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Sunday, 23 March 2008

Peter Sage's Dynamic Party

What a great night! After a couple of invites from Tony Robbins crew and YES friends, Peter Sage kindly acknowledged me as an official gate crasher! :-)

And am I glad he did. What a great party. Peter is a top bloke and his friends are the best! Thankfully we share these, so they're not all his - and they can be yours too if you're lucky!

I travelled to Leicester in the snow (is it Easter or Christmas!?) to be the driver for Phil, Anita, Andrea, Karen and Stephanie A from their hotel. When we arrived at Pete's lovely home the party was pumping and there was very little parking. It was Pete's Leaving Do and he was off to Canada. People had travelled from all over England and Scotland to wish him well and see him off.

Lots of partying, dancing, plenty of food and vino, for those non-teetotal-ers and juice / water for designated Dave's! I had to call it a night at 4.30am. DynamicMike on the other hand was just warming up!

It was almost like a facebook party for me as I got to meet those that had been 'friends' for so long that it was time to actually meet up. A few of them were, apologies if I miss you, Edith and Tim, Alex and Matt from Norwich, Gill from Glasgow and Mike from Edinburgh. Londoners and others were Mac, Karl, Harry, Maya, Gil, Minesh to name a few. These and all the other's really did make the party, it was great hanging round such wonderful people and nice to see they'd all made the effort to come on such a cold and snowy day.

Want to know more about the party!? Sorry if you missed out - you just had to be there! Ask any of the other guests/friends what they thought or see the pics on facebook and maybe even some vids on youtube!

It was a blizzard on the motorway and I arrived back in Hudds for about 6am and it was like a crisp, snowy Christmas morning. I hope you've had a great Easter weekend.

Enjoy the rest of the week and let's look forward to the next holiday / get-together wherever it might me.

Here's wishing a Happy Easter to all the great people there and those that couldn't make it.

Bobby :-)


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