"Don't part with your dreams - when they are gone you may still exist but you will have ceased to live" - Mark Twain

"Do you know that this blog wouldn't exist if it wasn't for you being here to read it!?" - Bobby Gill

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Are you living the life you desire?

Are you busy sleeping and dreaming of the life you want to live OR awake and living it!
When you're living life and having such a great time, who wants to go home and sleep!?

What another brilliant week with lots to do, more wonderful people and busy, busy, busy....

Wednesday 23rd April 08 - Yes Group meeting and a board breaking workshop. Everyone else was breaking through their boards easily and I remembered how it took me many attempts to do it at the weekend. The voice in my head said "You'll look silly if you can't break it now", then the other voice said "Well you'd better make sure you do it first time then." The latter won!

Saturday 26th April 08 - Last weekend I had no plans whatsoever after another hectic month. Then Fiona M. rang as she had turned up in Leeds and realised Huddersfield is just next door. So I went to meet her and we looked at a couple of houses then went to Frankie and Benny's for some food and beer, it was a nice warm day and as a tee-totaler I deserved a day off ;-)

Having sat through seven Happy Birthday's it was time to leave. I was getting concerned we were taking up a table and just sat chatting. When we settled the bill, the waitress thanked us for sticking around as it made her job easier serving everyone else - see what happens when you assume one thing and you're actually helping out without realising it!

We were back in Hudds and at 9pm, Fiona asked for a lift to the train station. Only one problem, the last train to London had gone at 8.30am. Lucky we just go with the flow these days so it wasn't a major panic moment.

Sunday 27th April 08 - She stayed over and I gave her a lift to Leeds for the 9.4oam in the morning. I asked if she wanted breakfast and catch the next train. She said she had to leave early then called 5 minutes later saying it was cancelled, so had to catch the next one, breakfast it was. She had also bought an open-ended ticket instead of the day return as planned - coincidence, serendipity or karma?

Monday 28th April 08 - got called last minute to come and play footy in the evening. Rest of the day must have been uneventful if I can't remember a week later!

Tuesday 29th April 08 - Decided to go to London to see some friends (and avoid all the work I had to do). Called a few people in the Midlands on the way down and no-one was in. Ended up on Dan and Fran's couch for the evening in Watford - thanks guys :-)

Wednesday 30th April 08 - Went to meet Gil S. in Hendon and Jemma P. in Baker Street to discuss what events they were on with. Also got to meet Fiona M. again as she had an appointment in the area. I then had to rush off to the YES Group in London, which was my excuse for being in London for the day.

I had the privilege of listening to Richard McCann talk about how he has overcome the big challenges in his life with an I CAN attitude. From his mother being murdered by the Yorkshire Ripper, drug abuse, family problems and drug abuse.

The other speaker was the Can Can Man Ben Kench who says There's No Such Word as Can't. He discussed how small business can market themselves and get ahead of the competition through promotion, staying in touch and being memorable.

After the event I stuck around talking to Anita L, Harriett J, Sarah-Jane H, Dwayne K, Pa J, Alex and others. Having so much fun it was about 12.30am and a little late to call anyone that was working for a couch to crash on, so drove back home to Hudds for 4am.

Thursday 1st May 08 - *It hits the fan! Got a call from one of my tenants about 9.30am as a boiler had backed in at one of my student properties. Got the plumber out straight away. Unfortunately can't get the parts until Wednesday or a new boiler till Tuesday as it's apparently a bank holiday coming up!

In the evening I went to an event with David Lee in Manchester discussing Cash Flow Investing With Lease Options For UK Buy to Let. This is a very good option for people struggling to buy or sell and investors to buy more properties in a tight 'credit crunch' mortgage market. Take a look at his site and get some free info here: Rent to Own Strategies

It was great catching up with the other Property Forum members I'd not met before, and finding some fellow UPW'ers in the crowd. So I will be catching up with Sam Q and John L at Wealth Mastery next week. Another great night with brilliant people and I got lost in Oldham on the way home! Oops... this was going to be an early night and I was in bed for 4.30am!

Friday 2nd May 08 - Met my architect Rod W to discuss a build job this summer. Then went for lunch with Sarah W and discussed lease options as a way to sell her house (I just don't know when I'm working or having fun these days!) She tired me out so much that I went home to bed at 4pm till 10pm to catch up on rest, or was it a busy week that did it to me? :-)

Saturday 3rd May 08 - Got up and played football. Then went to Hollingworth Lake to see Steve F to discuss plans and put a calendar together for rest of the year. The best laugh we had was when I told him about an Internet Experts event coming up soon, we tried searches in Google for Internet Entrepreneurs, Internet Experts, by speaker names, date of the event and location and we came up with nothing - so much for Internet experts that can't be found on the internet... lol...
Afterwards went to visit Karen S in Heywood. Got back to Hudds for about 9pm and straight to Emily P's birthday party. Missed catching up with Andrew A and Adele K in town. Where does the time go. Had trouble explaining to Tom how working for free is beneficial. Some people will always be chasing a wage and blaming others if they don't have work... oh well. home for a reasonable 2am and think I'll rest (or write up my blog on Sunday)

So let me ask you again: When you're living life and having such a great time, who wants to go home and sleep?


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