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Friday, 27 June 2008

Dr John Demartini - On love, life and relationships

A long standing member of the YES Group Martin Boothe passed away and though I didn't really know him, you could feel the love in the air. He was the dance co-ordinator and had worked with many great singers and at UPW with Tony Robbins and the crew. Someone who had touched many lives and will be loved and missed by friends and family alike. My sincerest regards go to everyone who was in his life, especially his wife and daughter.

Just wanted to mention it was great catching up with Natalie M from UPW crew the day before my NLP course started, as she was over from France for a few days. Went into London and spent most of the evening in Victoria actually. Didn't do anything special and it was still lots and lots of fun! :-)
Also got to meet her cousin Charlotte who is a self-classified 'plastic' who likes Dolly Parton (!?) and thinks all 'chavs' should be exterminated... no, really! She's a really nice girl and could do with just meeting and being friends with a few people from different backgrounds, to realise there is more to life than what people think of you. Just be yourself! Which nicely brings me onto...

Dr John Demartini was talking at the YES Group in London on love, life and relationships. If you've never had the opportunity to hear him, what have you been waiting for?

John Demartini presents a captivating blend of science, sociology, history and philosophy, presented in a completely accessible way, to give you a fresh new look at human behavior. He is as entertaining and humorous as he is profound and insightful. His work is the culmination of 34 years of research and study into the practical application of more than 28,000 texts in over 200 different disciplines ranging from psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, theology, neurology and physiology.

I almost had to beg Nicky to let us finish our NLP course early on the Wednesday so we could go and see him. She finally agreed and told me to get off my knees. We took most of the people on the course along, Steve T, Caroline E, Nicky P, Paul C, Chris, Amelia, Eileen, Nawar and Alex.

Karl P's mum, Elaine, also came for the first time in 15 years since her son founded the first YES Group in London and had a blast! I also got a chance to catch up with some friends including Andrea S, Anita L, Vaishali P, Richard, Chris J and Fiona W whose birthday it was and Peter S who had dried off since the soaking I gave him at Wealth Mastery.

John Demartini talked about how men and women differ, men are from apes and women from centipedes (shoe joke).
The fact that it is not possible to fail as we will always do what is in accordance with our values and not neccesarily anyone else's. And the only way to screw up is if you're on the bottom ;-)

We have time, money and energy for those things and people that are important in our lives. When a partner's values are different, you need to look at how those different values still contribute to your life and allow you to do the things you love. Only then can you truly appreciate the one that you are with.

Everyone has different values and expecting them to change is as if someone was to come and ask you to CHANGE to honour their values more instead of yours.
Having to accept someone for who they are and be willing to let them go if you cannot find some common ground. To put someone on a pedestal and be infatuated is to belittle ourselves and to look down on someone and put them in the dog house does not make us better!

How we attract into our lives the things that we need most and challenge us. Even all the great things we look in a partner can be found in the people around us, just not in one package. And as we wonder about look for the one, we then find them and wonder about the many.
After all, we can only see in others what already exists in us. And these traits will manifest themselves in people until we deal with it and accept it.
"Until we learn the lessons, we are doomed to make the same mistakes again and again."

I went to talk with him afterwards and to ask for a picture and all I could say was thank you for such a wonderful talk and how we appreciated him taking the time to come and talk to us. He has such an aura about him and a presence that you feel.

The biggest message that I took away was to just say "Thank you and I love you!" to everyone in your life. Even those that you think have challenged you along your journey.

I prayed as I drove home. To get in touch with my spiritual side you ask?
Nope, I'd got lost in London yet again (after my GPS had fun with me in Soho last weekend) and I was also running on vapour, as I'd not passed a petrol station.

You'd be amazed how far faith can get you when running on empty! ;-)


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