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Monday, 8 March 2010

Logorama Oscar Winner on the internet

The good news is Logorama won an Oscar for Best animated Short Film for it's makers.
The bad news is, it has been shared online and gone viral - and people upload it as fast as it is taken down. I got to watch the short animated film below and think it's brilliant! If you get a chance to see it you should to decide if it's worth all the fuss. A Joker-esque Ronald McDonald definitely screams law suit but I don't think there'll be another McLibel but you never know.


Excerpts from the film makers website: Autour De Minuit

"Actually, after having a brief discussion today with Elsa Chevallier from Autour de Minuit, she just confirmed that this video should not and MUST NOT be shared online for 2 main reasons, first of all it was a copyrighted piece of art made by H5 on their free time and took them a very long time and a lot of hours of hard work to make it, 6 years have been necessary to make that film, but more than that as this video have been made with more than 2,500 logos of the world top brands and that they never asked the right to use them (which was humanly impossible to do it anyway IMO) and more than that, the image of those brands is severly « heckled » so they could be sued by all of them ending in a certain death for that company.

UPDATE: with its Oscar won last night, people are publishing all over the web the full length movie since the past 2 days, that is so lame.
UPDATE 2: If you’re in the USA, UK, Germany and Canada you can find Logorama in full length on iTunes" - Source: Charles Nouyrit

Full video if it's still available online: