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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Bob Proctor Cruise, Caribbean - October 2008

Fancy a cruise with Bob and Bobby and co.?

Get yourself on the best party cruise this side of the sun! There are already a bunch of brilliant people and YES members signed up who can't wait to be having fun in the sun. It is a bargain price for the last few cabins and you can get booking details here: www.BobProctorCruise.com

For around £100 a day (including the flight, cruise and food) you can get a full week sailing the Caribbean on a cruise ship with great company, speakers such as Bob Proctor, Mark Victor Hansen, Paul Martinelli, Gerry Roberts and Michael Beckwith to name a few... and us!

Setting sail on October the 18th 2008 from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida! Come and join in the fun on the cruise and a day or two in Miami as well ;-) Pirates of The Caribbean here we come, oo-ar me Hearties!

For flights, call my mate Fran at Dialaflight in Manchester on 0161-930-1303 to see what he can do for you.
I usually look online for international flights and then book through him. Friendly, helpful and if you ask for Bobby quality service he'll make sure he looks after you and offers the best deals!

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