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Monday, 21 April 2008

Catherine and Niri's Big 40th YES party!

After a brilliant week in London could it get any better? I'd already missed Una D's house warming on Friday night attended by only women! If that was anything to go by what would the weekend be like.

Saturday was a 10 hour session of great speakers and friends for Catherine and Niri Patel's 40th birthday. They are the organisers of the YES Group North which we attend every month in Huddersfield.

The line-up of speakers were friends of the Patel's and had travelled across the UK and around the globe to wish Catherine and Niri the best. There were also around 100 friends attending.

We got to spend time with and listen to Andy Bounds, Frank De Raffele Jr. Chris Hughes, Judy May Murphy, Brigitte Sumner, David Taylor and Catherine's brother David and Niri himself. I would love to tell you how good they were and what a fantastic time I had, I just can't find or write the words to do them justice - you just had to be there! They all shared some wonderful stories and insights and all I can recommend is you go see them when they are around next - or at least check out their books.

We did some fun exercises bending people's arms and pushing them over, when we try hard it is difficult to make them move or resist - yet when we just let go and relaxed it was so easy. Maybe that's what I need to do in life is relax more, so that I can take on any challenges without trying to fight them!? We also did some bar bending (again) and board breaking. After about 7 or 8 attempts, a sore hand and some coaching; I finally managed to break through the board and didn't feel a thing when I did! People on the front row said I had a different look in my eye and they knew I would do it.

It was a awesome way to end a brilliant week. With inspirational friends, laughter and lots and lots of fun with some really wonderful people! Next week has a lot to live up to! :-)

You can also donate to Catherine and Niri's chosen charity, the NSPCC here: http://www.justgiving.com/yesgroup


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