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Friday, 1 August 2008

Trust, reality and woo woo! How many sides does a coin really have?

Trust is something you have with someone that you are in rapport with. For example with a friend or a stranger who gives you a good vibe. It is something that is felt and can not really be verbalised or bought. When someone you trust tells you something then it is taken for granted and as truth. You do not need to check up on anything and you take what you are told as fact. Who do you trust? And is your trust written in the sand or engraved in stone?

What is Reality?
Reality is what we create. Things just are. We attach the meaning to them whether it be good or bad, right or wrong, happy or sad. This is just us projecting our values onto them and it makes it true - but remember it makes it true only for you and not another person viewing that event. Your beliefs create your reality and your reality your beliefs!

If we look for good people, we will only see good people. If you KNOW you had a good experience with someone, then it WAS a good experience. If someone had a bad experience then it was bad!

When someone you trusts tells you something, it becomes reality. When this goes against what you already believe, then this causes you to really think. Questions will come up like, are they talking about the same person or event? Are they sure? Are they lying? Was my view of the experience wrong? Did I misjudge something? What is the truth and real?

When your reality is shaken it can be an uncomfortable thing. As it is usually not in the physical sense, which your five senses can try to deal with and understand. Which will win, your value system and beliefs or the new one's given to you by someone else. Or you could always be open-minded and combine the two and see what you come up with.

My reality is still work in progress and I like it my way. Although I like to hear other viewpoints and expand it. Sometimes even I get confused and do not know what is real anymore. Yes, even in this world that I created!

Woo-woo (as my friend calls it)
For example the person you see in the shadows or at the end of the bed. Are they really there or is a figment of your imagination. As kids we would have hidden under the covers or called out to our parents. Well we're all now grown ups, so we rationalise it as being shadows or the mind playing tricks on us whilst we are half asleep. That's all it is after all!?
Now what if someone told you they were real, how would you feel? Probably something you don't want to think about, right. Just maybe they are telling you the truth though, they aren't intentionally trying to scare you, just giving you another viewpoint of what really is. The fear is yours and put onto the thought by you.
Then again, what if that entity was an angel, would it then be something to be afraid of or a blessing? That same silhouette now helps you sleep. It is what you make it.

Someone complained I was getting 'philosophical and shit' last week (i think the two things are mutual for many people) so I will leave you here with the 'spiritual and stuff'. Some things in life people don't want to think about; for example stepping out of the rat race, knowing they can achieve whatever they want, getting philosophical and thinking, to realising they have a spiritual side and that their is another world beyond what we can see. So who am I to disturb your comfort... I know as I don't always appreciate it when people shake my world. This is yours to read and take or leave as you wish.

Remember no-one is right or wrong, things just are. Everyone is good and has the best of intentions. Good people do what we perceive to be bad things. This does not make them bad though, after all - to see certain traits in a person, we have to possess them first.
Think of a time you may have done something, that when you look back at it now, falls into your definition of bad. And you know that you're a good person and soul!

Angels and devils, saints and sinners, they're one and the same.

How many sides does a coin have?
If you answered two, do you see both sides of a story or just your own?
Three sides? Well done, people sometimes forget about the rim.
Four or more sides? Just because we can't see the inside doesn't mean it's not there!
Back in the two-dimensional world (yes, I wrote 2D) that the majority of people live in:
“It doesn’t matter how many sides the coin has. The only thing people can see is the money!”

Next time you come across something that you think is one way, stop and take a moment to take a look at all the others as well and those sides that may be there. Pass no judgement on them, as they all just are different sides to the whole - and that whole is also you...

"You are who you are because of everyone. Your future is bright."


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