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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Clayton Ainger, An Evening with the Real You

I'd met Debra Brown from Global Hugs at the Chris Howard seminar and she invited me to an event run by Mastery Gym in Manchester. As my car was awaiting repairs, I'd managed to borrow the neighbour's car to drive over because he's on holiday till the weekend, isn't that lucky...

I was intrigued when the speaker was Clayton Ainger, who works with intuition and healing. When I checked out his site, my friends Anita Langley and Nicky Pool were top of the testimonials and you can't get a better recommendation than that.

Clayton Ainger is a Spiritual teacher, Shamanic healer, NLP master practitioner and gifted public speaker. Combined with his experience as a successful Accountant and Tax Consultant, he now works as a highly sought after business consultant for national and international companies such as Hewlett Packard, Lloyds TSB and UK Ministry of Defence.

It was an interesting evening. I had been looking for an intuition person for the last few weeks and one had been manifested in Manchester and he already had testimonials from a couple of friends. I like how we always turn up in the right place at the right times. As we can't be in the wrong place, since we're not there! :-)

We discussed what our priorities in life should be to live the life we want. First to accept who you are, which is a spiritual unified being. Then finding what gives you joy and simply doing it, before sharing it with others that enhance your life and finally being open to receiving.

If we work from the other end focusing on the 1% of what we don't have and want for our ego, by looking at the lack it creates an awful feeling of fear, hurt and inadequacy; missing the 99% of the things already in our lives which are good, give us joy and part of our higher self. The ego wants things now and the spirit knows it is a journey and to enjoy the longevity.
By being aware, it creates presence which brings us into the now, from where there is a choice to be proactive (soul) or reactive (back to the ego).

When coming from a place of gratitude, it is so much easier to enjoy life and the rest takes care of itself. Put the intention out to the universe and it will deliver in it's own time.

I know I'm definitely on the right path. As the night before I'd just mentioned that I was going to find a job with a professional company with unlimited upside of £1m+ and offer to work for free and on a commission only basis. I seem to be able to spot the problems in other people's businesses, lives and relationships that they are unaware of.
Prior to this evening's event I received a call from a friend, another fateful chance meeting, asking me to come and see them about such a position; this was before I'd even told anyone about it! The world works in mysterious ways.

“The thing that is most amazing about Clayton’s programme is the impact it can have on any individual and member of a company or organisation. I have seen it happen over and over again, the transformations are unbelievable. He is an amazing, amazing presenter as well as an extraordinary human being. I highly, highly recommend all his programmes. Being True To You really will transform your life” - Joe Williams, Tony Robbins Head Trainer, Consultant, Author, Coach
Clayton also does readings and retreats around the world. The Real You and the Soul Awakening retreat is a culmination of Clayton’s spiritual journey. This is his passion – helping people to embrace their individuality and to experience the very best of who they are, so they live a life that truly makes their heart sing! You can find out more at his website here: Clayton Ainger

"We make a living from what we get; we make a life by what we give." – Winston Churchill


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