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Friday, 11 October 2013

Is ENV2 Better Than Wordpress And Blogspot/ Blogger? [Blog Beast Launch]

Whilst I was trying out the new ENV2 blog platform for a client I was surprised how simple, clean and easy to use it was, compared to Blogspot and Wordpress that I am familiar with.

First A Little Bit Of Background

I had avoided Empower Network for just over 2 years as I 'thought' it was a scam or would fail. Of course thinking something and having real evidence are two different things.

There were the likes of Banners Broker, Shopping Genie and Zeek Rewards and various other smaller, unsuccessful ventures.  Each being touted as the 'next big thing'.  I steered clear and recommended people do the research.

Some of these also got a thrashing online with the likes of "[enter company name] Scam" ranking highly in Google search terms for the [MLM company name].  Sometimes these posts are right but those who did it about Empower Network seemed to be people that think they will "get rich quick" and don't realise they have to do work for it to happen! The other type of people that complained were of the "employee" mindset with an "it will never work" attitude, so knocked it without trying it.

The main reason for avoiding Empower Network was the spammy behaviour of some of the 'annoying' network marketers who preach but don't practice. They jump from one new thing to the next and then try to force it down your throat. Very poor practice and some 'Network Marketing' companies actually promote this!!
They come from lack and desperation. Not a really attractive quality. 

Then they went and got banned from Facebook!! Yes really, the quality of many of the posts was so low and spammy, with it being put everywhere, that Mark Zuckerberg just had to say "no more"!

Dave Sharpe and Dave Wood should have rounded these people up and warned them, then removed them from the programme if it happened again. 
Fortunately those with the spammy posts and "get rich quick mindset" disappeared quick as they appear!

Well fast forward to Today!

Despite the challenged mentioned above, Empower Network has survived and thrived and when I looked into the programme for someone, it actually was very transparent and professionally run, with a lot of investment going back into supporting it's LOYAL members.

The only thing about it that they need to clear up is that of the "100% Commissions Paid", these are actually split between you and your upline and you will actually be averaging just over 65% Commissions (by my rough calculations)  - which is still bloody good!!! (excuse my French).

A whole industry has also been created around 'Empower Network' from solo ad sellers, to membership groups, coaching, PBA (personal business assistants) - so that you can get help and support all the way... from providing autoresponder series, getting leads, to someone following up and making sales for you.
How Cool is that!?

If you register with Pav here, you will get access to all this, become a member of 'Prosperity Team' (a Top Group within Empower Network)
Find out more about Prosperity Team here (free membership if you register with the links on this page) >> Prosperity Team FAQ

Now back to their Basic Blogging platform, ENV2 which is in now being launched.

It is unbelievably simple to use and actually a technological jump forward.  I could easily upload images (and videos if I wanted to).  Writing a post a simple, with a few basic functions to learn, so not much mastery required.

The best thing is that is a Mobile Ready Blogging Platform - once set-up you can simply blog from your smart phone! How easy is that...

In addition, you can purchase further internet marketing training from Empower Network to learn, improve and polish your online skills.
But wait there's more, it is also a "Business-In-A-Box" in that you can promote their products and get paid commissions and residual income too if you choose to.  You can either to be just be a customer (getting the platform for a fixed price that everyone pays) or become an affiliate as well (the latter just makes sense when you see the benefits).

Back to blogging, this new version (ENV2) allows you to get a URL domain name, point it to Empower Network servers and they HOST everything for you.  How simple is that!?  No need for hosting fees and messing around with servers, it's all part of the package. 
You can also host multiple blogs on the same platform as well!
There is also the usual SEO and tags features built in, that are simple to follow and can be added to get your post to rank for things you've written about.

You can also choose to blog publicly or to various members of your team in Empower Network. This creates a 'community' feel, similar to Facebook but only for Empower Network members.
So that's an Easy To Use, Fully Hosted, Mobile Blogging On the Go!
(With a business opportunity attached.  I'll cover these in later posts.)

Oh and by having the hosted website, people can once again share their links to their own blogs on Facebook! Yippee....

So you see, the guys (and gals) at Empower Network don't see 'problems', just 'opportunities for improvement. Which they have done with ENV2.

Find out more and register here: http://www.empowernetwork.com/join.php?id=networkmillionaire

And finally (for me today, not ENV2)


The only downside is that it currently requires images to be at least 260x260 pixels (so I had to resize a couple or hotlink to them elsewhere) which I guess means people are getting decent sized images on the blog, that helps with the look and feel of it.

Also for professional bloggers that want to leave their mark on the internet, people's minds and the world forever. I would recommend also getting a self-hosted blog, that is backed up regularly. When you publish something on any platform, like online Wordpress, Blogger, Twitter or Facebook -  the content is owned by one company.
Of course this won't affect many of you, just the hardcore few - so I'll be duplicating this post in various places (also helps with the Backlinks).

The other slight negative I found (although I expect it will be upgraded soon) is that it doesn't have a HTML editing function for coders and geeks - although this does add to the simplicity of using the Blogging platform for newbies and beginners and everyone. I guess I just wanted to find something else to add to the list.
(Now I just need to find the 'save draft' and 'edit' buttons, just in case...)

You were expecting more negatives? Sorry, the whinging wussies are trolling the internet elsewhere today.  

This is a fantastic programme that you need to check out!

Find out more and join here now by clicking this link

Regards and I'll Blog To You Later,
Bobby :-)