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Thursday, 3 April 2008

Northern Property Network Meeting and public speaking

What a great event! As a launch event this attracted over 100 people and the venue was bursting at the seams. It was so successful that everyone wanted another, Plan B was waiting in the wings for the next event in May which will go much smoother. Planning for success sure is better than preparing for failure!

A big thankyou to everyone that helped promote the event and that was there.
Special thanks to my friends who travelled from around the UK and down from Scotland - Mark S, Stef S and Margaret-Ann D. And to Fraser M, Satnam P, Satie P and Rhett's girls for helping out on the day when I really needed it.
Apologies if I missed anyone as it was great to see you all and thanks for your support. See you next month. Find out more about the April event

Public speaking
- I had to get up in front of everyone and introduce the speakers and it was nerve-racking.
I didn't realise it might be an issue till last weekend at the ISA Experience. Did you know more people fear public speaking more than death!? The great thing I learnt is you should face your fear and do it anyway.

Once I was on stage I was more relaxed and afterwards I felt a great warm glow, I didn't even have to picture the audience naked ;-)
I'd turned the fear and anxiety into excitement and adrenaline. Same feelings, different view point. Try it some time.


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