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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Saturday 15th March 08 - Buy to Let Conference, Heathrow

Friday night I drove to a few hotels including the Holiday Inn. There was no room anywhere, even at the Inn!! I couldn't call any of the hotels on my list either as my phone battery had died!

I went to the Novotel where the Buy To Let conference was going to be and they were full too. It was nearly 1am and it didn't look like I was going to find a room. I decided to use the foyer bathroom as it might be a long night! Then Steve F. the organiser walked in and said thanks for coming. I explained my situation and got the the couch second night running, it was a pull out sofa bed too! How 'lucky' was that!?

We got the conference room ready and went to bed at 2am. Steve kindly put on 2 alarms to go off ridiculously early... and it was all go again. Wasn't sure what the breakfast arrangements were but the food was good.

I met some property forum members I'd not spoken to in a while Naveen A. and Chris B. and even more facebook friends including Catherine B.! Small world indeed thanks to the internet.

This was also the second time I'd be listening to people speak this week, having seen them in Nottingham on Tuesday. Rob Moore who have a book and property management company - and Glenn Armstrong about his property BMV course.

Maybe they thought I was a stalker!! Other speakers at the event were Vanish Patel, Ranjan Bhattacharya and Nick Carlile discussing Property courses and franchises.

Steve F. the organiser is helping me set up the Northern Property Network for 2nd April 08 at which Nick C. will be speaker. We will also be looking at doing further projects together.

I was going to miss the speakers on Sunday about Auctions and HMO's. There was something else in London I wanted to attend on Sunday.

I'd called my friend Andrea S. to book me a hotel for the evening near the tube line for tonight, as I had to be in central London in the morning and I didn't want to rely on my luck for tonight as well! So I headed off for 'Boston Manor' about 9pm.


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