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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Sunday 16th March 08 - DMAS Stock Trading Seminar, Euston

I'd got to the hotel at Boston Manor on Saturday night and decided to do a dry run to the tube station, planned for the morning. It took me 15 minutes to walk there in the torrential rain and when I got back to the hotel and went to get something to eat at the restaurant - the waiter offered me a towel to dry up as I was nearly soaked to the bone.

In the morning I decided to drive to station! Setting off at 9.30am I thought I'd make it to Kings Cross / Euston London by 11am -IF it had not been for the maintenance works at Acton and a bus ride (with an obligatory crazy guy) to Hammersmith.

I had to beg the guard at King's Cross to let me out as I couldn't find train ticket in all my pockets and bits of paper. So he finally did - and as I stepped outside to call Andrea S. there it was next to my phone!

Steve L. was giving us a seminar on his DMAS Stock Trading Course. It was especially for those people who had helped out by crewing at UPW last month. It was good to get back-to-basics and learn all the simple stuff again. In the past I had got to 'know' too much and my trading was all over the place. A few of the other traders had also made similar mistakes as I had in the past - and I realised I wasn't the only one who made irrational decisions and got emotional over the trades.

To not be emotionally involved and using a simple set of indicators should be the only way of trading. It gives a clear yes or no on whether the trade should be placed. This info should help to stop losing and win more often, if I apply it in future and also paper trade the ideas for a while.

Andrea, Beth, Harriett, Vaishali, Leena, Teejay, Reza, Lee and others from UPW crew were there and Zoe, Claire and Carrie had sneaked off from Chris Howard's seminar to come down as well. Cheeky...

We went for something to eat afterwards, vegetable biryani two days in a row - better to play safe when travelling. I had to meet Vincent in Milton Keynes on the way back north, so I left early. We hugged each other goodbye and I gave the surprised waiter one on the way out as well - share the love!

Caught the tube to Hammersmith, then got off the bus early at the wrong station so had to wait for another. It was only a few minutes and worth it as it was an old London Bus 'Summer Holiday' style. At Acton I got the wrong Picadilly line and had to come back to start again. Back at Boston Manor I had a puncture and my brother-in-law's car, which I borrow for motorway trips, didn't have a wheel brace in. So I waited an hour for the AA to turn up.

Had my luck run out or was I meant to be late in order to avoid something bad happening? Who knows.

It was about 10.30pm when I set off and I stopped at 2 service stations to kip for 15/20 minutes at a time. I then got home at 3am and slept all morning.

It had been an action packed weekend meeting lots of friends and attending NLP seminars, property and stocks, whilst being challenged by being in London - my brain was in overload! As I write this up I have a property meet in Hudds tomorrow to host. I'm then taking a week or two off before the Northern Property Network - so I'd better get busy organising.

You'll hear from me soon...


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