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Monday, 16 June 2008

Ryll Burgan on Step Up foundation

Michelle C from the XL group in Manchester had organised a great event in Blackpool, which had Ryll Burgan come over and professional speaker from Australia and a successful entrepreneur. She believes we all have a probable future and and also a possible future. It is the latter we should embrace as the past does not equal the future if you don't want it to.

By far Ryll's greatest accomplishment has been creating 'StepUP Foundation' - a non profit whose purpose is 'shifting the future of humanity' by educating and exciting teenagers about what's possible for their futures in business and in life. Under Ryll's leadership, stepUP has now worked with just under 6,000 teenagers – 40% of whom are underprivileged or at risk - with 98% of teens reporting stepUP was the most 'empowering experience of my life'. Ryll has successfully expanded stepUP across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Approximately 20,000 teens are expected to participate in stepUP's programs globally.


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