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Saturday, 12 April 2008

The ISA Post review and plans for the week

It was great meeting up with my ISA Experience buddies last night, including Caroline, Haydn, Gabe, Cari, Jane, Katy, Vicki, Antony et al... Oh and a mention to Christine who has been having a GREAT time since! I missed those that didn't make it due to having other things on, after all it was Friday night so who could blame them! You should check out the Experience, even if it's just to meet up with like-minded people.

We discussed how we were doing with our commitments. I got told off for having too many as it was supposed to be only one. I though if you're going to do something you might as well go all the way right!?
Since the experience I've been getting up at 9am, which is EARLY for me, regardless of whether I go to bed at 2 or 3am. I actually get things done before lunchtime now rather than hiding from all the work. I've also been talking more about the really important stuff in life with people instead of the did you read this in the paper, see that on TV crap. One of my mate's was so taken aback by this last week that he requested a 'dumb-ass' conversation. There is no helping some folk... lol...
I finally answered the 'Who Am I?' question and have a huge list to go through and integrate all the seemingly different things I want to do. My life has actually been coming together quite neatly over the last few months so things don't seem a big challenge anymore.
My buddy Elle probably thinks I'm a stalker with the daily calls, although I'm sure she'll get over it. And I might have to work for Orange for rest of the year to pay off my phone bill but when life's this great who cares!
Well I better finish up as the cookie monster is recommending I take a walk into the kitchen now ;-)

Facebook will be getting a rest as well for a few days. So all pokes are off! Sunday I'm off to the Property Investors Show in Birmingham to catch up with a few people and then see how the evening goes as to where I end up. Then on to London for Roger Hamilton from Monday to Wednesday, yet another reason to catch up with all the wonderful people I know. Will I want to come back?

If you're reading this, can I ask why? Do something productive, catch up with some paperwork, give a friend a call and go out for a social drink with them or do something fun! I'll be back by the end of the week with something new and exciting for you.

Remember life is out there and the world is waiting for you to make it a better place. Are you up for the challenge?

Have a fantastic week and remember to smile,

Bobby :-)


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