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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

New movie '21' out now and Roger Hamilton telecall

Watched '21' the movie at the cinema today about the MIT Blackjack card counting team. Great film! Makes the gambler in me want to fly out to Vegas. Who fancies a trip this summer?


If you missed the Roger Hamilton telecall this morning here it is again. I was going to write it up, though it's not the same as listening to it yourself.

Listen to it now for free at: http://www.rogerhamilton.networkbillionaire.com
Just click on 'audio' near the top of the page.

Some great tips on property investment, the flow of money from West to East, leverage and finding your purpose to make 10 times your current income.

He also mentions sale and rent backs and vendor financing as ways to make money in the current market and converting properties to HMO's.

If you're interested in HMO's take a look at the HMO course I'm offering in partnership with Jim at: http://www.hmo.networkbillionaire.com


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