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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Friday 14th March 08 - Chris Howard, Alexandra Palace

Chris Howard was back in town again and a good excuse to catch up with my UPW friends as well that I crewed with 2 weeks ago.

I set off on Thursday night via Birmingham, having given someone a lift home. Next stop was Milton Keynes, although Vincent W. was stuck in London when I called.

I called in near Watford to say HI to my new friends Fran S. and Dan S. I ended up stopping over as when you've been talking till 12.30am, the couch starts to look comfier than a drive in the cold to find a hotel as planned. That sleeping bag I carry on long trips finally came in handy!

I sneaked out of their house around 6.30am as I didn't want to wake them, considering I'd emptied their living room of all the electronics that I could carry in my bag ;-)

Well it really was a UPW get together when I arrived. Anne, Simon and Jules from the YES Group North were there.

The rest were the UPW gang that I had been missing for the last couple of weeks including, Suzanne J., Gayatri, Zoe S. Claire T., Carrie M and Lizzie B. back from NZ.

I also ran into facebook buddies, Joy and Len S. A few of the property community were there as well including Manan A., Brian A. Savi S., Jelena F. and Juswant and Sylvia R. again. Did I miss anyone!?

The Alexandra Palace at Muswell Hill was a really nice venue compared to the Excel and I thought I'd better book a hotel nearby now for Roger Hamilton next month, else I'll be driving around again at the last minute.

The traffic was really bad trying to get out of the car park at the end, so I had a drink with Savi and left about 11pm for my next stop - Heathrow. The GPS kindly sent me through the centre of London and I went hotel looking on a Friday night... :-/


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