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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Small Business Training and Networking Event - Leeds

Daniel Latto of the Think Tank Group has a Business Training and Networking Event in Leeds called Marketing Your Small Business.

David Price, a business coach from Price Property, explained how we need to measure our marketing, as you can't improve what you don't measure. Also he discussed how to automate things, in such a way that you put procedures and flow charts in place so that anyone can pick up a job and complete it without having to 'think' too much, just like a McDonald's franchise.

John Lee was doing a talk on business and NLP. Techniques that you can use to build rapport with people and how to overcome objections. His website is BMV Tips if you want some more info. He will be at the Northern Property Network meeting in 2 weeks to discuss how to do BMV deals and how to effectively negotiate with vendors and estate agents.

One of the funny things someone said when I explained NLP as sometimes just being 'common sense' (a very simple explanation in layman's term), he asked where he could get it and how much I charged! This made us both laugh as we all have it and fail to use it a lot of the time.

Most of the people I've helped with coaching has been through the application of 'common sense' and NLP to deal with any issues and problems that just needed to be viewed in a different light. It's easy when you know how: Find out more about NLP here

John and myself went to La Tasca for a chat and to discuss a few ideas. He had a flight to Turkey with his girlfriend at 6am, yet sometimes time just flies. Especially with discussions that stretched out beyond the realms of current reality and NLP. Like how experience allows us to just know things. I'm reading a good book called Blink at the moment about 'knowing'. How we can know a situation or a person in a split second and then try to justify it or intellectualise it to ourselves. I also told him about a couple of plans I just wanted to put 'out there'.

Instincts, they're a wonderful thing when we listen to them!

And on the way home the clutch went on my Audi Coupe! It had been slipping for a while and I should have know better. Was it a sign?
Maybe it was; to get my Mk.1 Golf GTi out of the garage and put it back on the road.


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