only time you can do this is when you are ready and genuinely want to move on.

Imagine the difference that you could make to your life and others:

I watched The Peaceful Warrior and sometimes things make more sense depending on where you are in your life when you come across them. Such as Life has just three rules and you already know them.
- Paradox... Life is a mystery. Don't waste time trying to figure it out.
- Humour... Keep a sense of humour, especially about yourself. It is a strength beyond all measure.
- Change... Know that nothing stays the same.

I made some commitments last week and I have been keeping up with them. Like using my mental alarm clock and getting out of bed by 9am every day. Today was difficult as it was a cold morning of the type I don't like - yet I still did it as I do whatever it takes to keep my word. I make the bed and get on with my day, instead of lying there and sleeping in, so that I wouldn't have to deal with anything. I also ring my ISA buddy Elle everyday as promised and will until she changes her number ;-)
I've also been in touch with all of the great people I know this week, as I've been so happy. Orange will be happy adding the talk time to my phone bill, so be it :-)

Last night whilst we were out, I met Adele, a friend of a friend - and on the way back to the car we found a handbag on the pavement, keys, cards, driving licence 'Lauren Faye M' and no cash! It was 2am and we decided to return it to the address where the person lived. Her parents must have been sound asleep when we knocked, so we left it on the doorstep. Hopefully she got home, saw it and got in without waking everyone up. We were going to leave our details, though why did we need to!? The idea of doing someone a good deed is for giving and not expecting in return, otherwise it is just a trade. After all, what goes around comes around if you believe in karma.
And you always do the right thing as well because you know that, don't you...

It's all just a bunch of matter. Check out this funky new song.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Northern Property Network Meeting and public speaking

What a great event! As a launch event this attracted over 100 people and the venue was bursting at the seams. It was so successful that everyone wanted another, Plan B was waiting in the wings for the next event in May which will go much smoother. Planning for success sure is better than preparing for failure!

A big thankyou to everyone that helped promote the event and that was there.
Special thanks to my friends who travelled from around the UK and down from Scotland - Mark S, Stef S and Margaret-Ann D. And to Fraser M, Satnam P, Satie P and Rhett's girls for helping out on the day when I really needed it.
Apologies if I missed anyone as it was great to see you all and thanks for your support. See you next month. Find out more about the April event

Public speaking
- I had to get up in front of everyone and introduce the speakers and it was nerve-racking.
I didn't realise it might be an issue till last weekend at the ISA Experience. Did you know more people fear public speaking more than death!? The great thing I learnt is you should face your fear and do it anyway.

Once I was on stage I was more relaxed and afterwards I felt a great warm glow, I didn't even have to picture the audience naked ;-)
I'd turned the fear and anxiety into excitement and adrenaline. Same feelings, different view point. Try it some time.