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Monday, 16 June 2008

Anita's Party Bus

On Saturday I drove down to London for Anita's birthday. I'd managed to make a plan of parking at Finchley, catching the tube in and stopping in Westminster University halls near Leicester Square for the night at a bargain £31. So much for best laid plans, hey.

Parked at Finchley, got on the tube and Hagop called to say I should drive to Gloucester Road and park at Lexham Gardens for the weekend. So I got off the tube and went back to my car and drove down. I got to the halls near Victoria station for about 6pm and rushed to meet Anita and co. at Warwick Bar near Piccadilly Circus for 7pm. Got to meet Andrea S, Nicky P (who I'm NLP'ing with next week) and lots of new friends including Rosemary, Ken, Sam, Lee et al... Phil N being late meant we were sharing the bus with a stag do rather than a hen do on the earlier bus - he owes me a night out!

We had hired a Party Bus for the evening. A bit like Summer Holiday without Cliff Richard. About 20 of us clambered aboard for a night of partying and going around London.

We stopped off at The Verve which was a little dodgy. After which the bus driver had an argument with some scaffolding on a tight bend. The driver eventually won but the bus was left with a couple of scars... oops!

Then we went to a classy place called The Babble. The security was tighter than Fort Knox but at least it kept the chavs out.

We finished our trip at the nightclub Roxy Blue. Where we were having the most fun in there. How do I know? Well when you do 'the chicken' and people want to join in instead of point and laugh, you're onto a winner ;-) And I was just warming up!

At 2.30am everyone headed home and Phil's mate Lee decided we should stay out a little longer. We walked to The End where it was couples only. I told the door man we were together and he suggested a gay bar. Where do they find these brainless jerks with no sense of humour or manners? A taxi driver suggested Egg Nightclub near Kings Cross, so we thought what the heck. Luckily the door staff there were human and let us in.

We stayed out till about 6.40am and then walked to the tube to get the first one home. Lee was off to Hampstead. I was going to pick up my bags from near Victoria.
Met some DJ wandering the streets who had lost his keys in a drain and needed money for a ticket home. I bought my tube ticket and gave him what I had left in my pockets. His story seemed so bizarre that I doubt he could have made it up.
Helped a lady with her bags at Victoria who was leaving to go to Canada, to be honest she didn't have many bags to be emigrating!
I got to my room for 8am and slept 90 minutes before showering and checking out at 10am! Money well spent on a room, at least I got some sleep.

My legs were aching from an evening of dancing as I walked around London and the tubes. Met Hagop in Westminster then to see Fiona over in Shepherds Bush. They are probably tired of me calling in every week, unfortunately (for them) none of my other London friends were around. I left about 3pm as I was tired and sober enough to drive. I got 30 minutes kip in a service station, oh the fun of sleeping in my car. (unrelated link - Roxette rocks)

Got home for 8pm Sunday and slept through till 11am on Monday. Ready to go at another week.


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