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Monday, 2 March 2009

Britains Next Top Coach - Bobby's Top 10

We might be living in challenging times but the 10 people below have some hints, tips and ideas to help you. Click on any image to visit their profile page. If you connect with them and like what they say then vote for them.

Why have I shortlisted the following people? Because I'm biased.
They are already friends I know, have met and/or am connected to on Facebook.

Elliot Kay Elliot Kay - met at Your Life Your Legacy, XL member, Play To Win and lots of other seminars :-) from London

Una Doyle Una Doyle - meet at YES Group, from Leeds

Emma Stiles Emma Stiles - met at Play To Win, from Manchester

Anne Smith Anne Smith - met at Play To Win, from Norwich

Mary Dempsey Mary Dempsey - met on NLP Practitioner Course, from St. Albans

Marie-Claire Carlyle Marie-Claire Carlyle - met on Bob Proctor Cruise, from Chester

Trevor Hoskisson Trevor Hoskisson - met on Bob Proctor Cruise, from Taunton

Jimmy Petruzzi Jimmy Petruzzi - Fellow Northerner from Prestwich, Manchester :-)

So there's your Top 10 to choose from!

What's that!? There's only nine?
Well they were the only coaches I knew who are in the running - and I didn't enter to give everyone else a chance.
If I was number 10, your vote would be a given as you're reading this blog post. For now though, check out the above contestants and give the one that you connect with most, your vote. Bobby

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  1. well with two more days left to vote I might as well shamelessly plug myself too LOL


    just surprised you didn't enter yourself bobby ;)

  2. Good on you! A lot of respect to everyone stepping up to enter the competition.

    I'm not willing to step out of my comfort zone yet. I make enough difference in my own way without needing public notoriety.. lol..

    Watch out for the paparazzi!