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Monday, 12 May 2008

Property Investors Show weekend in Manchester

I was supposed to be staying at home on Friday doing paperwork and then meet a few people at the show on the weekend. Then Fraser Macdonald from Property Fit called me and offered to buy me a coffee - did I need an excuse to jump on the next train to Manchester.

I arrived at the Property Investors Show in Manchester about 2pm. It was really quiet compared to previous years. Was this due to the current property market conditions, credit crunch and a tightening of mortgage lenders criteria!? With off-plan companies going bust and prices predicted to drop 30% it isn't a pleasant scene. If only I had access to the crystal ball that these journalists were using and I'd know where I should be putting my money ;-) Come and find out what the professionals are doing at our regular Northern Property Network events.

Luckily those present are serious about the business and not fair weather sailors. Property has been, is and always will be a long term investment. Those that made money in the last few years were fortunate to have the market carry them! Now will be the time to find out who stays in business. NOW is actually a great time to be buying as much of the competition has been scared off and the public consensus of where the prices are headed is negative.

Had a great time at the show and got to meet loads of people on their stands including Ranjan Bhattacharya, Vanish Patel from the Property Networking Club and team. Parmdeep Vadesha was there from the Property Tycoons Forum with Manan and Hanif.

I spent most of my time with Simon Zutshi and his merry band on the Property Investors Network stand as they seemed to be having the most fun and many of my property investor friends were around there as well.

Jim Haliburton of HMO Daddy kindly offered for me to join the rest of the exhibitors for drinks at Loaf after the show. It would have been rude to say no, especially as it was lovely weather and a good enough reason to have a day off from being tee-total!

We all went for drinks and an Italian meal at Gio Ristorante. We also by Glenn Armstrong and his team, along with Jason Bonner who I'd not seen since Brad Sugars in Vegas!

Afterwards most people went home - Jason insisted on a trip to The Birdcage - the highlight being watching a bunch of guys in drag impersonating The Spice Girls - now that was an interesting way to end the evening! Or so I thought till I ended up on the railway station platform about 2.45am, waiting for the 3.38am back to Huddersfield! A small price to pay for a great day. Then I realised I had to be up at 9.30am for 5-a-side football, oh well :-)

Came back to Manchester on Saturday evening for another round with Simon and Co. A quick drink with Jason and made sure I caught the 11.30pm train home and then drove in on Sunday. Back to Monday and time to plough through that paperwork that's been sat around all weekend!


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