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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

E-Marketing with Frank Furness and Drayton Bird

Thanks to Niri P. at the YES Group North, a group of us were at the Royal Armouries in Leeds for an E-marketing event.

Frank Furness, an e-marketing guru, had some great ideas to share on marketing online and all the brilliant new methods of blogging, video and audio amongst other things. His presentation was first class and improvisation great when a couple of hitches did arise. It was a brain expanding morning and the amount of information to take in was unbelievable. I left there with loads of ideas just bursting to get out. You can find out more about some of his products at his website Frank Furness and get some free downloads as well. Saves me having to write about it all.

They were all worthwhile and you can apply just ne or two to increase your business. I will definitely be finding out more and following up on what he said! It was his suggestion of using www.blogger.com that got me on here.

Met up with fellow YES'ers during lunch - Jo, Simon, Julian, Zoe, Peter and Anne. Isn't it nice when you've got a great bunch of people to hang around with!

Jimmy Saville was also wandering around the place as well, although we didn't ask him to join us.

In the afternoon Drayton Bird was speaking on direct marketing and his approach was less flashy as a creative consultant and more common sense. He discussed a lot more about copywriting skills and how to build a client base and information you need to collect and provide. Also how to writee short and catchy headlines and copy by writing everything you can think of and re-editing many times, so you only have the essentials.

He didn't have any fancy stuff for sale, although you will be able to find some of his books on Amazon and more info on his site at Drayton Bird

What a great week so far and now I'm off for an action packed weekend in London.

As Drayton says: If I had more time, then this message would have been shorter!


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