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Friday, 18 April 2008

Roger Hamilton - Your Life, Your Legacy Event and a night in Camden

Your Life Your Legacy in London

We had 3 days of fun, learning and networking. I met loads of fantastic people - old friends, online buddies and new faces as well.

Even before I got to Alexandra Palace we had met friendly staff in the Holiday Inn where we stopped and the best service I've ever received in a restaurant was at Robella in Finchley, which I recommend you check it out.

There were around 1000 people attending Your Life Your Legacy and many of them had brilliant ideas and were passionate about what they were doing. I got to meet many of them and felt privileged to be in their presence. We are all different yet more alike than you'd first think. A lot of socialising was done at the event, during lunch, in the hotels and bars. And we had lots of fun even when things weren't going to plan, like when I wouldn't leave till last orders, then Sally J and me got locked in the car park. Oh the tears of laughter...

We found out about getting in flow and just letting go... When in flow everyone around you lights up. If it feels like hard work and causes stress then it is a sign that we are out of flow and need to check in.
Another idea was to give with abundance, as there is only so much you can take, yet giving has no limits! By playing in the flame, you can use your candle to light others and it costs the candle nothing to light up another!

Most of the learning are from Chinese philosophies and you can find out more by reading Rogers books Wink or Your Life Your Legacy

Everything has a season, so find out where the money is, pick a niche in business, be Number 1 and stand for something. This will attract people to you instead of chasing them and the money. By being the best and always delivering creates a circle of trust. As a supporter I have found that I can make money by helping others make money.

The reward is the journey when you are taking part, playing the game, contributing and having fun!

I realised I had slipped from my path and in doing so had not made the changes around me that I wanted and hadn't contributed as much as I could. I am now back on it thanks to Roger and finding out my wealth profile as well. I also learnt that I have currencies other than money, so if anyone would like to trade I can give you property expertise, my time, great hugs and an excellent shoulder massage :-)

What if you could make a difference, why wouldn't you?

Wealth profiling
My wealth profile was Supporter! Which makes sense to anyone that know's me. You can find out more about the profiles and what your natural path is at the Wealth Dynamics site.

You can get more information about the philosophies of what we learnt and how to work together from his book and other products available through the Excel Results Foundation. They also have a global networking group to improve your business and save you time finding trusted people to work with.

Friends in Camden

After the seminar we did a night out with the committed in Camden Town. I drove with Fiona M and Satnam and Savi S drove down too, following me being directed by the crazy lady's voice from the Sat Nav.

We went to the Inspiral Lounge where we met Jane T and Lizzie B. Miguel P, Hagop T and Cynthia came to meet us too. I'd been hanging out with wonderful people all weekend and these were the ones that were still going strong and would travel across the city at all hours for each other. I felt priveliged to be in such great company.

Whilst people are busy thinking about doing things, others are taking action into the unknown and that's where it's all at! And I knew that those people I had met over the week and especially the friends I was with, they were the ones that will make that magic happen; now and in the future. It was a brilliant week in London ending with a beautiful night in Camden. This was the kind of night that memories are made of.

I finally set off around 2am after dropping off Miguel and Fiona, getting back home and to bed for 6am. Tomorrow was going to be a brand new day!


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