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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Plane crashes and sinking ships

I'd set my alarm and woke up late from Dan's couch. Rushing to the airport I got my flight on good time and ended up sitting next to Tracy and Andy and their two daughters, also off for a cruise from Miami. Tracy had been to see a hypnotist about fear of flying. Well after 20 minutes chatting I'd blasted through that phobia and put her mind to rest and she forgot to panic, how awful that must feel to have relaxed a take-off!! I'm not a hypnotist, people are, they hypnotise themselves and I just put the record straight or put them in a nicer more resourceful trance. Reminds me about watching the Poseidon Adventure prior to a cruise, how nuts is that. Think I'll do a pleasant cruise first before planning for a disaster!

Another friend is also afraid of flying and when someone told her that flying was the safest form of transport, she replied 'the more times I fly the more likely I'm going to die in a crash'! You can't argue with logic like that, why do some people make some things so difficult? So I let her know that the longer you live, the more likely you are to die of something. So the choice is yours, to live your life without being afraid of what might happen or call it quits and be one of the living dead now by not doing anything. Did you know that worry is like paying interest on a debt you might never own!?

Am I against flying, not at all. I wrote most of this sat at an airport and if you're reading it, I survived 'again' and had time to upload it to this blog. I just wonder how many decisions we made in the past that prevented us from doing things we really wanted to - and the planning you did in case things went wrong instead of planning for the wonderful journey you were about to take. Maybe now is good a time as any to change your mind on these limiting decisions, what do you think?

P.S. The majority of accidents happen in the home anyway ;-) So get out more!


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