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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

How a white lie ended me up in a Nottingham court!

Last sunday my uncle called me to ask a favour. He knows I'm always busy and always have time as well because I'm flexible. He asked if I was free on Tuesday or Wednesday. Hmmm... I was going to be busy all day Wednesday and didn't know what he wanted.

As I was off the East Midlands Property Network run by Rhett L. Monday night, I decided to say I might be staying over - well that was that. He needed a favour in Nottingham of all places on the Tuesday morning, to represent him in court representing someone else!? All I had to do was show face and answer any questions if asked.

Tuesday morning I turned up and when it was my turn to go in - the judge asked who I was and why I was there. After I explained, he told me I'd wasted my time coming and thanked me anyway. 11.30am and I was nowhere near my office or PC and wondered what to do.

Well that lie cost me a hotel room for the night and a whole morning - so beware: What goes around comes around!

The meeting the night before had been good and I got to meet John F. who copped out of buying drinks as he only had Euros - he had travelled from Ireland (he was working in Worcester that week)

The speakers were Rhett L., Lisa, Glenn A. and Rob M. who did a really good job. Rhett will be speaking at the www.northernpropertynetwork.co.uk on the 2nd of April and Rob will be hopefully attending and talking at the next one.

Wasted my time coming!? Little did the judge know that my time had not been wasted as we all have a purpose and end up in places for one reason or another.

I called a couple of people for brunch in the Nottingham area, although no-one was available. Well I probably won't be coming back for a few years again. Next stop? Birmingham, I was on holiday for the day after all.

I met Sandy D. a friend from UPW in a nice, quiet village called Henley-in-arden for a speed lunch. Nothing like trying to squeeze some quality time into half an hour. Smile You have to try the rum and raisin ice cream at Henley's Ices if you're ever passing through.

Hmmm... next stop? Lets go see Jim H. in Wednesbury - got there about 2.30pm and did a tour of some of his houses and some mutual support as fellow hard done by landlords.

Next I went to see fatboy Dev N. in Walsall about 6pm, we got a Pizza Hut and realised I'd only had ice cream all day! Well fed and I hit the motorway in freak weather conditions -with gales and rain all the way to Manchester.

Wasted day? I didn't think so!


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